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The Godhra Carnage

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Several people- unable to understand the sufferings of the Hindu society- have asked- “Why did riots occur only after Godhra? Why was nobody targeted after the Akshardham temple attack- or after the attacks on Mumbai on 26 November 2008?” Well- the answers are many.

Godhra was planned, post-Godhra was a result of provocation

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Godhra was clearly a  planned, unprovoked attack. It is impossible for it to have been the result of petty quarrels at the Godhra railway station. Vir Sanghvi has already seen it in his article. As he says, slogans shouted from a moving train or a railway platform cannot enrage local Muslims, and 2,000 Muslims cannot assemble at the railway station in 5 minutes time already having managed to procure petrol bombs and acid bombs. And the time was also 8 AM in the morning. As a proof of the fact that Godhra was planned, some 140 liters of petrol was bought in cans a day before the massacre. The following things reported by VSK Gujarat should also be noted:

“There are several reasons to believe that this was a pre-planned conspiracy as could be seen from the following facts:

1. Travelers of a particular religion were asked to get down at the previous station of Dahod.

2. The patients of a particular community were discharged from the civil hospital of Godhra one day before 27th. Not a single case from a particular community was registered on 27th Feb.

3.  Not a single student or a teacher of a particular community was present in the schools of Godhra on 27th Feb.

4. It clearly shows that not only it was a pre-planned attack but many others were aware that something is likely to happen on that day.”

(Source: VSK, Gujarat). Note that this is not independently verified by us, but we are simply quoting what VSK Gujarat reported.

   It is impossible for Godhra to have occurred on the spur of the moment. Weeklies like India Today gave imaginary provocations with graphics. But all these people forgot one thing. For the train to have been attacked, the attackers (Muslim) had to surround in on at least two sides. If it was on the spur of the moment, it would have been very difficult for the Muslims to surround the train on both sides. How could at least a 500 Muslims reach the other side of the train? If that was the case, then the karsevaks would have ran out of the train and saved their lives, by running from the second side before Muslims reached there. In any case, all these provocations are purely fabricated and a figment of imagination.

   The media wanted to believe and wanted all of us to believe that Godhra which was done in broad daylight in full public glare was the result of a provocation and thus rationalize or partially justify it. Something which was done with absolutely no provocation and full planning was rationalized.

   And when the things were really a result of provocation, the media just ignored it. The post-Godhra riots were reported completely ignoring Godhra. At that time, the Godhra attack faded into the background and the Hindu retaliation of the first three days was decried. And even after so many years, whenever the post-Godhra riots are mentioned, Godhra is completely ignored and it is made to sound as if the BJP government of the state indulged in ruthless, unprovoked killings of Muslims in alliance with the VHP and the Bajrang Dal.

    The big ‘provocation’ which was far more than a provocation but the cause of the retaliation by the Hindus in the first three days was completely ignored and the subsequent riots were reporetd, that too completely one-sided and magnified and inflated.

    Vir Sanghvi really gave the game up when he said, “ If you report the truth then you will inflame Hindu sentiments and this would be irresponsible. And so on.”  That is to say, Vir Sanghvi admitted that the ‘secularists’ utter ‘white lies’ no matter what interest in mind. They lied not only during Godhra but also for some 3 months after Godhra. They also did so during the Gujarat Assembly elections of December 2002 and continue to do so today. In fact they have repeated their lies so often that by now they themselves may have started believing their concocted lies themselves.

   On 27 February 2002 senior Congress leader and former Gujarat Chief Minister Amarsinh Chaudhary came on TV at night and while condemning the attack, also blamed karsevaks for provoking it. (Again following Vir Sanghvi’s observation- Basically they condemn the crime, but blame the victims)

   The RSS weekly Organiser reported the incident in its issue dated 10th March 2002, which covered events till 27th February. India Today, also a weekly in its issue of 11th March 2002 covered events till February 28. While reporting on this issue, Organiser also reported in a news item : “RSS condemns the killings and calls for restraint” and this report carries the statement of RSS Joint General Secretary Madan Das Devi that RSS urges Hindu society to exercise restraint after the Godhra attack. RSS had asked the Hindu society to observe restraint after Godhra even before the riots had started.

   India Today weekly dated 11 March 2002 carrying events till 28 February 2002 reports on the last page of the cover story,

   The mood in the state is militant. A procession of 10,000 marched with the bodies of 11 people from Ramod village near Ahmedabad who had died in the train. They were shouting slogans like-‘Tumhari shahidi bekar nahi jayegi, Mandir bana kar hi rahenge’ (Your sacrifice will not go in vain, we will build the temple)…This incident drew mixed reactions from the Congress, the main Opposition in the party in the state. While senior party leader Amarsinh Chaudhary condemned the attack, he also blamed Ram sevaks for provoking the incident. Senior AICC member Ahmed Patel condemned it strongly. They will have time to react. The bloody cycle of violence so familiar with Gujarat may just have begun.”

   So India Today knew on February 28 itself that a bloody cycle of violence had begun in Gujarat and could continue in Gujarat for several days. But in fact, it stopped only after 3 days, though petty and stray rioting continued subsequently in Ahmedabad, Vadodara and some places near Godhra.

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  1. 10
    piyush chauhan INDIA Says:

    Muslims planed for godhra incident after this gujrat riots break out because it’s a revenge of a death of 57 hindus in sabarmati express

  2. 9
    Indian in Australia AUSTRALIA Says:

    Once again, show me what is wrong in FAITHFREEDOM.ORG which gives you a perfect chance to correct it if it is wrong. What is wrong in ? MAybe it is run by Jews. Maybe by RAW, maybe by CIA or maybe by former Muslims. So what? What is wrong in it? Dont think that we are illiterate. We have also read the Quran and it is MOST VIOLENT threatening others WITH HELL and advocating CONVERT OR KILL. WHat is the meaning of passages 9:5, 9:17, 9:29, 9:39, 9:110, 9:123, 8:12, 3:151, 2:198, 2:191, 2:193, 5:33 ETC ETC. SLAY THE IDOLATORS WHEREVER YE FIND THEM (9:5). But I am not blaming Muslims. Muslims genuinely believe that Islam is peace. That is not so. These are just a few pf the 100 idd passages that I can quote. 2:7 says “Disbelievers are for a painful doom” etc etc. SIMPLE CHALLENGE- SHOW A SINGLE SENTENCE IN THE QURAN WHICH COULD NOT HAVE BEEN SAID BY 7th CENTURY ARABS and which proves by its contents that it is from God. God being all-knowing could have easily predicted in 622 AD events of 2000 AD, invention of AK 47 in 1947, or pistol in the 13th century, cannons, guns, bombs. But he only talks of swords- didnt God know that pistols would be invented later? ALso God mistakes Jesus’s mother Mary for Moses’ sister MAriam in 19:27-28 though there is a timegap of 1400 years in them. 32:5 and 22:47 say that 1 day for God= 1000 years for man but 70:4 says 1 day of God= 50,000 years. This is endless. I can go until 1000 mistakes like this and other teachings which warn others with HELL FOREVER. Remember dear Muslim, WE WILL NOT GO TO HELL EVEN FOR WORSHIPPING IDOLS, on the contrary MUSLIMS WILL GO TO HELL as punishment from a merciful God for calling him a JEALOUS GOD and CRUEL GOD who will throw others in hell…

  3. 8
    Indian Muslim SAUDI ARABIA Says:

    There are few websites are online which are showing false information on websites about Islam, like faithfreedom and etc websites.

    If you really want to know the facts about Islam then you must read true books of Islam.

    Peace in Quran

    The very word ‘Islam’ (from the Arabic silm) connotes peace. According to a tradition of the Prophet, ‘Peace is Islam’ (Al-Bukhari). This means that peace is one of the prerequisites of Islam. Similarly, a Hadith states: A Muslim is one from whose tongue and hands people are safe. One of the attributes of God described in the Quran is ‘As-Salam’, which means peace and security.’ That is to say that God’s Being itself is a manifestation of peace. Indeed, God is Peace (Al-Bukhari). In the Quran divine guidance is likened to the paths of peace. (5:16)

  4. 7
    Rajesh AUSTRALIA Says:

    @Ramesh-No doubt you are not Ramesh but a Muslim using a fake name. Mujahiddin cannot bomb us Kafirs- the man you claim tobe a Prophet was no Prophet of God but a hoax- which has been proved here.
    Prove that your Muhammad was a Prophet.
    The Holy Quran contains numerous contradictions, inconsistencies and absurdities.
    Understand that Islam is false- and leave it. There is going to be no Heaven for you and Hell for us.

  5. 6
    Ramesh INDIA Says:

    All HU Akbar!
    Mujahiddin is coming to bomb all the kaffirs!

  6. 5
    pritesh INDIA Says:

    sorry not for vivek but for ramesh questions? do you have ans mr roopesh

  7. 4
    pritesh INDIA Says:

    if you are telling that godhra was not planned than give reasons for vivek ans i will belive you

  8. 3
    Vivek UNITED STATES Says:

    If godhra incident was not have planned (as per Banarji Report)then Railway should give a compensation to all those 60 karsevak’s family member who died in godhra burn.

  9. 2
    Ramesh INDIA Says:

    Ha ha ha! You keep revealing your ignorance and mental bankruptcy Mr Roopesh!
    Nanavati Commision report- Commission appointed by the Supreme Court- clearly says that Godhra was planned. Gujarat Police officials- special SIT team- karsewaks who survived the massacre of Godhra- all say that the attack was planned.
    If not planned-then what was it? Are you saying that 2,000 fanatic Muslims gathered at Godhra Railway Station at 7:43 in the morning in 5 minutes having managed to procure petrol bombs, acid bombs and swords?

  10. 1
    Roopesh INDIA Says:

    Who told Godhra was planned. None of the investigations points out that Godhra was planned.

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