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The Godhra Carnage

Difference between Godhra and other tragic incidents

Several people- unable to understand the sufferings of the Hindu society- have asked- “Why did riots occur only after Godhra? Why was nobody targeted after the Akshardham temple attack- or after the attacks on Mumbai on 26 November 2008?” Well- the answers are many.

Myth 1: 2,000 Muslims were killed in the Gujarat riots

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 Fact: 2000 is the number of Muslims who roasted to coal 59 Ram sevaks in Godhra, including 25 women and 15 children (including babies and toddlers), on 27 February 2002, not the number of Muslims killed in the subsequent Gujarat riots.

    As per figures given by the then Union Minister of State for Home Shriprakash Jaiswal, who belongs to the Congress Party, in Parliament on 11 May 2005, 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus were killed in the riots, 2548 people were injured and 223 people were missing. This was in a WRITTEN REPLY (meaning the UPA Government was fully aware of what it was doing) to a question asked by a Congress member (that Congress member was Babri Masjid Action Committee lawyer R K Anand) on the religion wise casualties in riots in Gujarat after Godhra. The report placed the number of riot-affected widows at 919 and the number of children orphaned at 606. The UPA government gives these figures, and hence they themselves could be inflated. To read the Rajya Sabha records click: or

Even Indian Muslims’ English newspaper Milli Gazette also reported this

BBC too reported the same.

The editorials of the national English dailies, and the articles published from the freelancers on the newspapers’ editorial pages are nothing but a pack of lies, akin the autobiography of former Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf, “In the Line of Fire”. Newspapers like The Times of India, The Hindustan Times, The Indian Express, etc. continue to publish articles saying, “Win in Assembly elections of December 2002 does not whitewash Narendra Modi’s sins of the Gujarat pogrom of 2002 when 2000 innocent Muslims were butchered” or “The Gujarat pogrom of killing thousands of Muslims did not help the BJP in the long term” etc. etc.

But these numbers are nothing but a pack of lies. Let us see the interview given by the then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to Aaj Tak’s Prabhu Chawla, excerpts of which were published in the weekly India Today, dated 4 November 2002:

“Q – Your opponents call you ‘Jinnah of the Hindus’.

A- I am hearing this for the first time though I still don’t consider you as an enemy.

Q- You are held responsible for the killing of 1,100 innocent people in the riots.

A- In our last interview, you said 900 people. Now you are saying 1,100. Are you adding all the people killed in other states like Maharashtra and Bengal to Gujarat’s account?(Narendra Modi is talking of the Solapur riots of 10 and 11 October 2002 in Maharashtra and other petty riots which occured long after Godhra and had nothing to do with Godhra and post-Godhra).

Q- So what is the correct toll?

A- There would have no riots in Gujarat if there had been no Godhra…

Q- Do you accept that you failed to provide security to the people of the state?

A- 98% of Gujarat would not have had peace if we had failed to fulfill our duties. We managed to control the riots in 72 hours…

Q- Why don’t you accept that Gujarat is being defamed because of Narendra Modi?

A- If that is true, give the people of Gujarat a chance to pronounce their verdict through elections.”


As we see, the number of people killed in the riots jumped from 900 to 1100 after Narendra Modi’s previous interview, i.e. within 4 months! Now it has jumped from 900 to 2,000. May be after 10 years, at this rate it will jump to 10,000!Already it is being said that, “thousands of Muslims were killed in Gujarat” and “3,000 innocent Muslims were butchered in Gujarat”. The death of a single innocent person, whether Hindu or Muslim or belonging to any other religion, is highly unfortunate and cannot be justified. That more than 1,000 people were killed is highly unfortunate and reprehensible. But that cannot a justification to exaggerate and inflate the number of people killed to 2,000 or any higher figure.

   That the UPA government, with Congress President and Italian-born and staunchly anti-BJP Sonia Gandhi as the UPA chief, and Communists as outside supporters, gave the figure of 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus killed in the Gujarat riots inside Parliament is something worth pondering about. These figures themselves may well be exaggerated given as they are by a Congressman, who worked under Sonia Gandhi.

  India Today weekly reported in its issue dated 20 May 2002, when the riots had almost stopped that “Total dead- 972” (For details, see page 122). Out of these 972, India Today included 57 people killed in Godhra, so the death toll post-Godhra was 915. If anyone sees the English newspapers of those days, i.e. between 10 to 21 May 2002, no riots took place in Gujarat in those 10 days at all, and the Army left Gujarat on 21 May. A maximum of 20 more deaths might have happened in Gujarat after that. The death toll in Gujarat riots would thus be 935.

   The Tribune reported on 30 April 2002 that the death toll crossed the 900 mark on 29 April. The riots had almost ended by that time and maximum 50 more would have been killed by 10 May 2002.And this was 2 months after the real violence of 28 Feb, 1st and 2nd March had ended, most of the bodies of the killings of these days had been found by 30 April.

  Thus there is no way at all that the toll could be anywhere close to 2,000. The 950-odd toll was exaggerated and inflated to 2000 by the liars some months after the riots. When riots ended, the final toll was 952, by which time most bodies of the earlier riots of February 28, 1 March and 2 March had been found.

  Central India’s English daily The Hitavada also reported that 936 people were killed in the Gujarat riots after the Army left Ahmedabad on 21 May 2002. The official figures before the missing were declared dead were 952. After 7 years, missing were declared dead- the toll was revised to 1180 by The Telegraph, which did not consider the missing people found (either found alive or dead) and simply added 228 to 952 to make it 1180.

Let us, for argument’s sake, assume that the figures given by the UPA government are correct. Does that give anyone the reason to believe that more than 790 Muslims were killed in Gujarat? Why should the English dailies and the 24-hour news channels lie through the skin of their teeth that 2000 Muslims were killed in Gujarat?

Actually, the figures given initially said 228 people missing (closely matched by the UPA Government also saying 223 people missing in Parliament on 11 May 2005) and later 101 people were found alive, so the final missing people’s figure is 127 only. The official statistics show that 101 people were found alive and 127 people are still missing and hence assumed dead after the 7-year period is over. Ex-gratia was paid to 1,169 people by the Gujarat Government. The UPA Government also paid extra compensation to Gujarat riot victims in May 2008 in a special package in the final year of its first term. Even this UPA Government said ex-gratia was paid to 1169 people.

   This shows that the death toll is less than or equal to 1169 since it is absolutely impossible that the UPA Government will fail to give ex-gratia to families of people killed in the riots when the riots have been politicized so much, and when it attacked Narendra Modi on this issue so much, and when its leaders spread huge lies on the riots with exaggerations. (And if the UPA, which is a staunch opponent of Narendra Modi claims that any more than 1169 people were killed in the riots, then it itself would be admitting that it did not pay compensation to some killed people’s families!) UPA’s figures in Parliament would amount to 1171 deaths- 790 Muslims, 254 Hindus and 127 missing people (after many missing were found alive), 790+254+127= 1171. This closely matches the ex-gratia figure of 1169, paid by both the Gujarat and the UPA Government.

  Despite this NDTV reported many times during the Lok Sabha elections of April- May 2004 that, “2000 Muslims were killed in Gujarat” exaggerating and as if not a single Hindu was killed and implying that the riots were one-sided.

  2,000 is the number of Muslims who carried out the massacre and gruesome roasting alive of 59 Hindus-including 25 women and 15 children in Godhra. It is not the number of Muslims who were killed in the subsequent riots. There is no justification for violence and of even a single death, be it in Godhra or after Godhra. But why lie? Who gains by these lies? And it is everybody’s duty to correct the figure. The point is, what should be reported is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

   And it is this mentality which is responsible for them exaggerating the number of Muslims killed in the riots to as much as possible. When the total number of people killed in the riots- Hindu as well as Muslim- is 1,169, they lie that 2,000 Muslims were killed in the riots just like former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf did in the United Nations in September 2002. Teesta Setalvad increased this number to 2,500 Muslims (as if not a single Hindu was killed) in one of her articles titled What ails Gujarat” published in CPI(M) party weekly Peoples Democracy in its issue of 16 July 2006. And Tehelka reported in 2007 after its sting operation that 2,500 Muslims were killed in the first 3 days! This would imply that many more were killed in the next days of riots!!!

A must read article is on the role of the Gujarat Government in controlling violence in the riots.

Some more details are given in the book. To know the details, read the book.

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691 Responses to “Myth 1: 2,000 Muslims were killed in the Gujarat riots”

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  1. 30
    Munaf Zeena UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Correction. The third para should read “I do not blame you for the attack on Muslims”

  2. 29
    Munaf Zeena (London) UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Whether it was 2500 killed or 900, it does not matter. It is insignificant as the scale and the manner of the genocidal killings have shocked the conscience of humanity worldwide. Perhaps it has not shocked some of the commentators and Hindutva brigade-who are dumb to celebrate the murderous acts that will haunt them till dooms-day.

    It is no myth that Muslims were attacked in a planned, systematic pogrom in Gujarat and in Orissa now. Instead of denying this FACT, it will be more productive, for the sake of harmony, to accept the wrong that has happend and seek to put matters right by showing remorse so that such devasation and destruction does not hapen in future.

    I do not blame you for the attack of Muslims unless you were a party to it and similary Muslims are not reponsible for terorist attacks. The Hindutva lot take the law into their own hands and are getting a label as terrorists. It is these people who are shaming Indians all around the world and it is these people who are anti nationalists. Nationalism is about protecing the rights of people within territoral boundaries and the publc have a duty to behave in a law abiding way.

    So, spend time on healing the wounds rather than on irrelevent stuff.

    Might is not right and Muslims and other HUMANS, including Hindu’s and secularists will continue to fight for the right of Muslims to co-exist in a free, democratic and lawfull India.

  3. 28
    Biswa INDIA Says:

    I am ashamed that despite being so less how cud Muslims
    kill so many of us Hindus? The way Muslims have been behaving since ages, at least 10 times more of them
    should have been affected but I am ashamed that it did not happen. The question is, can we produce another Sikh like community across North and South to make the final battle? Or, wait like mice for another Avatara of Vishnu?

  4. 27
    Dheeraj Chouhan INDIA Says:

    Great Job to open the eyes of the indian because the aim of pseudo seculars is to divert this issue to show anti muslim behaviour of modi and BJP , but the people of gujrat have answered by elected the modi once again.



  5. 26
    Nikhilesh INDIA Says:

    Please do not comment on the name of religion… Don’t you understand Blaming a religion will only worsen the situation… Whatever happened has happened but let us look ahead and build a proud nation… Though I am a Hindu, I do not believe in god… Whether it is Ramji or Allah, gods are the source of all these fightings. I appeal every one to stop believing in gods and believe in India… and remove this non-sensical UPA govt. that wants to sell India’s research future to US.

  6. 25
    a proud hindu INDIA Says:

    what Narendra modi is doing is ritte.
    I am a Nepalese and i Know what it feels when minority politics begins in one region. I still wont consider Prithviraj Chauhan a hero coz his lust cost our national and religious freedom; millions of hindus were killed, raped and temples razed to ground.
    Well, revenge has no place in humanity. But what about interference in your day to day matters? All of us know that attacks have been done during hindu religious processions in Ahmedabad; and that resulted in riots.

    We need Modi uncle to lead BJP in national stage as well. Sonia Gandhi has been doing all sorts of Non-hindu things(right from having Shankarachrya arrested; minority reservations on basis of religion; helping Maoists to oust the last Hindu Monarch and convert the ONLY hindu nation into a secular one

  7. 24
    aarshdeep INDIA Says:

    well i guess d comments based here r 2 weak n many people just think too communaly.Dont forget v live in india dat is d biggst democracy of d world where it is the duty of todays generation to not think communaly but think of ways so that people leave d past behind and more towards a better peaceloving future.It is not for us to think that BJP or congress were right. Deep down they are all fucking politicians just waiting to raise an issue so as to ignite the throngs just for pure political gains. our only option is to use our minds so as not to fall into the trap. it depends on us v can make or break our India.

  8. 23
    Mohan UNITED STATES Says:

    Why dnt u fuck off frm here ramdom human being Hindustan is for Hindus long live modi.We need few more leaders lyk modi to wipe off shit frm India :p

  9. 22
    a random human being INDIA Says:

    i think the ‘research’ and ‘information’ on this site is extremely shallow…your arguments are weak, and obviously biased.
    it makes me feel hopeless to see comments about how we need an indian hitler…whoever wrote that…do you know what kind of a tyrant hitler was? he was merciless…and millions of innocent lives were put to death…
    if we can have money-hungry indians go live in america…why can’t we have non-indians live here?
    there was a temple under taj mahal? how fickle-minded is our country? we get swayed by every tiny bit of information and don’t bother to check if it’s true…
    there’s so much more to life than just fighting over where rama was born or why we have muslims living here…so what if there are muslims here? leave them alone, wipe out people like modi..and all will be quiet…provoking them is obviously not the right answer.
    ok, so the only terrorists that are talked about on tv are the muslim ones…why associate islam with terrorism then? islam means peace by the way…if stupid america would stop torturing the islamic countries, then there wouldn’t so much of desperation would there?
    and how the hell are they traitors, prakash?
    this site is a waste of time and energy..hoe you guys find better things to do…

  10. 21
    PRAKASH Says:


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