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The Godhra Carnage

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Several people- unable to understand the sufferings of the Hindu society- have asked- “Why did riots occur only after Godhra? Why was nobody targeted after the Akshardham temple attack- or after the attacks on Mumbai on 26 November 2008?” Well- the answers are many.

Myth 12: The photo of Qutubuddin Ansari is genuine

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This photo is reproduced here in this book on page 136. This photo has been used repeatedly to tarnish the name of BJP, VHP and the Bajrang Dal throughout India. The victim, Qutubuddin Ansari, is seen pleading for mercy to the rioters. Later he is shown in Kolkata, living happily on the help given by the West Bengal government which is of the CPI (M) and Left parties. Many questions that arise, (and some of which were raised by the then RSS chief K S Sudarshan in his speech in Nagpur on 4thOctober 2003) are:

1-A MASSIVE CLUE IS GOT ON THIS PHOTO BEING FAKE (means taken after the incident  by the photographer asking the victim to pose thus, or taken when Ansari was genuinely in such a position but definitely after the incident was over) looking at the bandage on the poor victim’s face. This suggests that after the incident was over, bandage was applied to his face, and then the photo was clicked.  If this photo was clicked with the mob targeting him and he pleading a bloodthirsty mob for mercy, how did he have the time to apply bandage on his face?

2-Also, it seems scarcely believable that the victim is pleading to rioters to spare his life on the first floor of the building, no rioter is seen in the photo, the photographer Arko Dutta was present at that very moment in that building to snap this in his camera and the rioters did nothing to either the photographer or the victim and allowed him to snap such a clear photo of the victim.We have utmost sympathies for the victim, Mr Qutubuddin Ansari since he was no doubt a victim of the riots.  But that cannot be a license to concoct a fake photo and circulate it the world over instigating innocent people to terrorism.

3-If Mr Qutubuddin Ansari was seen pleading for mercy to rioters on the first floor of a building, how is it that no rioter is seen in the photo?

4-How and why did the rioters leave him alive and not kill him?

5-How was the photographer allowed to take the photo by the rioters? Why did they not attack him?

6-How, at least, did the rioters not destroy his camera if they would have left both Ansari and the photographer alive?

And  a couple more:

7-Can the photographer, Mr. Arko Datta of the Reuters, explain any of the above questions?

8- Can Mr Ansari answer any of the above questions and other questions which may be raised on this issue now that he lives happily in Kolkata? (He has since returned to Gujarat). Here it must be said that the poor victim Qutubuddin Ansari is reported to have said “This photo was taken after the mob had left my house. The police were there and I was very scared and at this time the photo was clicked”.  This is what has been said by a senior journalist of Gujarat. However, we could not get such a newspaper report available today on the web. But to be fair, we also could not get any report in which Ansari claims to be pleading before a mob to spare his life. So it is possible that Qutubuddin Ansari himself denies that he was pleading to a blood-mercy mob. In this report it is said by a Muslim website itself that he was pleading to security forces (after the mob had left) and not to a blood-thirsty mob.

Someone must now pin-pointedly ask him about this. If Mr Ansari claims that he indeed was pleading before  a bloodthirsty  mob, then it must be asked to him as to how he had bandage applied on his face. The poor guy is also fed up of the constant use of his photo and harassment and has urged the media to leave him alone many times, starting from as early as August 2003.

We repeat here that we have utmost sympathies for the victim, Mr Qutubuddin Ansari since he was no doubt a victim of the riots.  But that cannot be a license to concoct a fake photo and circulate it the world over instigating innocent people to terrorism.



These are just 2 of the true photos of Godhra victims. Will the media dare to show them worldwide? NDTV and CNN-IBN will never, in their wildest of dreams think of showing these photos, which are true, but circulate the fake photo of Qutubuddin Ansari worldwide which is highly inflammatory. The lies of the media have caused many innocent Muslims to turn fanatics. If the Muslims (and also our own liberals) had known the guilt of Islam in roasting Hindus in Godhra, and seen the gruesome photos of Godhra, they would not have been needlessly instigated by the post-Godhra riots (which were also not one-sided).

This tale of lies and myths is unending. It can go on and on and on. An enterprising writer would do well to compile an encyclopedia of these media lies on the entire Gujarat scenario. He can start with media lies on Godhra, on concocting imaginary ‘provocations’ for Godhra, the lies concocted on the post-Godhra riots-such as the extent of the riots, the number of people killed, the imaginary tales and stories of unnamed victims, the rapes and murders of innocent people, etc etc. And he can conclude with the media’s malicious reporting during the Gujarat Assembly elections of December 2002 when the media was the Congress’ pillar and tried to defeat the BJP. The BJP, which suffers the maximum damage from these lies, has unwisely allowed the media to escape the courts for one-sided, malicious lies.The real photos are reproduced here. The media especially TV channels like NDTV and CNN-IBN will never dare to show these pictures- though they are true, and circulate the false photo of Qutubuddin Ansari worldwide.

  (An article on some facts about the media can be read here NDTV is CPM Today“. And another article which is worth reading is “The channel’s strategy of attacks”. Note that these articles are purely the view of the blogger and not of )

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133 Responses to “Myth 12: The photo of Qutubuddin Ansari is genuine”

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  1. 50
    Rahul Kedia INDIA Says:

    Mr Deepak,
    YOU HAVE CROSSED ALL LIMITS- BY CALLING ME A ‘RAPIST’. I am thankful to this site’s moderators for deleting that comment- but that doesn’t absolve you.

    There can be difference of opinion between individuals. I dont become a “moron” or fanatic just because I believe in a particular ideology. It is expected that civilized people will debate in a civilized manner. However- your calling me a “Rapist” was the final straw. There is no point at all in arguing with a man like you.

    I urge the moderators of this site to ban Deepak for posting any further comments. This man openly wished that my family members should be killed-I wonder what prevents moderators from deleting this foul-mouthed uncivilized man’s comments.

    And I am a Gujarati- but I have never gone to Gujarat. I have lived in Maharashtra all my life.

  2. 49
    Nishant INDIA Says:


    I read the comments and contents.i m gujarati nd frm ahmedabad.i hv seen the riots. bt lemme tell u plz stop favourin muslims, dey deserved it. tell me a single country in world wid muslim population which is developed. all muslim countries r terrorist nd undeveloped. only india is good due to hindu. fact is hindus dnt want muslims now. look at d the increasin terrorism in country. dnt blame modi see his development work. riot hapened coz of godhra carnage so dnt blame hindu. plz b united nd fight wid terrorism. thanks

  3. 48

    thanks pranab, it is actually true that not BJP but some sections of it are filled with hatred for other communities and will use all sorts of TIT FOR TAT examples to say whatever they do is because they re victims…the whole website blames the muslims for the whole violence as hindu fanatics re very peaceful, and all of sudden thousands of hindus who had no relation to 58 hindutva activist came on streets to rape/loot and kill…



  4. 47
    pranab mohanty INDIA Says:

    whats the point of creating a website and still trying to add some fire into the injuries of thosands ailing and suffering victims of so called gujurat this website too it clearly portrays the amount of hatredness ,you and ur government has got got for muslims for this may be ignorant of the fact that ignorant and foolish people like you may have got such biased feelings..but majority of the people of this country disagree with this.there is no point of associating yourselves with the bjp.our honourable a.b vajpayee never dreamt of a communal india where muslims were to be butcherd and raped by so called religious animals of the worst kind.whoever responsible for this cruel rape of humanity is a shame on his/her religion.they desrve a punishment of the highest order.

  5. 46

    In case you didn’t not know, 8.9% of enite Gujarati population is muslim, most of it restricted in urban areas of big cities and its outskirts and few very in rural areas, now you tell me if VHP was going to attack all over gujarat, it would actually only kill hindus you moron, of course they did not cause mayhem all over gujarat, because Muslims are not all over gujarat…they outnumbered in gujarat…

  6. 45
    Ajay INDIA Says:

    You looser- hate-filed lier- your blind vision and close-mindedness will make you suffer one day. You have ABSOLUTELY NO ANSWER to the question- why did riots occur in only 40 villages out of Gujarat’s 18,600 when VHP had units in 10,000 of those villages? WHY DID SAURASHTRA AND KUTCH REMAIN UNTOUCHED BY VIOLENCE?
    Your response to these questions-”You seem to be angry that these regions were spared”.
    Any man with common sense can see that you HAVE NO ANSWER to this point- and hence make baseless allegations that the question-asker wishes riots had occured there. Even if the question answer did wish so-(for argument’s sake)- WHY DID VHP LEAVE THESE 10,000 villages?????????

  7. 44

    and to you scenario of planning attacks after one weeks time, let me remind you these people are cowards, who can only kill and rape when in large groups will full support of the police, after a week, modi was forced to let the army control the situation, you think these illiterate, uneducated, unemployed cadres of VHP/BAJRANG dal would attack the army…they can’t even attack woman alone, they to attack in groups…you looser

  8. 43

    a common man does not sleep in his house with petrol bombs, kerosene tanks, swords, daggers and pamphlets full of hatred. A common man does not just wake up in agony and get on streets to kill men, women and children, brutally tear apart body pieces and just kill the whole dignity of being a human… they are instigated to do it..and this is done well by leaders who belong to communal parties, they are good at that, just like terrorist leaders are good at making terrorist, these communal leader are good at making youth believe that minorities are in fact a bad thing for the country…this is how people go on killing spree…

    I think I know what is wrong with you, you like in india man…its all good, you probably don’t get laid, probably have low paying job and of course the pollution had made your brain so helpless, that everything that done by the people you support looks justified to you… it’s all good man, dun worry summers re coming, you will get enough time to sweat and get more frustrated…

  9. 42
    Rahul INDIA Says:

    You say- The Sangh Parivar is capable of organising riots on a large scale- just because it has units in 10,000 of the state’s villages.
    How is that linked with the sizes of mobs in Ahmedabad on Feb 28?

  10. 41
    Rahul INDIA Says:

    Dear Deepak
    Sangh parivar is NOT CAPABLE OF ORGANISING 17,000 people in one locality in one day- i.e. Naroda Patiya. It is not capable of organising the sort of mobs that were seen on Feb 28 in Ahmedabad.
    And I do say that they have units in 10,000 villages- now if they wanted to- they could have created riots in ALL OF THESE 10,000 villages- on a small scale- not on as large a scale as assembling 17,000 people in a day.
    Most importantly- they could have PLANNED and PREPARED and CREATED RIOTS after one week’s time- in say, all these 10,000 villages. ONCE AGAIN- YOU ARE INCAPABLE OF SEEING THE THINGS. THE SANGH PARIVAR OBSERVED RESTRAINT- RIOTS OCCURED IN ONLY 40 VILLAGES- you dont see that.
    You are only looking at the lage-scale riots which occured in Naroda Patiya which could NOT have been done by the Sangh Parivar.
    BUT YOUR BIAS AND NARROW MIND prevents you from accepting that the Sangh Parivar exercized restraint- and did not TRY TO CREATE RIOTS IN 10,000 of the villages where they had units.

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