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Several people- unable to understand the sufferings of the Hindu society- have asked- “Why did riots occur only after Godhra? Why was nobody targeted after the Akshardham temple attack- or after the attacks on Mumbai on 26 November 2008?” Well- the answers are many.

Myth 12: The photo of Qutubuddin Ansari is genuine

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This photo is reproduced here in this book on page 136. This photo has been used repeatedly to tarnish the name of BJP, VHP and the Bajrang Dal throughout India. The victim, Qutubuddin Ansari, is seen pleading for mercy to the rioters. Later he is shown in Kolkata, living happily on the help given by the West Bengal government which is of the CPI (M) and Left parties. Many questions that arise, (and some of which were raised by the then RSS chief K S Sudarshan in his speech in Nagpur on 4thOctober 2003) are:

1-A MASSIVE CLUE IS GOT ON THIS PHOTO BEING FAKE (means taken after the incident  by the photographer asking the victim to pose thus, or taken when Ansari was genuinely in such a position but definitely after the incident was over) looking at the bandage on the poor victim’s face. This suggests that after the incident was over, bandage was applied to his face, and then the photo was clicked.  If this photo was clicked with the mob targeting him and he pleading a bloodthirsty mob for mercy, how did he have the time to apply bandage on his face?

2-Also, it seems scarcely believable that the victim is pleading to rioters to spare his life on the first floor of the building, no rioter is seen in the photo, the photographer Arko Dutta was present at that very moment in that building to snap this in his camera and the rioters did nothing to either the photographer or the victim and allowed him to snap such a clear photo of the victim.We have utmost sympathies for the victim, Mr Qutubuddin Ansari since he was no doubt a victim of the riots.  But that cannot be a license to concoct a fake photo and circulate it the world over instigating innocent people to terrorism.

3-If Mr Qutubuddin Ansari was seen pleading for mercy to rioters on the first floor of a building, how is it that no rioter is seen in the photo?

4-How and why did the rioters leave him alive and not kill him?

5-How was the photographer allowed to take the photo by the rioters? Why did they not attack him?

6-How, at least, did the rioters not destroy his camera if they would have left both Ansari and the photographer alive?

And  a couple more:

7-Can the photographer, Mr. Arko Datta of the Reuters, explain any of the above questions?

8- Can Mr Ansari answer any of the above questions and other questions which may be raised on this issue now that he lives happily in Kolkata? (He has since returned to Gujarat). Here it must be said that the poor victim Qutubuddin Ansari is reported to have said “This photo was taken after the mob had left my house. The police were there and I was very scared and at this time the photo was clicked”.  This is what has been said by a senior journalist of Gujarat. However, we could not get such a newspaper report available today on the web. But to be fair, we also could not get any report in which Ansari claims to be pleading before a mob to spare his life. So it is possible that Qutubuddin Ansari himself denies that he was pleading to a blood-mercy mob. In this report it is said by a Muslim website itself that he was pleading to security forces (after the mob had left) and not to a blood-thirsty mob.

Someone must now pin-pointedly ask him about this. If Mr Ansari claims that he indeed was pleading before  a bloodthirsty  mob, then it must be asked to him as to how he had bandage applied on his face. The poor guy is also fed up of the constant use of his photo and harassment and has urged the media to leave him alone many times, starting from as early as August 2003.

We repeat here that we have utmost sympathies for the victim, Mr Qutubuddin Ansari since he was no doubt a victim of the riots.  But that cannot be a license to concoct a fake photo and circulate it the world over instigating innocent people to terrorism.



These are just 2 of the true photos of Godhra victims. Will the media dare to show them worldwide? NDTV and CNN-IBN will never, in their wildest of dreams think of showing these photos, which are true, but circulate the fake photo of Qutubuddin Ansari worldwide which is highly inflammatory. The lies of the media have caused many innocent Muslims to turn fanatics. If the Muslims (and also our own liberals) had known the guilt of Islam in roasting Hindus in Godhra, and seen the gruesome photos of Godhra, they would not have been needlessly instigated by the post-Godhra riots (which were also not one-sided).

This tale of lies and myths is unending. It can go on and on and on. An enterprising writer would do well to compile an encyclopedia of these media lies on the entire Gujarat scenario. He can start with media lies on Godhra, on concocting imaginary ‘provocations’ for Godhra, the lies concocted on the post-Godhra riots-such as the extent of the riots, the number of people killed, the imaginary tales and stories of unnamed victims, the rapes and murders of innocent people, etc etc. And he can conclude with the media’s malicious reporting during the Gujarat Assembly elections of December 2002 when the media was the Congress’ pillar and tried to defeat the BJP. The BJP, which suffers the maximum damage from these lies, has unwisely allowed the media to escape the courts for one-sided, malicious lies.The real photos are reproduced here. The media especially TV channels like NDTV and CNN-IBN will never dare to show these pictures- though they are true, and circulate the false photo of Qutubuddin Ansari worldwide.

  (An article on some facts about the media can be read here NDTV is CPM Today“. And another article which is worth reading is “The channel’s strategy of attacks”. Note that these articles are purely the view of the blogger and not of )

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  1. 60
    Deepak UNITED STATES Says:

    YEA BOOM, you are better off in Polluted, Corrupted, and stinking place called INDIA where one indian licks the other indians ass to get their work done…yea u are better off there… lol

    You are better off in a country, where cities have to witness power cuts of 8-10 hours

    You are better off in a country where streets are still filled with COW DUNG and GARBAGE…

    Oh yea dude, have fun and ENJOYYYY your so called religious life HAHA

  2. 59
    boom INDIA Says:

    hari, why do you bother ? let this disgrace of his parents stay in the great land of institutionalised fraud, theft and genocide. they deserve each other !

    we are far better with such scum off our hands !

  3. 58
    Deepak UNITED STATES Says:

    Hari doode, when was the LAST TIME you saw people in US burning trains down?? I SAW THIS HAPPENING IN INDIA 2 weeks ago…. lol

    I think instead of limited your resources to CNN and other media, you should actually READ ANNUAL REPORTS OF ORGANIZATION who place countries in different index for what they re doing. Recently there was a report that came out on most failed states in world, OF COURSE PAKISTAN WAS IN TOP 10, but dude india is also at 87 ranked, and they say in india still people re deprived of their basic right to live , have a career and progress…NOW COMPARE THIS AMERICA BITCH…WAIT FOR 10 MORE YEARS, and you guys won;t even have enough water to wash your hairy assholes…lol

    INDIA MADE ITS 1ST sea link now, taking 10 years to complete it, in the same time china made 6 lol… this is what shows your incompetitiveness as a country, not any government, Indians as a nation are so lagging behind other countries, you can’t even match china at any end, and you talk about comparing issues with US??? WHAT A JOKE MAN!!

  4. 57
    Hari INDIA Says:

    Deepak … you would do well to gloat over your moving and living in the USA is private as opposed to venting your anger here. And you are angry because you know that US has the same / worse challenges than India.

    Ignore the fact that the roads are clean and there is power available – the problems in that society are deeper … of greed, absence of human values, depravation, exclusionist mindset
    This opposed to the inclusionist mindset that respects all things living – and allows such a vituperative debate continuing – even though it is based on malafide intent.

    If on the other hand – you are interested in the truth (and not the media driven, western influenced conception of truth – listent to CNN and you know where the truth does not lie!) … you must de-cobweb your mind & more importantly your soul, get back here – and invest the time required to understand what Bharath / Bharathiya is all about before foaming at your mouth.

    You aint seen nothing yet – to be able to make such sweeping comments …

  5. 56

    actually I didn’t beCAUSE backside much have a front side… regarding my formal education… I got ahead of herd and moved to US where as you and your kind are still suffering in a polluted environment and going through power cuts…

    I guess I will take “poorly formed sentences” as a high level structure of english… but yea my parents taught me enough so I could move ahead in my life for prosperity for myself and pity on others who are willing to kill in the name of religion and filled with utter hatred for the fellow citizens…

    I pity on you for inhaling all the pollution on the streets, being stuck in traffics, living in a communally divided country for being the most corrupted people on this planet…

    now go its time for you polish Marendra Nodi’s shoes… lol

  6. 55
    boom INDIA Says:

    more frothing at the mouth irrelevant bilge ! nothing less than what we have come to expect from you.

    ignoring your poorly formed sentences for the time being, let me just say that I did have an inkling you will not get the phrase. and yes, the existence of an “uneducated backside of a monkey” does not imply the existence of a “educated front side” of the said creature.

    as to the meaning, your comments are evidence enough of your lack of education
    (and I don’t mean just the formal one. your parents have done a really poor job on you. poor souls, I pity them for having to tolerate an abomination like you.)
    and the content therein competes quite favourably with the output of a monkey’s backside.

    hope you understood this time !

  7. 54

    what is “uneducated backside of a monkey”? as in what is the educated front side? can you at least combine the words that actually flow… and moderator, stop deleting my comments, man up and ask me for help if you need to fix the comment issue…

    I know you guys re not capable of doing it, because BJP paid for this website to be created and now you guys have no resources to maintain it…just ask the American I will will generously donate to you as you guys get donations from NRIs to unleash religious violence in India in the name of faith…

  8. 53
    boom INDIA Says:

    interesting, deepak calls everyone names like illiterate and what not, but it is HIS posts which read like those written by an uneducated backside of a monkey.

  9. 52
    admin INDIA Says:

    Mr Deepak-
    We are issuing a warning to you. Abusing people and calling them ‘Rapist’ etc is not acceptable. You may be banned altogether from posting comments if such incidents repeat in future.

  10. 51
    Rahul Kedia INDIA Says:

    And Mr Pranab,
    Unable to counter what this site says- you are putting words in its mouth and making baseless allegations. HATRED is not advocated by this site- but by the PSEUDO-Secularists- they have RAPED THE TRUTH, concocted lies and exaggerated and promoted enmity between comunity and maligned innocent people. This site simply brrings out the truth. Can you counter anything it says on logical arguments?

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