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Several people- unable to understand the sufferings of the Hindu society- have asked- “Why did riots occur only after Godhra? Why was nobody targeted after the Akshardham temple attack- or after the attacks on Mumbai on 26 November 2008?” Well- the answers are many.

Myth 12: The photo of Qutubuddin Ansari is genuine

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This photo is reproduced here in this book on page 136. This photo has been used repeatedly to tarnish the name of BJP, VHP and the Bajrang Dal throughout India. The victim, Qutubuddin Ansari, is seen pleading for mercy to the rioters. Later he is shown in Kolkata, living happily on the help given by the West Bengal government which is of the CPI (M) and Left parties. Many questions that arise, (and some of which were raised by the then RSS chief K S Sudarshan in his speech in Nagpur on 4thOctober 2003) are:

1-A MASSIVE CLUE IS GOT ON THIS PHOTO BEING FAKE (means taken after the incident  by the photographer asking the victim to pose thus, or taken when Ansari was genuinely in such a position but definitely after the incident was over) looking at the bandage on the poor victim’s face. This suggests that after the incident was over, bandage was applied to his face, and then the photo was clicked.  If this photo was clicked with the mob targeting him and he pleading a bloodthirsty mob for mercy, how did he have the time to apply bandage on his face?

2-Also, it seems scarcely believable that the victim is pleading to rioters to spare his life on the first floor of the building, no rioter is seen in the photo, the photographer Arko Dutta was present at that very moment in that building to snap this in his camera and the rioters did nothing to either the photographer or the victim and allowed him to snap such a clear photo of the victim.We have utmost sympathies for the victim, Mr Qutubuddin Ansari since he was no doubt a victim of the riots.  But that cannot be a license to concoct a fake photo and circulate it the world over instigating innocent people to terrorism.

3-If Mr Qutubuddin Ansari was seen pleading for mercy to rioters on the first floor of a building, how is it that no rioter is seen in the photo?

4-How and why did the rioters leave him alive and not kill him?

5-How was the photographer allowed to take the photo by the rioters? Why did they not attack him?

6-How, at least, did the rioters not destroy his camera if they would have left both Ansari and the photographer alive?

And  a couple more:

7-Can the photographer, Mr. Arko Datta of the Reuters, explain any of the above questions?

8- Can Mr Ansari answer any of the above questions and other questions which may be raised on this issue now that he lives happily in Kolkata? (He has since returned to Gujarat). Here it must be said that the poor victim Qutubuddin Ansari is reported to have said “This photo was taken after the mob had left my house. The police were there and I was very scared and at this time the photo was clicked”.  This is what has been said by a senior journalist of Gujarat. However, we could not get such a newspaper report available today on the web. But to be fair, we also could not get any report in which Ansari claims to be pleading before a mob to spare his life. So it is possible that Qutubuddin Ansari himself denies that he was pleading to a blood-mercy mob. In this report it is said by a Muslim website itself that he was pleading to security forces (after the mob had left) and not to a blood-thirsty mob.

Someone must now pin-pointedly ask him about this. If Mr Ansari claims that he indeed was pleading before  a bloodthirsty  mob, then it must be asked to him as to how he had bandage applied on his face. The poor guy is also fed up of the constant use of his photo and harassment and has urged the media to leave him alone many times, starting from as early as August 2003.

We repeat here that we have utmost sympathies for the victim, Mr Qutubuddin Ansari since he was no doubt a victim of the riots.  But that cannot be a license to concoct a fake photo and circulate it the world over instigating innocent people to terrorism.



These are just 2 of the true photos of Godhra victims. Will the media dare to show them worldwide? NDTV and CNN-IBN will never, in their wildest of dreams think of showing these photos, which are true, but circulate the fake photo of Qutubuddin Ansari worldwide which is highly inflammatory. The lies of the media have caused many innocent Muslims to turn fanatics. If the Muslims (and also our own liberals) had known the guilt of Islam in roasting Hindus in Godhra, and seen the gruesome photos of Godhra, they would not have been needlessly instigated by the post-Godhra riots (which were also not one-sided).

This tale of lies and myths is unending. It can go on and on and on. An enterprising writer would do well to compile an encyclopedia of these media lies on the entire Gujarat scenario. He can start with media lies on Godhra, on concocting imaginary ‘provocations’ for Godhra, the lies concocted on the post-Godhra riots-such as the extent of the riots, the number of people killed, the imaginary tales and stories of unnamed victims, the rapes and murders of innocent people, etc etc. And he can conclude with the media’s malicious reporting during the Gujarat Assembly elections of December 2002 when the media was the Congress’ pillar and tried to defeat the BJP. The BJP, which suffers the maximum damage from these lies, has unwisely allowed the media to escape the courts for one-sided, malicious lies.The real photos are reproduced here. The media especially TV channels like NDTV and CNN-IBN will never dare to show these pictures- though they are true, and circulate the false photo of Qutubuddin Ansari worldwide.

  (An article on some facts about the media can be read here NDTV is CPM Today“. And another article which is worth reading is “The channel’s strategy of attacks”. Note that these articles are purely the view of the blogger and not of )

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133 Responses to “Myth 12: The photo of Qutubuddin Ansari is genuine”

  1. 1
    Vineet INDIA Says:

    Crass, crap that the general Hindutva and BJP fanatics spew day in and day out. Nothing unusual,it is, actually, quite depressing to read that the author seems to justify the fact that not 2000, but only 1000 people were killed in the riots.
    I would like to ask the author if he has had a member killed during a communal riot.

    Also, clearly, all of this information is user generated off the internet or mass media, so I don’t really trust the statistical accuracy of it.

  2. 2
    Deepak Kamat INDIA Says:

    The author is right.

    The pseudosecular Indian media resorts to blantant lies and twistory to serve its own purpose.

    Gujarat was a case of selective outrage by the media. No tears were shed for the Hindus. Crocodile tears were shed for the Muslims.

  3. 3
    Rajesh Nayak INDIA Says:

    “Your mom”- you dont know whom to criticize. Most of what has been written here is taken from pseudo-secularist sources-who have LIED a thousand times that “Muslims were butchered in Gujarat”- such as The Times of India, The Hindu, India Today, The Indian Express and the UPA Government. The only thing you can do is to abuse the author- you CANNOT counter even a single point that he raised. You do not even deny that thousands of Muslims were saved from certain death in Sanjeli, Bodeli, and Viramgam.

  4. 4
    a proud hindu INDIA Says:

    So called “secular” plz listen to this:

    Does a secular democracy means doing only “anti-hindu” things?

    All the media attention went only to those to the Godhra train burning; did any TV or radio thought of reporting about the dead ones in the trains; ie the Karsevaks.

  5. 5
    Anonymus INDIA Says:

    All citizens voting for Congress rememebr this – during rioting a muslim will not ask if you are a Hindu voting for Congress or BJP, for a muslim, hindu is a hindu and he would kill irrespective which party you belong and vice versa.

    During Gujrat riots there was a huge chunk of Congress people who massacred, loted, rioted muslims.

    So muslims have to learn a lesson that if they have to stay in India they have to stay in peace and love, as hatred cannot kill hatred only love can kill hatred

  6. 6
    sam AUSTRIA Says:

    India is a great nation and its greatness is just because of its diversity. And every attempt to harm that diversity makes our nation less great.
    Think about it and love all irrespective of caste, creed or religion and if possible irrespective of nationality. I am sure all NRIs will agree to the last point too!

  7. 7
    Iqbal UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    I think the author made a mistake
    Ansari was pleading with the Rapid Action Force (RAF) for protection was described by some in the media as ‘the face of the carnage’. and not the rioters

  8. 8
    Jai Shri Ram INDIA Says:

    Oh Vineet, if a member of your family would have been killed in this massacre, then your reaction would have been totally different. I would like to ask you, did you see this whole massacre with your own eyes, nope… you are sitting somewhere miles away from the place, where this took place and yet you say its only 1000 people and not 2000. Ask the people, who suffered it.

    Hindu’s were massacred and cut there. It was havoc all around and yet you say these stupid words here.

  9. 9
    Jai Shri Ram INDIA Says:

    Who told you Ansari was pleading to the RAF there for protection. It clearly looks to be a staged photograph, taken by your evil minded jihadi clan. Who lost out the most in the carnage, the HINDU’s were at the receiving end. Your people planned the massacre and did it. You killed so many innocent hindus on that fatefull day.

  10. 10
    Iqbal UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Check this site (managed by the Press Institute of India)

    Mr Datta never claimed that he took this photo in front of rioters

    Do you have any evidence to support your claims that this photo was staged?

    And as far as victims are concerned they have used DNA identification to ascertain the numbers on what basis you are claiming that Hindus were killed instead of Muslim or do you believe in the Goebbels’s tactics
    “Goebbels used to say if you repeat a lie several times it becomes a truth,”


  11. 11
    Citizen INDIA Says:

    Good, you don’t read the pseudo-secular media.

    Because the Times Of India, believes Qutubuddin Ansari, the tailor, was pleading for mercy before a rampaging mob.

  12. 12
    I am a not so proud Hindu UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Problem with most Hindu is that they condemn the acts of violence by Muslim extremist though these Hindus are no different from them. I was in Gujarat and Maharashtra for more than 2 years since 2006. I saw the extent of prejudice and hatred the Hindus there spew against any community, may it be Muslims or Christians. The way the majority of Hindus in these states think is unthinkable. It makes me sick. I think the cannibals are more civilized than these Hindus.

  13. 13
    anoop INDIA Says:

    yes but the raping of muslim women, that too gangraping a pregnant women makes me feel sick int he guts,,,they are our sisters too,,what difference does commmunity make? arent they humans too dont they have the same role of a mother sister or a daughter? arent they our sisters too,,,?

  14. 14
    puneet INDIA Says:

    basically I m a man with liberal thoughts.I hate all fundamentalist wheather he is a hindu,mohammaden and christian.we all are made by that ALMIGHTY GOD.In the house of glass no one is safe.I’ld like to repeat the lines of a famous Urdu poet- Jalte ghar ko dekhne wallon phoos ka chappar aapka hai, aapka hai, peeche peeche tej hawa hai aage mukkaddar aapka hai. Uske katl pe mai bhi chup tha mera no.ab aaya, meere katl pe aap bhi chup hai agla no. aapka hai. That stats that if you are silent when your neighbour’s house is burning then next is yours(sooner or later).And when my neighbour was killed,I was silent the very next no. is of mine (sooner or later)

  15. 15
    Mahatma Gandhi INDIA Says:

    how can the authors of this website even dream to justify what happened?

    Killing a hapless child by pouring petrol down his throat? mothers watching helplessly as daughters are raped and killed??

    This was India’s Nanking – and the Japanese were India’s 80%.

    - An Ashamed Hindu

  16. 16
    Rahul Kedia INDIA Says:

    So-called “Mahatma Gandhi” – you are again missing the point. Nowhere do the authors of this site justify even a single killing-either of Hindus by 2,000 fanatic Muslims in Godhra- or after Godhra. If you read the bottom of “Myth 1-2,000 Muslims were killed in the riots” you will know what the authors are saying.
    But that does not mean that the Indian media should lie and lie and abuse Narendra Modi-the fact is- even after Godhra, Muslims were equally on the offensive and killed hundreds of Hindus. If this website’s authors document this fact- and the fact the state government handled the situation very competently and efficiently- I dont think anyone should have a problem.
    People like you can only abuse the author’s of this site- and wrongly accuse them of justifying kilings-which they haven’t. You cannot counter a single argument put forward by them.

  17. 17
    indian by heart INDIA Says:

    i was not in gujrat when these riots took place…but inspite of being thousands of kilometeres away i did feel the pain that the minority community had to face…i dont say that every incident that came up in the mayhem is true..but then it does hold some truth..every human born in this country is the citizen of it,no one has the right to cutail his freedom.
    and for god sake stop making lies and support unlogistic dogmas..

  18. 18
    boomer INDIA Says:

    Really appreciate this site.

    BUT please provide links to the news if you want this site to be quotable.
    the figures by sri prakash jaiswal should be there in some website or the other. same for other news.


    @ poster no 15 :


    the site owner is simply trying to put the facts right.

    and any comparison with nanking is dishonesty at its pinnacle !!

  19. 19
    boomer INDIA Says:

    please take the advice of the last post !

  20. 20
    Shashwat Gupta UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    If you realise the photograph was taken in a Chawl. And for a close up a cameraman may not necessarily be close to the subject. Another point I guess you missed was that the NSG rescued Ansari. I suppose you should read up the capabilities of the NSG.

  21. 21
    Ranjith INDIA Says:

    Dear Saswat…We also had seen the photos and even videos in which the so called survivor(Ansari) is directly facing the camera and pleading for his life.I was wondering whether these Hindu mobs had lost their mind that they are covering the video clips of their activities..As you told you can get the close up of anybody from quite a distant spot.Fine I agree the photo/videographer was intelligent enough to keep his distance..but why was no other person in between the lens and Qutb. Ansari when the seen was covered..? To Whom Ansari was pleading..?
    Why did this photo/videographer who was keeping his distance from the mob fail to take photo/video coverage of the mob & its leaders..? or was he also a RSS/VHP activist to protect the identity of the mob..? ie why only Qutbuddin Ansari was covered and not the mob..?
    For your information NSG are trained human beings only.They are trained to handle hostage crisis and critical situations and are trained to use sophisticated weapons & commando operations, but they are not abominable beings of extraordinary capabilities to handle face to face violent mobs consisting of hundreds and thousands of people.and they dont have wings to snatch Ansari from the mob and fly away.The total number of NSG commandos in India is less than 500 and they are divided into several teams and no two teams will be deputed at the same site during same time.One team will be consisting of 7-14 members.May be they can frighten the mob by firing at them.but there was no incident recorded during the riots in which NSG commandos had opened fire at mobs.
    Here there are two options 1) to believe that the Ansari photos are genuine. & 2) Not to believe that Ansari photos are genuine. You can very well believe that they are genuine.
    But I feel these photos and videos are fake and is purposefully created only showing the crying and whining of a person who is picturised as a victim without covering any mob activity or any criminals to Tarnish the Hindus and picturise them as Fanatics..

  22. 22
    Roopesh INDIA Says:

    What wonderful findings. Very innovative thinking. Brilliant you and your K S Sudarshan.

  23. 23
    Rahul Kedia INDIA Says:

    And you Mr Roopesh! You are very brilliant- since you cannot answer a single question raised on this issue!

  24. 24
    mombasa INDIA Says:

    “Another point I guess you missed was that the NSG rescued Ansari. I suppose you should read up the capabilities of the NSG.”

    the NSG did WHAT ??

    do you even know what the NSG does before coming up with a cock and bull story like that ????

    may be you just heard of something called NSG during the 26/11 coverage and thought “I would use this word to sound credible while delivering a BLATANT LIE !!”

    well, you didn’t succeed is all I’ll say !

  25. 25
    Roopesh INDIA Says:

    Dear Rahul Kedia,

    All are free to do propaganda. But the material used for doing the propaganda is to be true. Fabricated, untrue “facts” are no more facts but lies. It is degrading for Sangh Parivar to go this low. Posting some ‘questions’ and asking everyone to answer will not remove the blood from your hand. Your hands have blood and you know that. Ramarajya cannot be built on a heap of lies, because Rama is not known for lies. He is said to be a virtuous King.

    In the Tehelka tapes, many of your virtuous Sangh Parivaris were shown telling the grue-some act they have done. Thousands were butchered, many women and girls where ruthlessly raped and murdered. One Bajrangi Babu was boasting how he cut open a pregnent woman and took out the baby with a sword. According to you all these virtuous men must have been acting in a movie for fun. All these cases are in different courts in various stages.

    Sudarsan’s questions :
    (If Sudarshan is sincere, he can easily get all the answers. He has to just meet the Photographer in question and Ansari in personal. But what Sudarshan aims is some cheap propaganda.)

    1-If Mr Qutubuddin Ansari was seen pleading for mercy to rioters on the first floor of a building, how is it that no rioter is seen in the photo?

    First of all, Sudarshan may not be aware of the fact that using a camera, one can take different types of shots, like close up, distant shot, zooming shot etc. A photographer is basically an opportunist. The first thing that he looks is a photo op. It may not be that he does not have empathy to a victim, but his career and his taste for snaps drives him to take snaps which he thinks will make tomorrows scoop. Another reason could be after taking a closeup shot the photographer might not have got a chance to take another snap, with rioters around.

    2-How and why did the rioters leave him alive and not kill him?

    Ask the rioters. Normal behaviour of rioter is to kill, Sudarshan seems to be annoyed with the fact Ansari is alive. You can also ask the photographer or Ansari.

    3-How was the photographer allowed to take the photo by the rioters? Why did they not attack him?

    4-How, at least, did the rioters not destroy his camera if they would have left both Ansari and the photographer alive?

    Mumbai attackers came on a boat. They were supposed to destroy the satellite phone they were using and to capsize the boat before leaving for the shore. They failed in doing both. Like wise rioters might also have committed a fatal mistake of not seizing the camera and destroying it. For more details contact some of the rioters.

    And I add a couple more:

    5-Can the photographer, Mr. Arko Datta of the Reuters, explain any of the above questions?

    6- Can Mr Ansari answer any of the above questions and other questions which may be raised on this issue now that he lives happily in Kolkata?

    Please try and contact the photographer and Ansari soon as possible to clear your doubts.

    Stand in front of a mirror and see yourself. You should be able to see how vulgar you are. But you can see only if you want to see. Otherwise be happy and content with what you are.


  26. 26

    I am not able to understand how can someone kill a person only beacuse he follows a different faith and overlooks the fact that the person under the sword is his BROTHER FROM HIS OWN COUNTRY, HE IS THE SON OF THE SAME MOTHER.

  27. 27

    nice explanation roopesh, job well done, hope this idiot gets some sense now…

  28. 28
    Rahul Kedia INDIA Says:

    Mr Roopesh and Mr Deepak,
    You are wrong. Mr Roopesh- Babu Bajrangi was saying that – THE FIR ON HIM SAYS THAT HE CUT OPEN THE WOMB OF A PREGNANT WHILE- WHILE HE DID NOT DO SO. And Tehelka deliberately lied saying- “He confessed to doing that”. Infact- he did EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE- HE DENIED-IN PRIVATE HAVING DONE THAT- and merely said that the FIR accused him of doing so. Both you and Tehelka can be sued for lying- and misquoting him.
    Instead of condemning the Sangh Parivar and all that-try to counter arguments on merit. What the so-called confessions were in Tehelka were actually BOASTFUL LIES-not confessions- there are many contradictions and anomalies in those statements- which the accused made in private thinking that they are talking confidentially to a Hindutva minded author.

  29. 29
    Rahul Kedia INDIA Says:

    Your responses on Sudarshan’s questions-
    2-Ask the rioters. Normal behaviour of rioter is to kill, Sudarshan seems to be annoyed with the fact Ansari is alive. You can also ask the photographer or Ansari.
    YOU ARE PATHETIC. Loss of human lives is a tragedy. Just because you cannot counter this point- you accuse Sudarshan of wishing death for Ansari- which he never did. From where did you come to know that Sudarshan wanted him dead?
    YOU CONFESS THAT NORMAL BEHAVIOR OF RIOTER IS TO KILL. Thats exactly what we are saying. But hes still alive- this could mean that after the riots-the fake photo was taken.
    3 and 4- Mumbai attackers cant be compared here. You also cannot answer how and why the rioters would have left alive-and not destroyed his camera- so you are asking me to ask the rioters! WHY SHOULD I ASK THE RIOTERS? WHY CANT ARKO DUTTA, ANSARI OR PEOPLE LIKE YOU ANSWER THIS?
    5 and 6- The photographer and Ansari have not answered these questions since the last 7 years.
    Calling us vulgar just because we raise genuine questions merely reveals your ability to take crtiticism and tolerate difference of opinon. As for your sites- like and these sites do not tolerate any questions from us- and never post our comments questioning their point of view. On the contrary- these sites are full of lies.
    But this site is so open- that it allows all people to post their views- and their counter-arguments- as long as they are decent and in parliamentory language.

  30. 30
    Rahul Kedia INDIA Says:

    And one final point Mr Roopesh-
    The Sangh Parivar has no blood on its hands. It is people like you who have lies in words- and fake photos like Ansari’s and concocted lies of Muslims being ‘massacred’ when the fact is that Muslims killed hundreds of Hindus even after Godhra. BLOOD IS ACTUALLY ON THE HANDS OF SONIA GANDHI- SHE as Congress President ordered local Congress leaders of Godhra to roast alive 59 Hindus-so as to create riots in the BJP-ruled state. The Congress has blood on its hands- of the 1984 massacre of Sikhs. LEFTISTS KILLED MILLIONS OF PEOPLE IN RUSSIA AND CHINA- MASS MURDERS LIKE STALIN, LENIN ARE IDOLIZED BY CPM.

  31. 31
    Deepak UNITED STATES Says:

    Now tell me what the hell you mean, “there are many contradictions and anomalies in those statements- which the accused made in private thinking that they are talking confidentially to a Hindutva minded author.” by this statement…so in private these people say things they have not done??? Why would they say and admit to killing in private?? what difference it makes if it is lie?? Now what it does look like is, they told the truth because they thought it was just private and no one would ever hear this, you idiot people only talk about the evils they have done in secrets and private…

    DO you talk to you friends in private about fucking your mom and sister?? no right?? because it is lie, why would you talk about it?? BABU BANJRANGI AND others said these things because they have done it…

  32. 32
    Ramesh INDIA Says:

    Dear Deepak-
    It is no point arguing with you. You cannot counter a single argument- and can only abuse. Luckily- the moderators of this site have edited your harsh words- and deleted them.
    BABU Bajrangi said in private- “FIR SAYS THAT I CUT OPEN THE WOMB OF A PREGNANT WOMAN- BUT I DID NOT DO SO”. In private this man was denying the charge. But LIERS like Tehelka and you have misquoted him- and said- “In private- he CONFESSED to cutting open the womb of a pregnant woman”.
    Only a blind man cannot see the lies and mischief done by Tehelka here. When he was clearly denying having done that- Tehelka and you- LIE that he has ‘confessed’. What shamelessness!

  33. 33

    dude, that is just one statement, what about his whole confession??? He also said, “hamne sabko mara, aurat, bacche sabko”, he also said, “i felt like maharan pratap after killing them”, and he also admitted that Modi had come to naroda after the killings and patted him saying “you guys have done good job”, this is all in the video, what about these statements???

  34. 34
    Vishesh INDIA Says:

    You are as usual- pathetic. Nobody is defending him- if he is guilty. If he really killed as he said- and felt like Maharana Pratap- then he should be prosecuted.
    But how does this absolve Tehelka of LYING and MISQUOTING HIM on the case of OPENING THE WOMB OF A PREGNANT WOMAN???????
    Also- how can you say that MODI VISITED NARODA that day-when teh records show clearly that Modi didnt visit Naroda either that day or the next day? How can Tehelka ACCUSE MODI of visiting Patiya that day- when the records clear reveal that he didnt visit Patiya that day at all?????????

  35. 35
    Vishesh INDIA Says:

    There is a big difference between you and me. While I accept that Bajrangi may have actually carried out the killings- or may have indulged in mere boastful lies- YOU ARE NOT CRITICIZING TEHELKA FOR DELIBERATELY MISQUOTING BAJRANGI.
    Tehelka has twisted- manipulated, concocted charges-lied through the skin of its teeth-and needs to be prosecuted. Tehelka claimed that Bandukwala was mercilessly killed- when infact- he is still alive- and received the Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration!!!!!!!!

  36. 36

    Yea doode, the whole media is against the BJP, every single person is media is pro-congress, everyone is misusing BAJRANGI’s statement to frame BJP leaders…BJP is full of country lovers and innocent people, rest the whole country is against them.

    ALL INDIAN NEWS MEDIA ARE LAIRS (can you believe the entire media in country is anti modi, not one person to support , other that morons like you0

    and just look at what you are saying..”may be he carried out the killings” what is the left to doubt?? why are you saying MAY BE?/ he said it on camera, that i killed people, you still this he MAY have carried out records??

    And what records are you talking about that claim modi did not visit patiya ?? what records?? a entry in a book says modi was in a meeting so that means he was there?? dun’t forget we are talking about India, we are among world’s top corrupted countries, you think we cannot fake such records…

  37. 37
    Vishesh INDIA Says:

    Deepak- there is no point in arguing with a close-minded man incapable of rational thinking – unable to respect his opponent’s thinking like you. You cannot respect others opinion- and resort to wile abuses while writing- which is clearly- uncivilized.
    Perhaps you should know that Indian Law does not accept confessions given by co-accused as evidence. If you have EVIDENCE that Modi indeed visited Patiya that day- why dont you go to courts and file a case against him????????????
    And you are right. ENTIRE MEDIA IS LYING- all so-called human rights activists are bunch of cowards- unable to blame Muslims for Godhra. And there is really no point arguing with you. You cannot understand the difference between confession and boastful lies.

  38. 38

    Dude, I don’t care if these videos are ever used as evidence, what matters is these vidoes are enough for the citizens to know their real face, see people like you will only try to use legal issues and this and that to avoid accusations, what about your own morals?? These videos clearly show that they was pre-planning, help of police and even top leaders…

    I never said I want to try modi in court, but I say that he visited these places to encourage people, of course he did not do anything against the law by visited these places during riots, but by not preventing anything and giving a free hand he also showed how much hatred he has for minorities, similarly, he did not himself kill muslims because he was at a position where he can even say anything, but if he had open hands he would have done worse…

    I am talking about awareness among common people about the truth, doode you talk about evidence, in country like india, even if there was real evidence, people still get acquitted, that’s a shame on India, I am proud to have left this country a while back.. and to give you a lesson of democracy…

    When 9/11 happened in US, it was the US admin and the social service networks that came forward to ensure innocents within the country are not targeted due to anger, ofcourse still some incidents happened but like numbers of one or 2 at different areas, not a whole community organized at killing Arabs in streets of new york…but in india because of crime of few muslims in GODHRA, whole community else where was killed?? is this what our constitution tells us?/ Everyone should condemn the GODHRA, even i do, but has these communal parties condemned what they did after it?? they still keep saying it was revenge, it was supposed to happened, fuck that, you guys use this incident as excuise for what you had planned for years…

  39. 39
    Ravi INDIA Says:

    I do not argue with what you have wriiten- except for the final part- “GODHRA was used as an excuse by the Sangh parivar to carry out what they had planned.”
    Then why did they spare Saurashtra and Kutch? And most of the 10,000 villages in which they had units?

  40. 40
    Deepak UNITED STATES Says:

    didn’t someone on this site said SANGH PARIVAR IS NOT CAPABLE O ORGANIZING SUCH BIG RIOTS and now you are saying they have units in almost all 10,000 villages?? why do they need such army?? and this also points out that in fact communal parties like them can and always have organized communal riots/genocides/pogroms/mass killings

  41. 41
    Rahul INDIA Says:

    Dear Deepak
    Sangh parivar is NOT CAPABLE OF ORGANISING 17,000 people in one locality in one day- i.e. Naroda Patiya. It is not capable of organising the sort of mobs that were seen on Feb 28 in Ahmedabad.
    And I do say that they have units in 10,000 villages- now if they wanted to- they could have created riots in ALL OF THESE 10,000 villages- on a small scale- not on as large a scale as assembling 17,000 people in a day.
    Most importantly- they could have PLANNED and PREPARED and CREATED RIOTS after one week’s time- in say, all these 10,000 villages. ONCE AGAIN- YOU ARE INCAPABLE OF SEEING THE THINGS. THE SANGH PARIVAR OBSERVED RESTRAINT- RIOTS OCCURED IN ONLY 40 VILLAGES- you dont see that.
    You are only looking at the lage-scale riots which occured in Naroda Patiya which could NOT have been done by the Sangh Parivar.
    BUT YOUR BIAS AND NARROW MIND prevents you from accepting that the Sangh Parivar exercized restraint- and did not TRY TO CREATE RIOTS IN 10,000 of the villages where they had units.

  42. 42
    Rahul INDIA Says:

    You say- The Sangh Parivar is capable of organising riots on a large scale- just because it has units in 10,000 of the state’s villages.
    How is that linked with the sizes of mobs in Ahmedabad on Feb 28?

  43. 43

    a common man does not sleep in his house with petrol bombs, kerosene tanks, swords, daggers and pamphlets full of hatred. A common man does not just wake up in agony and get on streets to kill men, women and children, brutally tear apart body pieces and just kill the whole dignity of being a human… they are instigated to do it..and this is done well by leaders who belong to communal parties, they are good at that, just like terrorist leaders are good at making terrorist, these communal leader are good at making youth believe that minorities are in fact a bad thing for the country…this is how people go on killing spree…

    I think I know what is wrong with you, you like in india man…its all good, you probably don’t get laid, probably have low paying job and of course the pollution had made your brain so helpless, that everything that done by the people you support looks justified to you… it’s all good man, dun worry summers re coming, you will get enough time to sweat and get more frustrated…

  44. 44

    and to you scenario of planning attacks after one weeks time, let me remind you these people are cowards, who can only kill and rape when in large groups will full support of the police, after a week, modi was forced to let the army control the situation, you think these illiterate, uneducated, unemployed cadres of VHP/BAJRANG dal would attack the army…they can’t even attack woman alone, they to attack in groups…you looser

  45. 45
    Ajay INDIA Says:

    You looser- hate-filed lier- your blind vision and close-mindedness will make you suffer one day. You have ABSOLUTELY NO ANSWER to the question- why did riots occur in only 40 villages out of Gujarat’s 18,600 when VHP had units in 10,000 of those villages? WHY DID SAURASHTRA AND KUTCH REMAIN UNTOUCHED BY VIOLENCE?
    Your response to these questions-”You seem to be angry that these regions were spared”.
    Any man with common sense can see that you HAVE NO ANSWER to this point- and hence make baseless allegations that the question-asker wishes riots had occured there. Even if the question answer did wish so-(for argument’s sake)- WHY DID VHP LEAVE THESE 10,000 villages?????????

  46. 46

    In case you didn’t not know, 8.9% of enite Gujarati population is muslim, most of it restricted in urban areas of big cities and its outskirts and few very in rural areas, now you tell me if VHP was going to attack all over gujarat, it would actually only kill hindus you moron, of course they did not cause mayhem all over gujarat, because Muslims are not all over gujarat…they outnumbered in gujarat…

  47. 47
    pranab mohanty INDIA Says:

    whats the point of creating a website and still trying to add some fire into the injuries of thosands ailing and suffering victims of so called gujurat this website too it clearly portrays the amount of hatredness ,you and ur government has got got for muslims for this may be ignorant of the fact that ignorant and foolish people like you may have got such biased feelings..but majority of the people of this country disagree with this.there is no point of associating yourselves with the bjp.our honourable a.b vajpayee never dreamt of a communal india where muslims were to be butcherd and raped by so called religious animals of the worst kind.whoever responsible for this cruel rape of humanity is a shame on his/her religion.they desrve a punishment of the highest order.

  48. 48

    thanks pranab, it is actually true that not BJP but some sections of it are filled with hatred for other communities and will use all sorts of TIT FOR TAT examples to say whatever they do is because they re victims…the whole website blames the muslims for the whole violence as hindu fanatics re very peaceful, and all of sudden thousands of hindus who had no relation to 58 hindutva activist came on streets to rape/loot and kill…



  49. 49
    Nishant INDIA Says:


    I read the comments and contents.i m gujarati nd frm ahmedabad.i hv seen the riots. bt lemme tell u plz stop favourin muslims, dey deserved it. tell me a single country in world wid muslim population which is developed. all muslim countries r terrorist nd undeveloped. only india is good due to hindu. fact is hindus dnt want muslims now. look at d the increasin terrorism in country. dnt blame modi see his development work. riot hapened coz of godhra carnage so dnt blame hindu. plz b united nd fight wid terrorism. thanks

  50. 50
    Rahul Kedia INDIA Says:

    Mr Deepak,
    YOU HAVE CROSSED ALL LIMITS- BY CALLING ME A ‘RAPIST’. I am thankful to this site’s moderators for deleting that comment- but that doesn’t absolve you.

    There can be difference of opinion between individuals. I dont become a “moron” or fanatic just because I believe in a particular ideology. It is expected that civilized people will debate in a civilized manner. However- your calling me a “Rapist” was the final straw. There is no point at all in arguing with a man like you.

    I urge the moderators of this site to ban Deepak for posting any further comments. This man openly wished that my family members should be killed-I wonder what prevents moderators from deleting this foul-mouthed uncivilized man’s comments.

    And I am a Gujarati- but I have never gone to Gujarat. I have lived in Maharashtra all my life.

  51. 51
    Rahul Kedia INDIA Says:

    And Mr Pranab,
    Unable to counter what this site says- you are putting words in its mouth and making baseless allegations. HATRED is not advocated by this site- but by the PSEUDO-Secularists- they have RAPED THE TRUTH, concocted lies and exaggerated and promoted enmity between comunity and maligned innocent people. This site simply brrings out the truth. Can you counter anything it says on logical arguments?

  52. 52
    admin INDIA Says:

    Mr Deepak-
    We are issuing a warning to you. Abusing people and calling them ‘Rapist’ etc is not acceptable. You may be banned altogether from posting comments if such incidents repeat in future.

  53. 53
    boom INDIA Says:

    interesting, deepak calls everyone names like illiterate and what not, but it is HIS posts which read like those written by an uneducated backside of a monkey.

  54. 54

    what is “uneducated backside of a monkey”? as in what is the educated front side? can you at least combine the words that actually flow… and moderator, stop deleting my comments, man up and ask me for help if you need to fix the comment issue…

    I know you guys re not capable of doing it, because BJP paid for this website to be created and now you guys have no resources to maintain it…just ask the American I will will generously donate to you as you guys get donations from NRIs to unleash religious violence in India in the name of faith…

  55. 55
    boom INDIA Says:

    more frothing at the mouth irrelevant bilge ! nothing less than what we have come to expect from you.

    ignoring your poorly formed sentences for the time being, let me just say that I did have an inkling you will not get the phrase. and yes, the existence of an “uneducated backside of a monkey” does not imply the existence of a “educated front side” of the said creature.

    as to the meaning, your comments are evidence enough of your lack of education
    (and I don’t mean just the formal one. your parents have done a really poor job on you. poor souls, I pity them for having to tolerate an abomination like you.)
    and the content therein competes quite favourably with the output of a monkey’s backside.

    hope you understood this time !

  56. 56

    actually I didn’t beCAUSE backside much have a front side… regarding my formal education… I got ahead of herd and moved to US where as you and your kind are still suffering in a polluted environment and going through power cuts…

    I guess I will take “poorly formed sentences” as a high level structure of english… but yea my parents taught me enough so I could move ahead in my life for prosperity for myself and pity on others who are willing to kill in the name of religion and filled with utter hatred for the fellow citizens…

    I pity on you for inhaling all the pollution on the streets, being stuck in traffics, living in a communally divided country for being the most corrupted people on this planet…

    now go its time for you polish Marendra Nodi’s shoes… lol

  57. 57
    Hari INDIA Says:

    Deepak … you would do well to gloat over your moving and living in the USA is private as opposed to venting your anger here. And you are angry because you know that US has the same / worse challenges than India.

    Ignore the fact that the roads are clean and there is power available – the problems in that society are deeper … of greed, absence of human values, depravation, exclusionist mindset
    This opposed to the inclusionist mindset that respects all things living – and allows such a vituperative debate continuing – even though it is based on malafide intent.

    If on the other hand – you are interested in the truth (and not the media driven, western influenced conception of truth – listent to CNN and you know where the truth does not lie!) … you must de-cobweb your mind & more importantly your soul, get back here – and invest the time required to understand what Bharath / Bharathiya is all about before foaming at your mouth.

    You aint seen nothing yet – to be able to make such sweeping comments …

  58. 58
    Deepak UNITED STATES Says:

    Hari doode, when was the LAST TIME you saw people in US burning trains down?? I SAW THIS HAPPENING IN INDIA 2 weeks ago…. lol

    I think instead of limited your resources to CNN and other media, you should actually READ ANNUAL REPORTS OF ORGANIZATION who place countries in different index for what they re doing. Recently there was a report that came out on most failed states in world, OF COURSE PAKISTAN WAS IN TOP 10, but dude india is also at 87 ranked, and they say in india still people re deprived of their basic right to live , have a career and progress…NOW COMPARE THIS AMERICA BITCH…WAIT FOR 10 MORE YEARS, and you guys won;t even have enough water to wash your hairy assholes…lol

    INDIA MADE ITS 1ST sea link now, taking 10 years to complete it, in the same time china made 6 lol… this is what shows your incompetitiveness as a country, not any government, Indians as a nation are so lagging behind other countries, you can’t even match china at any end, and you talk about comparing issues with US??? WHAT A JOKE MAN!!

  59. 59
    boom INDIA Says:

    hari, why do you bother ? let this disgrace of his parents stay in the great land of institutionalised fraud, theft and genocide. they deserve each other !

    we are far better with such scum off our hands !

  60. 60
    Deepak UNITED STATES Says:

    YEA BOOM, you are better off in Polluted, Corrupted, and stinking place called INDIA where one indian licks the other indians ass to get their work done…yea u are better off there… lol

    You are better off in a country, where cities have to witness power cuts of 8-10 hours

    You are better off in a country where streets are still filled with COW DUNG and GARBAGE…

    Oh yea dude, have fun and ENJOYYYY your so called religious life HAHA

  61. 61
    Vivek UNITED STATES Says:

    Mr.Deepak should check out his head before posting comments on this site.Use and throw(and get back new)it is culture of USA.HINDUSTAN have great culture and we extremly proud of it.The past history of HINDUSTAN was sad for HINDU religion.And now on the name of secularism,each and every government of Hindustan teach the moral values like secularism,woman respect,patriotism to all Hindus but they are not having any dare to teach that kind of moral values to other religions.and people like Mr.Deepak getting happy by blaming HINDU organisation for riots like Gujarat.USA also face cultural and problem.and i think Hindustan having great culture than USA.

  62. 62
    Dharmesh UNITED STATES Says:

    How about below, Rodney King? its not long ago, hardly a decade before Gujarat riots and actually 8 years after Delhi(Sikh) riots.

    so Deepak, riots have nothing to do with country, its a result of imbalance in society.

  63. 63
    EDX INDIA Says:

    Deepak its easier to say that you are better that u r not an indian any more but this indian name will be there unless u die man u must not forgot that its easy to comment on situation but its hard to face and u dont know the actual thing happened and ur giving a long presentatons on it hmmmmmmm Thats cheap man

  64. 64
    trur indian Says:

    i am citizen of india i am a person who accepts the truth and i really feel you are absolutely right

  65. 65
    Roving Mind INDIA Says:

    In the name of freedom of speech, you mak dubious,unproven statements. Anyone can say or write anything, but its upto us to have a sense discretion. Do the people who make these statements about this photo being a fake have any locus standi or credibility ? I see none.

    And I see the reasons for this picture to be fake very silly

    Just because one cant see rioters, doesnt mean this photograph is fake. If Ansari is on the first floor of the building, how can one anyway see the rioters, unless they were flying. And I am sure they werent.

    And are you feeling sad he was left alive ? Perhaps policemen rescued him.

    If the rioters have not destroyed the camera, ask that to the rioters. That doesnt make the photograph a fake.

    And how can they expect that the photographer must have read this website and then will find the webmaster’s address and posting his reply to him ? Please truthfully reply, have you asked the question to the photographer ? Have you actually sent the question to the photographer ? Have you bothered in getting a reply from him ?

    And by the way as far as I know, hundreds of Indian and foreign journalists have interviewed Ansari – many have investigated the incident and none of them have cast any aspersion on the truth and on the genuineness of this photo. And this photograph was not shot in isolation, but with many reporters, photographers and TV cameraman around – both Indian and foreign. So there is no doubt about its genuineness. This all is common knowledge, available in many interviews and articles, to all those who want to do some research, which you have not.

    Its very easy call this picture a fake, by people who feel embarrassed by the reality, by what had happened during Gujarat Riots. Please be careful before pointing fingers or throwing stones.

  66. 66
    Indian in Australia AUSTRALIA Says:

    Of course the photo is fake!
    On first floor, if he needs to fly to see rioters, then why should he plead for mercy with those hands? To whom should he plead with those hands? No one? The claim is that he is begging for mercy to rioters who are ON THE FIRST FLOOR. Will there be a cameraman like Arko Dutta on first floor at that very moment, and if he is there, will rioters not destroy his camera or attack him? And why did Arko Dutta waste his time trying to get a photo of Ansari instead of interviewing him? Also, those who asked this question need not have any credibility or locus standi. (What locus standi do YOU have, by the way,or anyone else claiming this photo is true?) It makes no difference WHO is asking, what matters is WHAT is being asked. This site is not the first one to ask these questions. They have been raised many times in the past, and are as old as this photo itself, and have never been answered, either by Ansari or Arko Dutta. Also, the real photos are of Godhra victims whose bodies were burnt to coal, including 2 year old children roasted by Muslims, these real photos have been blackened out by the media.
    All Indian and foreign journalists have never answered these questions, always skirted them. Of course, this man was a real victim and later he made this FAKE POSE for Arko Dutta to click. And you are putting words in the mouth of this site-by wrongly questioning if this site is sad that he is dead. How did you conclude that they are sad? No one ever said anything like that, because you cant answer these questions, you make such allegations…

  67. 67
    black mirror Says:

    You made various good points there. I did a search on the theme and found mainly persons will agree with your blog.

  68. 68
    jha s Says:


  69. 69
    trueindian Says:

    this website and the authors are a joke and so are some of the gujju commenters here from US claiming to be indian….this is coming from a Hindu Gujja….yuo Hijraz

  70. 70
    Australian AUSTRALIA Says:

    In that case, you should easily be able to PIN POINT what is wrong and accept the challenge. Pin point what is wrong and bring your evidence and refute this website’s evidence.

  71. 71
    hindustan key baremy kuch keheny key layak abhi bane nahi hey AUSTRALIA Says:

    hindustan jinda bad ,hindu dharm key jay,

  72. 72
    RC Sharma INDIA Says:

    I will give a sickular counter to #7 and 8.

    Rioters applied the bandage to his face and he was pleading from first floor to rioters who were on the ground floor outside the house. He was pleading through the window and Dutta was in a helicopter.

  73. 73
    vasim Says:

    ye danga mere samne hi hua he jaise kal ki hi baat ho………..jab kutub bhai ka photo khicha …… me unke baaju me hi tha ……me 8 saal ka tha or me bahut hi dara hua tha ………..

  74. 74
    no name is required INDIA Says:

    all right !!!! let us for one minute suppose that this(pic of qutubuddin ansari) is not fake….agree that he suffered …. but was he the only one to suffer ????? no , certainly not…. taking it from the the slightest point of logic , no body can deny the fact that this photo is for sure fake……we have full sympathy with him but it doesn’t mean that we are ready to accept whatever is being served……both-sides suffered but who suffered more is a question to be asked…..and the answer lies in the photos above of carsevaks…….

  75. 75
    no name is required INDIA Says:

    dear friend roving mind-no body here is even bothered about the genuineness of the photo of mr. ansari but we are just bothered about the issue of using it as the face of gujrat riots…..godhra carnage was the worst phase in the history of india and no one is willing to remember it…. even mr. ansari …. but questioning about it makes it even more worse…..we just want people to know the complete story and showing just a half of it will make the consequences even more complicated …. so rather than counter questioning and putting allegations go for the complete story ….. and please don’t take it otherwise….

  76. 76
    photobuff Says:

    this is what happened:

    rioters set the building on fire hoping to bring a slow and painful death to Mr Ansari.

    While they watch the building burn ansari pleads to them to spare his life.

    mr arko like all journalists travels with a army convoy which arrived at that time

    seeing the presence of the army the rioters were forced to flee.

    arko and other journalists use a 200mm lens to zoom in closer, that explains the tight shot without surrounding

    the fire’s died out with time and the army convoy waiting outside the house thus saving ansari’s life.

    mr arko and ansari lived to show the world the face of the gujrat riots where innocent muslims were killed by their heartless neighbours.

    mr arko like every leading journalist will never reply to retarded comments and allegations like the ones i have read.

  77. 77
    Ramesh AUSTRALIA Says:

    @ PHOTOBUFF Your explainations are all awesome What is your source for them? Calling all genuine questions raised in this website as “RETARDED” shows your mental level- calling all doubt-raisers as RETARDED instead of respecting their intelligence and replying to theor questions so as to settle all their doubts. Also, no one has ever answered the above questions, apart from you who was tried to give answers without the slightest refernce to support your claims. AND AS EXPECTED YOU HAVE NOT ANSWERED- HOW DID ANSARI HAVE TIME TO APPLY BANDAGE TO HIS FACE? And if the rioters had already left seeing the Army with Arko Dutta close enough to shoot a photo, then to whom was Ansari pleading? THE VERY FACT that Ansari and ARKO DUTTA have never ever answered any of these questions though they have been raised for many years proves that they have something to hide. FORGET ALL THAT- IF YOU EVEN ANSWER THIS ONE QUESTION- How Ansari had time to apply bandage to his face while pleading rioters for mercy I will see some merit in your arguments. ANSARI AND DUUTA SHOULD AT LEAST ANSWER THIS QUESTION- HOW DID HE HAVE BANDAGE ON HIS FACE?

  78. 78
    photobuff Says:

    @ Ramesh

    i am a photojournalist on field for a long time now. i have seen situations and can analyze images wrt the angle, focal length etc. rebuilding a probable scene. i can spot a fake or photoshopped image from a mile. My deductions of this photograph have been based on my past visual and field experiences. its much like a coroner doing a post moterm looking at the victim. even a beginner in the field could come to this conclusion looking at the image visually.

    a 200mm lens will capture images from more than 500mts away. the army convoy was far off when these image was taken.

    wrt the bandage on the face, maybe it was an old injury, part of an ongoing treatment. i am assuming just as you have based your argument on the assumption he put it on the same day.

    assumptions aside, i have drawn conclusions based on experience and technical analysis of the image. i have no reason to be biased towards mr arko, mr ansari or anybody else on the site.

    the sad truth remains, thousands were emotionally scarred for life with an meaningless riots.

  79. 79
    Save Me from Teesta and Mahesh Bhatt: ‘Face of Gujarat Riots’ | IndiaWires Says:

    [...] According to the website, the photo is not genuine (Link) [...]

  80. 80
    RC Sharma INDIA Says:


    First you staqted that Arko arrived WITH the army convoy, rioters had fled and he took his picture. Now you say that army convoy was far off. Why so much contradiction in just two posts?

    Had the rioters fled seeing the army? Then to whom was Ansari pleading?

    Did he really use a 200 mm camera from 500 meters distance?

    Ansari’s shirt is too clean and is well ironed to a victim of violence. His bandage cis fresh and snow white. After being subjected to violence, Mr Buff? The wall is spotless, was it cleaned for the photo?

    @no name is required

    You want the complete truth? Therefore the questions MUST be resolved to bring out the full TRUTH. You are right, the photo is fake in block capitals.

  81. 81
    Vineesh AUSTRALIA Says:

    I strongly believe this picture was taken when Ansari thanking the army when they saved him…..

  82. 82
    RC Sharma INDIA Says:


    Then there were no rioters to plead to. Aroka Datta is lying to some extent.

  83. 83
    ehtesham deshmukh INDIA Says:

    May be the photo of ansari is fake. What about the photo of a hindu showing sword and rod in both raised hands in the background of burning houses. OR he is also a Muslim and the photo is fake.

  84. 84
    Indian in Australia AUSTRALIA Says:

    A comment posted by Shri R C Sharma which I liked v much

    “I will give a sickular counter to #7 and 8. (which are now at 1 and 2)

    Rioters applied the bandage to his face and he was pleading from first floor to rioters who were on the ground floor outside the house. He was pleading through the window and Dutta was in a helicopter.”

  85. 85
    Rama Prabu INDIA Says:

    Whey should Hindu Organisations expect these anti Bharath channels to show this picture or that picture. Start channels one each for each basha and show the real side on the one hand and tear and throw these anti Bharath’s channels on the other hand.

  86. 86
    RC Sharma INDIA Says:

    ehtesham deshmukh Says:
    March 10th, 2012 at 2:36 PM
    May be the photo of ansari is fake. What about the photo of a hindu showing sword and rod in both raised hands in the background of burning houses. OR he is also a Muslim and the photo is fake.

    That photo is clearly photoshopped. See the burning houses? Now see the crowd, all dressed up as if for a stroll. None has a weapon in his hands. And they allegedly stand next to a burning house!!

    That-picture is composed by photoshopping three different scenes (1) Crowd of unconcerned men (b) a burning house, could be anywhere in the world (3) A man with sword. Absolutely clean sword, absolutely clean clothes.

    Haha. Photoshop is a wonderful package. It was published by BBC. And BBC is notorius for such doctored images.

  87. 87
    Rakesh UNITED STATES Says:

    he became the symbol of suffering in pics he is pleading to cops for his and family’s safty as he said in am interview, he was not even aware of media taking snaps. Anyway he has suffered a lot once by rioters and then by politicions and those heartless, easly convinced public. Again and again he is asking for an alone nd peaceful life so hav some respect to this icon.

  88. 88
    furqan ahmad AUSTRALIA Says:

    u people just tell one thing, only 20 % population of India follows Islam and still leaving RSS, BJP, Bajrang dal and VHP what about the other people, what the hell they r doin. why media support muslims.

  89. 89
    Rakesh Says:

    Look at the lower left corner of the picture and there can be no doubt that at-least the background is photo-shopped (Unless his belly is fading to background, in reality). Moreover with blood stains on his shirt (apparently) and bandage on his face, it is safe to say that it is either him thanking the police/army for saving his life (more likely .. given his wounds are dressed) or requesting them to do so.

  90. 90
    Varun Says:

    this is very sad for hindus and muslims.this photo says that if a man turns to evil,they do not think of humanity

  91. 91
    Aam Aadmi INDIA Says:

    Rest, the truth about Godhra is the burning of karsewaks’s was well planned by BJP, VHP, Bajrang Dal and RSS activist in a manner that blame should go to Muslims, As they just wanted a reason to destroy whole Muslim community in Gujrat as per their main target.
    Aam Aadmi

  92. 92
    Digvijaysing INDIA Says:

    No any planning by BJP,VHP or RSS this is just muslim preplanned terror attack

  93. 93
    Pseudonym NEW ZEALAND Says:

    This person Ansari could have been paid by Congress for this picture

  94. 94
    Ajit singh Says:

    One must also try to know the situation of Hindus in Pakistan.
    They are forced to eat Beef(Cows’meat).These muslims also dont know that they were hindu once there was a time

  95. 95
    T Simon Says:

    The photograph is genuine. It was widely publicized those days. Arko Dutta was with the Army people and it was on his request that the Army returned after their assignment and recued Ansari. It is sad that after several years, the authenticity of the photpgraph is questioned.

  96. 96
    Chai CANADA Says:

    This website is obviously run by some right wing lunatic.

  97. 97
    admin Says:

    This website is obviously run by some right wing lunatic.

    What a scholarly, point-by-point refutal of arguments! Specially when the site ha declared that it is open for correction.

  98. 98
    Manoj UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    In this documentary uploaded on youtube we can see Mr Ansari standing on that balcony and asking for either mercy or help. It is unclear whether a mob is downstairs or the police.

    Check from 8m 28s onwards. Link:

  99. 99
    anonymous Says:

    Dear Muslims,please understand that once your grandmas were cruelly raped,assaulted brutally to convert you to Islam.
    all Indians are true Hindus.
    please stay stuck to our culture,not Arab culture.
    those arabs will be laughing in mind watching Indians,thr true Hindus following their culture and shattering blood fighting with those who still follow Indian culture.
    I’m not supporting anyone.
    but brothers,please,please,please think.

  100. 100
    POWERMAN Says:


  101. 101
    younus hyder UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Says:

    This site shows as per its name “hindu” it is going talk against muslims only.
    all the articles mentioned under gujrat riots are totally against muslims complains and every article is well written to save guard the most worst political leader modi…….

  102. 102
    Mohammed INDIA Says:

    This is an reply to the person who has commented on 19th June 2013, Timing:12:10 PM.
    Dear anonymous.

    Do you think whatever you have posted is right or do you think whatever those rioters did was correct.
    First of all do you know that culture is something what we created and religion is something to be followed, and its not been created by a human.
    Your religion is good for you and my religion is good for me.
    But do understand that the only religion that always welcome others to join in our religion is ISLAM and what muslims follows.
    If you are too crucial about this then study everything and then post comments.

    Special Note for you: When you try to do something which you think is correct, then dont ever try to hide yourself. Try to be bold atleast in giving out your name.

  103. 103
    Raghuram SAUDI ARABIA Says:

    Criminal Hindus must be burnt alive

  104. 104
    nitin INDIA Says:

    no media will show it ..d

  105. 105
    Tarun Garg INDIA Says:

    My only request to all who feel this is not ture to invest time and explore the facts by going to Gujarat.

    One should not believe what other is saying just because he belong to particular religion.

  106. 106
    Vijay Says:

    well, the article, the website and the effort are all pointless.. despite evidence, the Muslims gonna believe in what was taught 1400 years ago … they will attack other religions either physically or psychologically unless they give in and convert.. they will believe hearsay over evidence if that suits their purpose.. no point behind the article coz the Muslims are too brainwashed to admit.. I just hope they realize the truth when they go to bed, if they cannot do that publicly..

  107. 107
    Sanjay Says:

    This is a prime example of circumventing the truth. In fact, the photographer mentioned very emphatically that this photo was taken when Ansari was facing the security forces. The photographer clicked the photo to show how terrorized the muslims were even when they were being rescued. Each and every moment, the muslims had terror on thier faces as they didnot know when they would be butchered. Remember Babu Bajrangi. So again faking and misrepresenting facts.

  108. 108
    Ramnath INDIA Says:

    You are bull shit bloody begger. Modi is a blood sucker and should be killed in encounter.You people don’t have family why you people are roaming freely to suck the blood of our brethren.

  109. 109

    Let us just set aside the discussion over the genuineness of this picture. Even if it is true that Qutbuddin Ansari’s statement that he was saved by the Security forces who were patrolling the area, that itself exposes one of the biggest lies that the media has been propagating against Modi government. According to the anti-Modi brigades,Modi did not deploy security forces to at least contain the riots if not stop them immediately. If that allegation is true, how were the “security forces carrying out a flag march” save a riot victim on the 2nd day of the riots? It means that Modi did deploy whatever security forces available at his government’s sources in potentially sensitive areas immediately when the riots broke out. And, as the article says, those criticizing Modi should give at least one convincing answer how and why the “mad rioters” chose to selectively spare Mr. Ansari and allowed him to stay alive for the security forces to save him? And if he was indeed pleading to the security forces, it should have happened before he was saved by them and not after he was saved and given medical aid.

  110. 110
    Zakir AUSTRALIA Says:

    This man is not acting in that pic ok and this is not defined that muslim are reason for that burn Sabarmati express but this is declare that few communal hindus are did this hate work. pls see realty and reply.

  111. 111
    Shaik Mohammad JAPAN Says:

    Hi All,

    People of Gujraat and the Government both are resposible for this riots. What ever we have done we need to pay for it either in this world or here after.

    Killing poor and needy people is shame full act in the name of religion. This is a eye opening lession for All muslims around the globe.

    To Whom we have to trust and to Vote in future. The Muslim who support Gujraat Govt will be there along with those people in Jahanum (Hell Fire).

    Shame on those Muslims who support Modi to be PM of India.

  112. 112
    The Undertaker UNITED STATES Says:

    Hello Mr Shaik,

    I think you too have some real freaking memory with 2002 riots. Well i don’t give a damn to your sentiments or any other trash. The matter of concern is how you guys just play the blame game after any incident. Bottomline is you guys are whole and sole responsible for whatever bad happens with you guys. What you think you can burn the train filled with innocent peoples whithout any reasons and we will sit quite, eating popcorns & watching the blood thirsty videos. I’m sorry, yes we Hindus believe in peace & harmony but it doesn’t interprate that we are cowards. And who the hell are you to speak against Mr Modi, he’s the real tiger…. You got my point, don’t push us or else we will give you guys a war you can’t handle. Ofcourse you knew this so just shut your freaking mouth and don’t dare to comment on anything realted to Mr Modi or BJP… You cursed us that we will burn in hell, i’m absolutely okay with it but the fact is before going to hell we will first port you guys there…Your religion and Jehad will f*** your entire community one day..Change your mind or religion if you wanna live peacefully and let others live.

  113. 113
    sameer Says:

    only modi and vhp rss behind this .but indian people likes them thats mean who like them they hate muslims

  114. 114
    rajat malik Says:

    Muslims must think that a few political parties are making use of their religous sntimnts to gather votes.muslims are most easily to be bluffed

  115. 115
    jp INDIA Says:

    eye opener compilation of fact.
    thanks and kudos to you for your hard work.
    sorry to say these fanatics aer either blind or they simply dont want real facts they just want to keep playing the dirty game of attacking hindus and than also playing victim for extra benifits
    like in muzafarnagar recently they were trying to capture govt land by staying in camps for \ever

  116. 116
    Parag JAPAN Says:

    It is shameful to kill innocent ..But In 2002,there is history repeated that Muslims always first starts and later other world responds.
    If other world will blindly see this then Muslim will destroy this nation and the world..
    And riots is creation of Bad Muslims and not the Gud Muslim..we respect good Muslims and we are proud of them.

    I am proud of to support Modi to be PM of India.

  117. 117
    Akthar Pathan Says:

    As far as Hindu-Muslim devide is concerned in Gujarat, the picture is not dark as shown by jokers of NDTV or TIMES. I have muslim friends who are highly educated and have one or two children. I grow up in the area where both communities co-exist. What I feel that EDUCATION should be given enough weightage among muslims. Now a days, this I can see well estalished here in Ahmedabad. They are getting proper education. And they are getting good jobs too. Less of education means creation of states like Lalu’s Bihar or Mulayam’s UP (part of). There, we will find uneducated Hindus doing the same thing.Education gives scope of wide thinking.
    Mr. Modi – I do agree what he told in election meetings is not desirable. But he simply followed the congress culture of vote bank politics. Once he got success in election, he becomes statesman. We are lucky that we got such a non-corrupt CM (impossible to find non-corrupt politican in Indian political parties). Our PM is also non-corrupt, but you can see he has to handle so many parties those are supporting, and he has to handle Lalu too. While Mr. Modi is winner with absolute majority, so he doesn’t have to obey any instructions.
    As far as development work in Gujarat, being a businessman, I have never seen such a tremendous growth in development. Previously, race of developing states means Maharashtra, Panjab and Gujarat. Now it includes Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, etc. But we are still leading in race even in this competition.
    Riots is very old thing in Ahmedabad. I have seen it in 1968/72/81/84/91/93, etc. So blaming Mr. Modi for riots is not right thing. He assumes charge after 2000.
    If Sabarmati train incident didnt happen, riots would not have taken place. I dont want to favor what happened after Sabarmati train incident. I do agree what happened after that was never desirable. We have to learn lessons from that and see that such things do not recur.
    I recently went to one south metro, and seen 10 to 15 years’ girls going to school wearing Burkhas. Never seen any Burkha lady in Ahmedabad. Come and visit Law Garden area on any working day. You will find real hindu-muslims unite there.
    I request you and all other residing outside Gujarat, please do not belive what these clowns of NDTV, Times, etc show you, but experience yourself.
    Thank you.

  118. 118
    Z. Kapoor Says:

    First of all this website is created by BJP and RSS people who hold pure hindutva agenda . so no chance of secularism.
    The articles clearly shows suporting gujrat riots and portraying BJP as innocent. All false And baseless Thing.

  119. 119
    Sajal Raj Singh INDIA Says:

    *This website is created by BJP. I have the proof.

    Here is the proof Plz open it to know the truth.

  120. 120
    admin AUSTRALIA Says:

    This website is created by BJP. I have the proof. Here is the proof Plz open it to know the truth.

    This has been answered many times. It is not true. See this

  121. 121
    Shashi INDIA Says:

    Awesome answer,Undertaker this ppl just blame Modi and wants his apology but they wont take responsibility for burning innocents psycho minds

  122. 122
    Raghunandana INDIA Says:

    Shocking…gruesome and shamed. if people are roasted in train for no guilt of theres. i think the word “secular” is used only by maniacs to sheild their psycho power hungry mentality…

  123. 123
    Liberal Says:

    This wbsite is runned by Modi’s IT force,,,,,the truth of gujrat should be known,visit

  124. 124
    Harsh Says:

    But sir why you believe in the data given by this website. they give all the links of others okay.. suppose probably this website held by bjp but look at the proofs given by others rather then this website

  125. 125
    Subutai UNITED STATES Says:

    Concerning this picture that the creators of this web sight go through great pains to discredit, this You tube video quickly discredits this websights arguements.

    It appears that the individual in question is shown in the video starting at 1:30 complete with the bandage on his face.

    So much for your arguement.

    This websight appears to be just propaganda, set up by some evil people, covering for other evil people.

  126. 126
    Divyan INDIA Says:

    The photos of godhra victims are really unbearable and terrific. And “ndtv” is not a news channel its a confuse channel.

  127. 127
    admin Says:

    This wbsite is runned by Modi’s IT force,,,,,the truth of gujrat should be known,visit

    Refute arguments on merit, not by claiming such things. Firstly this site has nothing to do with Modi, it is on since May 2008, long before any IT team, any PM candidature. Secondly, even if for the sake of argument, this was run by Modi’s IT force, how is that a refutation of the arguments of this website? How does it become false? Arguments have to be refuted on merit, not by claiming that Modi’s team runs the site!

  128. 128
    karim khan Says:

    apni bakwass bnd kar be sab galat he ye

  129. 129
    real hindu INDIA Says:

    abe karim khan sari duniya janti hai ke mullu ne sari duniya me tabahi macha rakhi hai.

  130. 130
    kartikeya AUSTRALIA Says:

    modi sir is not a criminal. and mind you he is our prime minister. and karim you should be punished for what you did to karsevaks and mark mind your own buisness.

  131. 131
    a secular in Says:

    u ppl are just pathetic first u say muslims vs hindus then u change the topic to modi
    r u all trying to suggest that modi is a criminal or that all muslims are bad.
    france is accepted as a developed country
    it has mostly muslim population
    there is no bad muslim or bad hindu bad people are bad n good ppl are good
    this website is completely anti secular
    just trying to ignite tensions between communities
    we must all live in peace
    we are all indians

  132. 132
    Aalia Parween Says:

    If above mentioned “myths” are actually a myth .then , gentleman pls tell us the truth and a reason against each myth. 2001 modi was cm of gujrat if he had wished to stop the riot he could easily have done but he didnt. Another fact , muslims were burnt alive and raped there are pictures of burnt kids and many eyewitnesses. Fact no 3 , hindu as well as muslims were killed., however the then govt of gujrat never bothered to give justice to any of the community. Such in human act cant be overridden by the fact that modi is pm. Still riots are alive in some or the other form. Plz stop such community division acts. I bet u 99 percent of indians are united only this 1 percent act as pet soldiers of few inhuman and evil politician

  133. 133
    ayaz Says:

    Mod is a killer though.

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