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The Godhra Carnage

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Several people- unable to understand the sufferings of the Hindu society- have asked- “Why did riots occur only after Godhra? Why was nobody targeted after the Akshardham temple attack- or after the attacks on Mumbai on 26 November 2008?” Well- the answers are many.

Myth 4: The Gujarat police turned a blind eye to the rioting

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Fact: Even though the situation was terrible, the police performed its work extremely efficiently. The police force was woefully insufficient, despite the deployment of the entire police force. India Today (18 March 2002)reported:

“Ahmedabad has a police force of 6,000, including 1,500 armed personnel. In addition, the entire state has just four companies (530 jawans) of the Rapid Action Force (RAF) of which only one company could be spared for Ahmedabad. Considering that the mobs that simultaneously surfaced at nearly half a dozen places numbered from 2,000 to 10,000, the forces proved woefully inadequate. At one point on February 28 there were at least 25,000 people targeting the Muslim localities in Ahmedabad alone.”

 See link:

  Even in its infamous article misquoting Narendra Modi as having said “Every action has equal and opposite reaction” (Which Narendra Modi never did), The Times of India reported, “The sparse police presence looked like a drop in the ocean of violence.” This despite the deployment of the entire police force. The Hindu also reported the next day that on 28 February “Mob fury reached its crescendo” and “The situation seemed to slip out of hand” and “Police were outnumbered by the rioters“. Same was the report of The Telegraph, The Tribune.

   The Times of India reported on 2nd March 2002 on events on 1st March (Friday)- “Neither the Army nor the shoot-at-sight orders given to Gujarat Police could stop riots on Friday 1st March…” And this was on 1st March 2002 when the violence was much less than 28 Feb (Thursday). If even the Army and shoot-at-sight orders couldn’t stop the violence when it was much less, then what must have been the situation on 28 Feb when the Army was not present in the day and the violence was much more?

 Despite this, the police fired more than 1000 rounds (exact official number given now is 1496) and burst 4297 tear gas shells on 28 Feb. More than 180 people were saved at Ehsan Jafri’s place and more than 900 out of the 1,000 in Naroda Patiya were saved. The police fired more than 3,900 rounds in the first three days alone and fired 6500 rounds of tear gas shells. (Despite the presence of the Army for 2 out of 3 days ). As many as 98 people were shot dead by the police in the first three days, majority of whom are Hindus. For the complete period of rioting, despite the presence of the Army for 73 out of 74 days, the police fired as many 15,000 tear gas shells- the exact number is 15,369 and a total of 10,500 rounds- exact number 10,559. Out of the total people killed in the riots, about 20 % have been shot dead by the police. According to official records, 199 people were killed in police firing of whom 101 were killed in the first week.

 Infact- the encyclopaedia wikipedia reports-based on sound sources-that as many as 200 policemen laid their lives trying to quell the violence during the riots. We feel this number is not possible.

Official records show that 83 officers, 419 men and 50 Home Guard were injured- total 552 injured. How many gave their lives is not told.

 Out of the 25,486 accused, the Gujarat police arrested as many as 25,204 people. As of 28 April 2002, as per The Times of India there were 35,552 arrested including 27,901 Hindus. Finally there were 4274 cases registered, i.e. FIRs and the number of people arrested was 19,200 Hindus and 7,799 Muslims to get a total of 26,999 i.e. almost 27,000 arrests. This is slightly different from October 2005 when 25,204 were arrested.  This clearly shows the efficiency of the Gujarat police. On March 1st and 2nd and afterwards, Muslims too rioted and they too were killed in police firing.

The Gujarat police saved as many as 2,500 Muslims in Sanjeli, a town in North Gujarat, 5,000 Muslims in Bodeli, in Vadodara and about 10,000 Muslims in Viramgam. A total of at least 24,000 Muslims were saved. Infact, some sources say that 24,000 were saved in the first three days alone and the total number is even higher. Police officials themselves suffered injuries in trying to save the Muslims, as reported by the weekly India Today.

See link:

There are many other instances as well of people being saved- as per official records. Some of them are:

a) 5,000 people from the Noorani Mosque area were saved by Ahmedabad Police
b) 240 people were saved at Sardarpura of Mehsana district and shifted to safer places
c) 450 were saved in Pore and Nardipur villages of Gandhinagar district, and shifted to safer places
d) 400 were saved in a Madrasa at Bhavnagar
e) 1,500 people were saved from Fatehpura village of Vadodara district
f) 3,000 people were saved and shifted from Kwant village of Vadodara district

Hindus were also saved from violent Muslim mobs in places like Modasa, Bharuch, Jamalpur area of Ahmedabad etc.

On February 28, the police shot dead 10 Hindus in Ahmedabad alone. The leading most English daily from South India, and an extremely anti-Hindu newspaper, ‘The Hindu’ reported this on 1st March 2002. By 1st March, the police had shot dead ‘at least 17 people’ in Ahmedabad alone-as reported by The Hindu dated 2nd March 2002.

 On 2nd March 2002-police firing resulted in 47 deaths-as reported by The Hindu the next day-i.e. 3rd March 2002.

 See link:

 The Indian Express dated 3rd March reported that 77 people were killed in Police/Army firing by 2nd March 2002.

 The steps taken to control the violence were-

 1-The Indian Express dated 28th February 2002 reported that the State Government had deployed the Rapid Action Force in Ahmedabad and other sensitive areas and the Centre sent in CRPF personnel on February 27 itself even before a single riot had taken place. This was also reported by Mid Day dated 28 February and also The Times of India.

See link:

This is mentioned in 3rd catagory- 7th paragraph

2- The Hindu reported in its issue dated 28th February 2002 that “Shoot-at-sight” orders had been given in Godhra on February 27 itself. And so did ALL the English dailies that day. Also read the sentence ” the state government has appealed to the people to maintain peace.”


3-The Hindustan Times reported in its issue dated 28 February 2002 that the entire police force of 70,000 was deployed in Gujarat on 27 February itself after the shocking massacre in Godhra- in view of apprehensions that riots might break out. This was also reported by British daily The Telegraph the same day.


See second last paragraph of this report.

4-827 preventive arrests were made on the evening of February 27 itself on Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s orders on his return to Ahmedabad from Godhra. This was reported by weekly India Today dated 18 March 2002 which did not give the number (827 arrests) but mentioned preventive arrests. Even the SIT admitted 827 preventive arrests.

5-On February 28 -despite the deployment of the entire police force, the CRPF personnel and the Rapid Action Force-the situation slipped out of control, according to The Hindu dated 1st March 2002.

See link:

6-Despite the fact that the situation slipped out of control, the mob sizes were unprecedented and the police were overwhelmingly outnumbered, the police did its best. The police fired more than 1,000 rounds on the first day of the riots-i.e. February 28.

Link: Same as Number 5′s link- but this doesn’t mention 1000 + rounds which were fired that day- including 600 in Ahmedabad.

7-The Hindu reported in its issue dated 1st March 2002 that at least 10 persons were believed to have been killed in police firing in Ahmedabad alone by evening of February 28. ( Same link as number 5, paragraphs 2 and 9 from the top).

5 Hindus were shot dead outside Ehsan Jafri’s house on Feb 28, according to India Today weekly dated 18 March 2002 and also from The Times of India‘s online report on 28 February.

8-Curfew was clamped in Godhra on 27 February itself-as reported by The Hindu dated 28 February 2002. Also reported by all English dailies- such as Times of India, dated 28 Feb.

Link:,prtpage-1.cms or

9-An indefinite curfew was clamped in 26 cities and towns in the State, including parts of Ahmedabad, Surat, Baroda, Rajkot, Nadiad, Anand and Kaira on February 28 in addition to the indefinite curfew in force in Godhra since February 27-according to The Hindu dated 1st March 2002- and every English daily the next day and also weeklies- like India Today- which covered events till Feb 28 in its issue dated 11 March 2002.


10- The Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, frantically called the Army units to Ahmedabad on February 28-as reported by the The Hindu dated 1st March 2002.

See link:

See 8th paragraph from the top.

11-The Indian Express and The Hindu both reported that Army units started arriving in Ahmedabad on the night of February 28-in their issues the next day-i.e. 1st March 2002. This shows that the Army units reached Ahmedabad so quickly-that the newspapers had the time to report their arrival on February 28 itself itself and publish it on 1st March!

(Same link as number 5- 8th paragraph from the top)

12-The Army staged a flag march in Ahmedabad on 1st March 2002 at 11:30 AM-as reported by weekly India Today in its issue dated 18th March 2002. The Hindu and The Indian Express and all major dailies also reported that the Army staged flag marches in Ahmedabad and also Vadodara on 1st March 2002.

13-The Army began flag marches in the worst-affected areas of Ahmedabad, Baroda, Rajkot and Godhra cities and the `shoot at sight’ order was extended to all 34 curfew-bound cities and towns in Gujarat on 1st March 2002-as per The Hindu dated 2nd March 2002.

 See link:

 14-The Gujarat police fired a total of around 4,000 rounds in the first three days alone. This-despite the presence of the Army for 2 out of the 3 days. The police also arrested more than 4,000 people in the first 3 days alone, majority of whom are Hindus. As on 6 May 2002  35,000 people had been arrested for rioting by the police- the highest ever in Gujarat, not even in 1969 and 1985 were so many arrested. On 28 April 2002  The Times of India reported that 9954 Hindus and 4035 Muslims were arrested by police as substantive arrests and 17947 Hindus and 3616 Muslims were arrested as a preventive measure.  This gives a total of 27,901 Hindus and 7651 Muslims arrested as on 28 April 2002, a total of 35,552 arrests- the highest ever in Gujarat.

See link:

15-The Gujarat police shot dead 98 people in the first three days, majority of whom are Hindus.

16-The Hindu reported in its issue dated 4th March 2002 that only 2 deaths were reported on 3rd March in the entire state and the violence has ended on 3rd March 2002. Thus the Gujarat government managed to control the situation in 3 days even after the shocking massacre in Godhra- while it took previous Congress governments 6 months to stop the riots in 1969 and 1985 even without any cause as Godhra.

  In an interview given by Narendra Modi to Outlook magazine in its issue dated 18 March 2002-

Were you playing the fiddle while Gujarat burned?

No. Contrary to what is now being projected, I brought sanity within 72 hours of the violent outbreak…”

Note Narendra Modi’s sentence “No. Contrary to what is now being projected, I brought sanity within 72 hours of the violent outbreak.” In other words, the projection against Modi started AFTER the riots. We have already seen the reports of the newspapers like The Hindu, The Telegraph to note that there were no allegations against Narendra Modi or the Gujarat Government at the time of the actual riots. They started much later.  Doordarshan news said on 3rd March 2002 (Sunday) at night in the English bulletin: “Violence has ended in a record time in Ahmedabad…Only 3 days…In the past it would take many weeks… Today (Sunday) curfew was relaxed, people bought items from bazaar…”. No allegation against the state government but praise of controlling violence in just 3 days! All accusations on Narendra Modi and demands for his resignation, dismissal started AFTER the riots. This was because, the media wanted some scapegoat to be made for the riots. It wanted Modi to sack a few police officers, drop a minister or two. But Modi did nothing of the sort. He did not blame anyone, did not make anyone a scapegoat.


  Even the SIT appointed by the Supreme Court said that ‘All efforts were made to save Ehsan Jafri’. It is common sense that if even the Army and the shoot-at-sight orders given to the Gujarat police could not control the violence on 1 March, Friday, when it was much less, the situation on 28 February, Thursday, must have been far worse when the violence was much more and the Army was not present in the day. Since this argument could not be refuted, some liars resorted to tricks and theatrics showing two police officers unable to reach Chamanpura from Revdi Bazaar, hiding completely the fact that reinforcements arrived, district police personnel rushed to the spot, and the Fire Brigade too.

These liars also hide the fact that the police killed 5 people outside his house, saved 180+ people out of 250 in Jafri’s housing complex, saved 900 out of 1,000 in Naroda Patiya. This Times of India report POSTED ONLINE at 2:34 PM of 28 February also says that police fired on the crowd injuring 6, who were taken to hospital where 3 were critical at that time, and ultimately 5 died.They also hide the fact that the Police fired 1000+ rounds on 28 Feb, including 600+ in Ahmedabad. 10 Hindus were shot dead and 16 injured on 28 Feb and 2 were killed in police firing in Nadiad and Godhra on 28 Feb. There were 4297 tear gas shells also fired on 28 Feb, and suppressing and concealing all these facts, the liars claim that “Police did total inaction”. If all these facts are not police action, we wonder what can be termed as police action.

Thus some liars did theatrics by showing records and graphs of calls, but hid the fact that the calls were heeded to and reinforcements sent, and all efforts made to save lives.  Theatrics and lying to delude people are being practised by people who have no answer to the site’s arguments on merit.

A must read article on the role of the Gujarat Government in controlling violence is:

(An article on some facts about the media can be read hereNDTV is CPM Today“. And another article which is worth reading is The channels strategy of attacks. Note that these articles are purely the view of the blogger and not of )

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  1. 20
    Ramesh AUSTRALIA Says:

    Well Farhana- I think danger to India and Humanity is from passages in the Quran- like this-
    “These two antagonists dispute with each other about their Lord: But those who deny (their Lord),- for them will be cut out a garment of Fire: over their heads will be poured out boiling water. With it will be scalded what is within their bodies, as well as (their) skins. In addition there will be maces of iron (to punish) them. Every time they wish to get away therefrom, from anguish, they will be forced back therein, and (it will be said), “Taste ye the Penalty of Burning!” (Quran 22: 19-22)

    “And if any believe not in Allah and His Messenger, We have prepared, for those who reject Allah, a Blazing Fire!” (Quran 48:13)

    ” But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem.” (Quran 9:5)

    “I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them ” (Quran 8:12)

    “We will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve, because they set up with Allah that for which He has sent down no authority, and their abode is the fire, and evil is the abode of the unjust.” (Quran 3:151)

    Well Farhana- these are just a few passages. I can quote one hundred more such passages- at least. Instead of blaming Hindus- I think Islam must be condemned for these cruel teachings.

  2. 19
    farhana INDIA Says:

    i agree with deepak and jack.. Mr. vivek, i think tou should first remember we are first humans and after that indians.. i think people who bias based on hindus and muslims are uneducated and you are 1 of them.. india would do a lot better without people like you

  3. 18
    Deepak Says:

    Ramji Killed those who cam to fight him, and even then he gave them chance to surrender. You guys killed innocent young babies and women also :(

    Bhishm killed Dusshasan, not his entire family. You guys killed people who had nothing to do with Godhra. :(

    You will do arrange marriage because love is not made for you, u cannot love anything but LOVE TO HATE. :(

  4. 17
    Vivek UNITED STATES Says:

    Thanks for giving suggestion to me about sex.But for me sex,girlfriend,is not so important. No and never.Even i don’t like the concept of girlfriend.Arrange marriage is best way of getting married.I am supporting Hinduism,is it mean that i am TAPPORI type of fellow?Jo chije muzko achchi nahi lagati uss things se main hamesha dur rahata hun! When i was in college life,i broke up many friend because they were liked to tourchered girls are under wrong impression about me thats why i am explaining all this things!
    Badala lena hi human honi ki nishani hain,Deepakji! Jo badla nahi leta wo insan nahi hota!
    Tell me one thing.In Ramayana,main criminal was Ravana.But Prabhu ShreeRam destroyed all his army,Ravana,his son Indrajeet,Kumbhkaran but except Bhibishan.Ok? why? Shree Ramji ko yeh malum tha ke aj in sabko mara to hi iss Aryavart ka kuch accha ho sakata hain! Kya ye RAMJI ka revenge nahi tha?
    Let me give you another example of Mahabharata.The famous war of Mahabharata was fully based on REVENGE.The way BHIMSEN Killed Dussashana was horrible! Ye Badla nahi tha ?
    Think on it properly.Gujarat me start muslim logon ne ki,end
    Bajarang Dal ne kiya!Agar BJD ye nahi karti to un logon ki himmat future me bad jati!
    our prayer says to our motherland that
    And our aim is
    Get it?
    Jai Shree Ram! Jai shreeKRISHNA!
    Vandey Mataram!

  5. 16
    deepak UNITED STATES Says:

    What is Unbelievable shocking is, even though the site stil lat one pooint feels that what happend post godhra was indeed bad, this animal Vivek not once said that even though fault of muslims at Godhra, what happened in after that was also bad.

    He does not feel that all those innocents who died, suffered at all! To him, they deserved it!! Why?? how did they deserve to die??

    Not once, I saw in his comments accepting that post godhra was indeed unfortunate, he is so proud of people dying, even if muslims at gopdhra did a terrible crime, the aftermath was also as terrible as the Godhra itself, but NOT TO HIM!! NOT TO HIM!!

    Can a soul be this depraved of love and affection?? VIVEK BHAI, IM DONE TALKING WITH YOU FOR A WHILE, MAY BE AFTER A WHILE I WILL ARGUE WITH YOU AGAIN!

  6. 15
    deepak UNITED STATES Says:

    Jo KHUN KA BADLA KHUN se lene ki baat karte hain, wo hindu to dur ki baat, insaan bhi nahi hain.

    Sara din RAM RAM ka naam lene walon, pahle RAM ki teachings ko samjho, maryada purshottam RAM ji taught ahinsa, shama aur tyaag.

    RSS is totally oppsite of shama, ahinsa aur tyaag. You guys even give alcholhol to rioters so they kill more ruthlessly, and yes RSS doe stalk about killing minortities ruthlessly in shakhas. What a shame.

    I don;t know how long I can continue on thi site. But just by readingall the frutruation and hatred from your mouth, it makes me wonder what is future for you guys…

    Go feed a hungry muslim or christian child and see how much good you will feel then always keep thinking of wiping them from india.

    Shame! utter shame.

  7. 14
    Vivek UNITED STATES Says:

    To,Deepakji(future winner of nobel,social worker,Guru of Karmayog etc),
    For me,Psuedo secularist like you is true enemies of Hinduism and also Hindustan not Sangh Parivar.We will chopped the hands if someone dare to raised it against any Hindus.KHUN KA BADLA KHUN SE.ham aj tak ye nahi karte the issi liye ye Muslim aur christian log Hinduon ke sir par chadkar baithe hue hain.!Mr.HJSP,teach secularism to Muslim people not to us.
    KARMA KARO!Ha Ha Ha! microwave! hu hu hu! Time pass comment! Keep it up.

  8. 13
    Deepak Says:

    Well said Jack, isn’t it just amazing how everything that happened in GUJARAT according to these slaves is fault of muslims, and these RSS, VHP AND Bajrangis are innocent milk drinking kids?? They were just defending, not to consider VHP gives them weapons and gives them fire arm training, and RSS preaches hatred in shakhas??

    Everything, accoriding to them has an justification, they give number slike police save 5000 here, 2000 there, so total 7000 and everyone should feel good now…WHAT ABOUT THE INNOCENTS WHO STILL DIED IN ROGANIZED KILLING…





    According to this site, BJP is the best ever thing that happened for India, yet people don’t want them to lead the nation?? Is that so?? is that what happens to good people?? HAHA


  9. 12
    JACK INDIA Says:

    Truth : 2,000 Muslims were killed in the Gujarat riots
    Truth : Muslims were ‘butchered’ in Gujarat
    Truth : Whole of Gujarat was burning
    Truth : The Gujarat police turned a blind eye to the rioting
    Truth : Gujarat police was anti-Muslim
    Truth : Gujarat riots were the ‘worst ever massacre’ in India
    Truth : Only Muslims were rendered homeless and suffered economically
    Truth : The Gujarat government was involved in the riots
    Truth : Gujarat riots were like the 1984 anti-Sikh riots
    Truth : Gujarat became a dangerous place to live in, in 2002
    Truth : In Ehsan Jafri case, women were raped
    Truth : The photo of Qutubuddin Ansari is genuine
    Truth : Narendra Modi said:”Every action has equal and opposite reaction”
    Truth : Sangh Parivar organizations like VHP organized the riots
    Truth : Narendra Modi gave free hand to rioters for 3 day

    This website is only showing one side of the coin. Saving the image of VHP, RSS, BJP and Sick old Sangh Leaders

  10. 11
    JACK INDIA Says:

    Myth 1: 2,000 Muslims were killed in the Gujarat riots
    Myth 2: Muslims were ‘butchered’ in Gujarat
    Myth 3: Whole of Gujarat was burning
    Myth 4: The Gujarat police turned a blind eye to the rioting
    Myth 5: Gujarat police was anti-Muslim
    Myth 6: Gujarat riots were the ‘worst ever massacre’ in India
    Myth 7: Only Muslims were rendered homeless and suffered economically
    Myth 8: The Gujarat government was involved in the riots
    Myth 9: Gujarat riots were like the 1984 anti-Sikh riots
    Myth 10: Gujarat became a dangerous place to live in, in 2002
    Myth 11: In Ehsan Jafri case, women were raped
    Myth 12: The photo of Qutubuddin Ansari is genuine
    Myth 13: Narendra Modi said:”Every action has equal and opposite reaction”
    Myth 14: Sangh Parivar organizations like VHP organized the riots
    Myth 15: Narendra Modi gave free hand to rioters for 3 days

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