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The Godhra Carnage

Difference between Godhra and other tragic incidents

Several people- unable to understand the sufferings of the Hindu society- have asked- “Why did riots occur only after Godhra? Why was nobody targeted after the Akshardham temple attack- or after the attacks on Mumbai on 26 November 2008?” Well- the answers are many.

Myth 5: Gujarat police was anti-Muslim

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Fact: Far from it, the police was slow to act on Muslim fanatics for fear of being called ‘anti-Muslim’ by the media as implied by the report of India Today dated 20th May 2002. As many as 170 people were shot dead by the police in Gujarat- i.e. killed in police firing as of 27 April 2002 according to Times of India dated 28 April 2002 while the official records now show 199 killed in police firing, till the end of the riots. Since riots continued till 10 May 2002, it explains the increase in the number of police firing deaths, since more were killed after 28 April and also some injured earlier may have died later.

Some Muslims greeted the police, and also the army, with bullets and turned off the power supply and made life hell, and also started riots and accused the police of being biased, when the police came to search for armories in some Muslim areas like Juhapura, Kalupur etc, as reported by a major weekly India Today. For fear of being labeled anti-Muslim, the police failed to do their duty.

The official records show that as many as 552 security personnel were injured trying to control the riots- 83 officers, 419 men and 50 Home Guard. Many policemen lost their lives as well, like when a mob burnt alive a policeman in Juhapura on 1st March 2002 as reported by The Hindu the next day, or in Ahmedabad’s Gomtipur area on 21 April 2002- Ramnavami Day, when constable Amar Patil was stabbed to death.

India Today weekly in its issue dated 20 May 2002, clearly admits that, far from being anti-Muslim, the Gujarat police did not act speedily against Muslim fanatics and rioters, for fear of being called anti-Muslim by the biased and partisan media.

The India Today weekly report dated 20 May 2002 says-”A series of attacks on policemen by Muslims has further added to the lack of faith. Now, strapped with the anti-Muslim label, the police has been slow in acting against Muslim fanatics”.

See the link-

This will contain the above sentence in the 6th paragraph from the top.
The Gujarat Police saved at least 24,000 Muslims from certain death in the first three days-in places like Sanjeli, Bodeli, and Viramgam in particular.


See passages 2,3 and 4 from the top.

Gujarat police shot dead 98 people in the first 3 days-majority of whom are Hindus. The Police arrested most of the accused for rioting. Also The Times of India in a report titled “More fall prey to police firings in Gujarat” dated 28 April 2002 says that a total of 35,552 people were arrested for rioting in Gujarat- out of whom 27,901 were Hindus.

See link:

Moreover, the prosecution of the police was so efficient that until now, at least 443 people have been convicted for the violence in Gujarat-out of whom at least 332 are Hindus and 111 are Muslims (31 for Godhra and 80 for post-Godhra). As from the newspaper reports available to us itself we can see 249 convictions, 184 Hindus and 65 Muslims (31 for Godhra and 34 for post-Godhra) which in itself is a world record. The list of all the newspaper reports is given in Myth 21.  The actual convictions are 443- 332 Hindus and 111 Muslims according to official records.This is so, since the newspapers did not seem to report all the convictions, or we did not record all of them or both.

A must read article on role of Gujarat Government in controlling violence can be read here:

There are more details given in the book, but not in the website. To know the full details, read the book.

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32 Responses to “Myth 5: Gujarat police was anti-Muslim”

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  1. 20
    aameer kale Says:

    no religion teaches violence its depend on particular human how take the suitation ….telling anyting on any religion just show how bad human being we are . we must not forget that we are human being first and i also belive that no religion in the world teaches war riots or likewise .this thing happen due to miscommunication and lack of knowlege .point finger on any person is not fair before that we must check ourselves how good we are ….riots which happened in gujarat is due some people how knew that reigious matter in india are very senisitive and can agian many policital profits .just like to say reigion is personal matter of every human being anywhere in ther world and we should just keep it personal.

  2. 19
    aameer kale Says:

    if you think islam teaches terrorism then you are wrong my all frnds as we all are of one community and we share one world so we should try to not be biased for any religion so my dear frnds i first look at the mirror and then talk about others bcoz for a country like india to develop it is necessary not to get in all this stuff think only about the development of our country and that can happen only when you unite the people nd by dividing the people on any basis either it may be on the basis of religion or mumbai bahiya bhago kand like thing so we are first humans then hindu or muslim .

    to all
    see god in all human beings and be god fir all human beings.

  3. 18
    jay UNITED STATES Says:

    Now that the truth is coming out, and that MODIJI is not to blame for all this, how can we go after all these news papers that work for the Congress Party to spread misinformation and lies about MODI…..

    Once SIT is over and MODIJI is found to be clean, he should higher a whole list of Lawyers to sue every news paper that has written wrong stories without actual proven facts. He can take the money he receives and use it to either help the poor or bring more development…

    this way the news papers will be more careful next time…


  4. 17
    Chand Usman - The Ex-Muslim !! INDIA Says:


    Islam is nothing but a devil’s creation !!
    Islam says that where you find idolators cut them, sieze them,besige them, ambush them ….Convert them or kill them !! (Quran Chapter 9 Verse 5)

    HA HA !! still you say that Islam is religion of peace !!

    HA HA !!Stop lieing and supporting Islam’s terrorism !!

    And abt virappan , ULFA and all (whom you called as hindu terrorism ) ………Let me tell you one thing that they chose to become a terrorist ……..This dosen’t mean Like Islam Hindutva Has taught them to do so !!

    But on the contrary Islam teaches it’s followers to follow the path of terrorism and strike terror in the hearts of the people !! (Quran Chapter 8 Verse 12, Chapter 3 Verse 151) Islam has increased it’s followers just by putting swords on non-islamic people !!

    And you people by converting Hindus or killing if they don’t convert divide India !! It were you who torched KARSEWAKS !! It were you who created Amarnath issue !! I am no longer one of you. The Allah I used to pray to- is nothing but a figment of imagination of Muhammad. The man who opned my eyes-
    DR ALI SINA the great

    JAI HIND !!

  5. 16
    Barry UNITED STATES Says:

    I think majority Muslims in Gujarat are more loyal to India and particularly Gujarati Muslims have better life. But there are pockets of hidden Pakistani Muslims who still trying to destabilize prosperous Gujarat. I am not in favor of any riots, but do not think Godhra first train incidence was an accident.

    Look at the history of Somanath and Mohammad Ghori, Taiyamoor Lang, Mogul empire and massacre of Hindu_Kush mountains. May be Godhra event will look negligible. By the way Godhra does not have a pleasant history either. During 1948 riots, Sardar Patel had to burn down part of Godhra to flush out fanatic Muslims.
    May be the current Congress party would have put him in jail!!

  6. 15
    kjghf INDIA Says:

    98 relief/ refugee camps set up in the state, 85 were for the Muslims and 13 were for the Hindus

  7. 14
    danish UNITED STATES Says:

    i dnt knw wat happened ther . all i knw is that i lost a family member in gulbarga society incident.. the people in the society didnt hurt their hindu neighbors rather they were in healthy social relationship yet when the godhra incident people those very people went on the rampage .. i m not blaming hindus as it was a hindu family that sheltered my relatives after the rampage was over but for those of you who think its a religious fault then next time such things happen better go nd be part of it coz u r no worse then the rioters themselves .. aur agar koi ye kehta hai ki kyunki vo hindu hai to vo hindustani hai aur deshbhakt hai to vo galat hai .. kyunki main ek deshbhakt hu aur hindustani hu… aur kisi koi problem hai to mujhse mille sab samjha dunga

  8. 13
    Ramesh AUSTRALIA Says:

    I agree there are bad people among Hindus as well- (Such as all non-BJP politicians, and people like Deepak here) but Hindu books dont teach them to murder Muslims and convert or kill- nor do they threaten them with Fire of Hell after Death- unlike Islam- whcih is full of violent teachings.

  9. 12
    farhana INDIA Says:

    people like, the indian(who commented above on mar 17th), pratyush should be ashamed to call themselves Indians.. what is the point in dividing people as hindus and muslims?.. pratyush, you must be sick to hav said that india is impoverished because of muslims.. it is not because of the muslims .. it is because of people like you who divide peolpe as hindus and muslims.. as in the case of godhra incident, there have been eyewitnesses who themselves hav said it ws the planned work of hindus to spark protest against babri masjid. this never hit the newspaper headlines.. muslims are not terrorists.. there r bad people and good people in every community.. not only in muslim community.. there r hindu terrorists also.. wat abt veerapan? dara singh? the ULFA? these are just a few examples of hindu terrorism.. before any1 posts comments they should use their senses.. i am sure, people like pratyush and indian are illiterate.. first, educate yourself and then post your comments.. this is an advice to you guys

  10. 11
    indian INDIA Says:

    hello if gujrat police was biased at that times casualtiyy for muslim whould have gone very high,i suspect after reading alot of history and wonder what islamic forces are ging to do in india if there % becomes 40% in india tahn riots,blood,rapes etc etc will become parcel of day,muslim you are NOT TOLERANT TO ANY COMMUNITY KAFIRS & YOU WILL KEEP ON SUCKING THE BLOOD OF HINUSTAN LIKE LEECH,EXception are always there but it is minute from your side and has no say in muslim community,majority are blood thursty cult who are looking for revenge with hindu,i tell you one thing if you give muslim 2 full days they are radical & cruel they can slaughter any amount(said by one muslim) in 1993 to me,thus if india has to progress they should by all means keep control on them as this community behaves like violent mob once it get chances.HINDU YOUTH KEEP YOURSELF STRONG & HINDU WOMEN YOU SHOULD BE SLAUGHTERED THEN & THERE FOR MINGLING WITH/FRIENS TO MUSLIM you are going to bear child who can serve army or benefit to society not uuicide bomber cult.I SUPPOSE MUSLIM YOUR DAYS ARE COMMING SIMILAR ON LINES OF JEWS,WHERE WHOLE WORLD WAS SLAUGHTERING THEM.

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