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Several people- unable to understand the sufferings of the Hindu society- have asked- “Why did riots occur only after Godhra? Why was nobody targeted after the Akshardham temple attack- or after the attacks on Mumbai on 26 November 2008?” Well- the answers are many.

Myth 7: Only Muslims were rendered homeless and suffered economically

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Fact: The UPA Government, staunchly anti-BJP, anti-Sangh Parivar and anti-Narendra Modi said in a WRITTEN REPLY inside Parliment on 11 May 2005 that 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus were killed after Godhra. It mentioned 223 people missing at that time. At one point, 228 people were missing but later 101 of them were found alive and only 127 people remained missing even after 7 years, when they were declared dead. 59 Hindus were also killed in Godhra. So, as a minimum 313 Hindus were killed in Gujarat in 2002.

     As early as 5 March 2002, out of the 98 relief/ refugee camps set up in the state, 85 were for the Muslims and 13 were for the Hindus. As on 17 March 2002, as per the report of a newspaper as anti-BJP as The Times of India, more than 10,000 Hindus were rendered homeless in Ahmedabad alone.

As on 25 April 2002, out of the 1 lakh 40 thousand refugees, some 1 lakh were Muslims and 40 thousand were Hindus.

None other than Times Now channel admitted in 2009 quoting from Agencies that 40,000 Hindus were also rendered homeless in the Gujarat riots, i.e. Muslims threw out as many as 40,000 Hindus in Gujarat even after Godhra, just like they did in Kashmir where lakhs of Hindus left the valley.

The Indian Express devoted two full reports exclusively to Hindu victims of Ahmedabad. Dalits were attacked by Muslims in Ahmedabad and were rendered homeless. The Indian Express dated 7th May 2002 and 10th May 2002 gave two reports on the plight of Hindu victims. These Hindus were not only rendered homeless-they did not even have refugee camps to live in-and hence had to live in temples. Many others were forced to sleep on the streets.

See link:

The Times of India dated 18 March 2002 also devoted a report exclusively to the Hindu victims of Ahmedabad. The report was titled-”Riots hit all classes, people of all faith” and says-”Contrary to popular belief that only Muslims have been affected in the recent riots, more than 10,000 people belonging to the Hindu community have also become homeless”. This was the case only in Ahmedabad. What happened to Hindus in Muslim dominated villages outside Ahmedabad and in other cities like Vadodara was not reported by The Times of India! This report also indicates that Muslims attacked Hindus unprovoked on February 28 itself in some areas of Ahmedabad. The Hindus who were living in minority in Muslim dominated areas of Ahmedabad suffered horribly. The Dalits suffered heavily at the hands of Muslims.

This report can be read on

The Hindus also suffered economically. As per the reports of none other than The Times of India, as many as 50 Hindus shops were torched in Revdi Bazaar area of Ahmedabad on 23 March 2002 by Muslims. The financial loss was as much as 15 crore rupees. Many more Hindu shops were looted in the rest of Gujarat too. The Tribune dated 30 April 2002 also reported that 36 Hindu shops were looted on 29 April 2002.

To read the report of The Times of India on the burning of 50 shops in Ahmedabad, see this link-

On 30 May, 2002 The Hindu reported: “In a chat with The Hindu, (CPM Politbureau member) Ms Brinda Karat, who was in Bangalore last week, shared a few thoughts on the hurdles in the rehabilitation of people affected by the riots, both Hindus and Muslims…When she did actually see a cheque for Rs. 22,000, it was at the Kankadia camp, which housed Dalits, and Hindus. There, Karat also came across cheques for Rs. 10,000, Rs. 12,000 and Rs. 22,000. “The government seems to be offering some substantial compensation only to the Dalit community,” Ms. Karat observes, emphasising the need to compensate everyone equally.”

 (Source: )

        None other than Marxist leader Brinda Karat also admitted that Hindus and particularly Dalits were also homeless. The compensation provided by the Government was equal for all, just that she ‘saw’ cheques of different denominations at different relief camps. While forcibly trying to imply that the Gujarat Government was discriminating Hindu and Muslim victims of riots, she admitted that there were Hindus also rendered homeless. Note here also that Dalits and Hindus are not separate, Dalits are Hindus only, but Brinda Karat forcibly tries to separate Dalits from Hindus as if they are different.

        Even Outlook weekly’s website carried some news of attacks on Hindus in the 2002 Gujarat riots.

(An article on some facts about the media can be read here NDTV is CPM Today. And another article which is worth reading is “The channels strategy of attacks. Note that these articles are purely the view of the blogger and not of )

 Full details of this are given in the book in the chapter “Attacks on Hindus”. To know the details, read the book.

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2 Responses to “Myth 7: Only Muslims were rendered homeless and suffered economically”

  1. 2
    manish INDIA Says:

    cant understand why all the fuss about Hindu people ..are we the only single target of everyone even our own people………..maligned all over country through a series of better say conspiracies….its like do some shit and hand it to hindu outfits…

  2. 1
    Ramesh Mantri INDIA Says:

    Hindus’ shops were looted-15 crore rupees loss in Revadi Bazar- and the media is silent on it…

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