Gujarat Riots: The True Story

The Truth of the 2002 riots

The Godhra Carnage

Difference between Godhra and other tragic incidents

Several people- unable to understand the sufferings of the Hindu society- have asked- “Why did riots occur only after Godhra? Why was nobody targeted after the Akshardham temple attack- or after the attacks on Mumbai on 26 November 2008?” Well- the answers are many.

Myth 9: Gujarat riots were like the 1984 anti-Sikh riots

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Fact: There was a contrast of day and night in these two riots. NDTV and company, and some stark liars deliberately misled the nation by equating the two riots. In May-June 2005, NDTV deliberately asked a question to its viewers in its programme “Khabron ki Khabar” (anchored by Vinod Dua):

“Which of these issues are you most bothered about?

1-Sachin Tendulkar’s injury

2-A question on films

3-The blot on BJP and the Congress for the Gujarat and 1984 riots”

This question’s options, just like any other of NDTV, are typically Marxist. Option 3 belies the reality and equates the 1984 riots with the Gujarat riots, and directly accuses the BJP of orchestrating the riots. (An article on some facts about the media can be read hereNDTV is CPM Today. And another article which is worth reading is “The channels strategy of attacks”. Note that these articles are purely the view of the blogger and not of )

The next chapter will comprehensively point out the differences between the Gujarat riots and the 1984 riots. In 1984, the Sikhs were butchered. In 2002, Muslims attacked Hindus and as many as 254 Hindus were killed in the Gujarat riots. In 1984, riots occurred outside New Delhi, including places like West Bengal, Tripura, while not a single riot occurred outside Gujarat in 2002.

In 1984, officially 3,000 Sikhs were killed. Not a single Congressman was killed in 1984 riots (except Indira Gandhi) while as many as 313 Hindus were killed in Gujarat in 2002 AD, including 59 karsevaks killed in Godhra.

Not even one person was killed in 1984 in police firing, while 199 people were killed in police firing in the Gujarat riots of 2002 AD. 40,000 Hindus were living in refugee camps in Gujarat, while not even a single relief camp was organized for the Sikhs in 1984, not to talk of any Congressman needing to live in refugee camps, as per ex-Director General of Police, B P Singhal. Not only was there a huge difference in the nature of the riots- there was also a huge difference in the government handling of the riots.

There are many more details of these contrasts. For full details of these contrasts- see the next chapter. Click on the link:

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33 Responses to “Myth 9: Gujarat riots were like the 1984 anti-Sikh riots”

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  1. 30
    Nav INDIA Says:

    This ‘comment on Sikhs militants killing hindus’ seems something out of air. The fight in Punjab in 1980s was between state establishment+police Versus the Sikh militants. and many of the persons targeted by the Sikh militants were themselves Sikhs. An example CM Beant Singh blasted by Sikhs was himself a Sikh. and similarly many other police officers. these people were not targeted for their religion but rather to revenge the abuse, torture and killing of innocent citizens by police and state administration. During 1980s, Punjab have highest record of people killed in police custody and encounters, and disposed off without any trails and charge sheets. and many of people who turned Militants were actually victims of such State tyrannies. Just check records on the religion of people killed in Punjab in 1980s and 1990s; it will be eye-opening.

  2. 29
    Gaurav Says:

    Friends i am a hindu but i respect all religions plz tell me the diffrence b/w any relgion i have read the comments posted by hindus above in hinduism bhagwan rama fought against the devil rawan bhagwan krishna fought against kansa and all the people who were against dharma at that time there was no specific relgion, at that time dharma meant the people who have powers and rule the weakers our 9th guru, shri guru teg bahadur ji fought against muslims (who want to change the religion of kashmiri pandits forcefully) they died for hindu religion thats why we call them hind di chadar, shri guru gobind singh ji who cut the heads of those who were adharmis so each religion tells us that follow the dharam, doesnt means that the specific religion in which you are born it means live freely and let others live free i am a hindu whatever happened in last few year that was not okay with all of us – 1980 hindus killed in punjab, 1984 anti-sikhs roits in all over india, women raped, gujrat riots. There were the days when hindus,sikhs,muslims and all other religions lived happily. I have read a hindu boy’s comment above he said that finish everyone hindus will rule india just think about it you want to kill crores of people . Do you think that your god will be happy at all if yes then you can do it my friend but remember take each and every decision carefully because you have to answer your god


  3. 28
    rama UNITED STATES Says:

    The bottom line is this: there is no accountability in any crime, be it petty crime, white collar crime, riots etc. The problem is with law and order. Religious passion accelerates the violence, but it is the lawlessness that fuel riots and other crimes. It is my opinion that Narendra Modi, a fresh CM in 2002, did not fully grasp the dynamics of riots that took the government by surprise. He acted as fast as he could, could he have done better? yes,of course. But did he do better than other governments in similar situations? He did far better.
    Again, please do not accuse sikhs as a community for the terrorism and riots. Let us stop using blanket statements, that will only help individual perpetrators, and encourage more such from every community. There is no justification for violence and if you remove the blanket and prosecute individual perpetrators for crimes they do,you will see that there will almost be no riots. Gujarat in the past 10+ years is an example. So, stop bickering on religion. Demand a impartial law and order that protect innocent citizens irrespective of beliefs. Modi has done excellent work towards that and that is what we need on an all India level.

  4. 27
    Baljinder Singh INDIA Says:

    @Sandeep – you said : Sikhs militant killed 100,000 hindus & drive away 2 million hindus from punjab between 1980 to 1990::::5000 sikhs killed in 1984 is very small reaction for thier ills

    my answer to you is.. bring me even one single Hindu from punjab who says that 1 lakh Hindus were killed and 2 million were forced to leave punjab. Get me the facts and dont just make it up on your own. I know there were some killings at that time and few of them were killed bcoz they were desecrating Guru Granth sahib ji in punjab and raping girls. The media never mentioned the reason why they were being killed. And on the other hand.. there were many Govt. agents who were doing all this on purpose in order to denigrate Sikhs. Get your facts cleared before you make any comment.

    You talk about that butcher of Punjab KPS Gill who killed innocent Sikhs in punjab .and you call it elimination of militants. Is a 4 year old boy militant… or is a 68 year old person militant. Because of morons like u Sikhs have been labelled as extremists. But Sikhs have always stood agains the tyranny and injustice and they will continue to do so. No matter how many genocides and massacres the indian Govt. plans agains them.

  5. 26
    amit patel UNITED STATES Says:

    and to MR.deepak,let me tell u mop142w451e3256q that i live in US and independent voter your family is i think safe ’cause sikh’s sacrifices in india, so don’t ever,ever mnot3234r2

  6. 25
    prakash INDIA Says:


  7. 24
    randeep UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    how dare you blame us sikhs for 1984

  8. 23
    rishi sapra NEW ZEALAND Says:

    om namoh shivay. 1st of all i wud like 2 say hindusim is saviour of all relegion & n m sure it vl for the infinite. the matter of consideration is y we r losing our loyality for each other. we should proud tto be hindu. we are the 3rd largest community in this universe. no doubt we are known as gentlemen in this world for our civil beahve and culture. but time has spin friends. we have to wake up our internal souls. i think we have forgotten we are aryans the real soldiers. forget humanity hindus otherwise we will no longer survive in this world. we should remember ashoka, mauryas,gupts rulers. we should proud on them becoz they preserved indian culture at that time by staking their lives.if we want to br live in this world we have to cut all other communities. in simple words my words for hindus jagriti hinduon katna seekho na ki katna. kab tak kat-te rahoge agar aise he hal raha tha to ek din hum is duniya mein nahi rahenge. now my questions for all fucking leaders wat the hell they are doing with nation. they d’nt know wt they should do for hindus and hindusatn. 1984, the unforgetable incident for sikhs. but is there any person who is able 2 tell me have they ever treid to thnk about hindus. wat they have did at that time , why hindus were forcefully repell out from punjab. hindus were also killed in 1984.sorry not only in 1984, they were killing 1980 to 1995 duration. 15 years is not a less time after punjab controversy kashmir valley has been started with terrorism . the forcefully excretion of hindus (kashmiri pandit) from valley is also full of tragedic. it is question from my side to all hindus and all hindus communities also in all over world have we ever try to think wat the hell is happening with hindus towards us. muslims and sikh communities make fun of hindus god & godess. i want to know why. i d’nt think we have any answer. its our duty we should know the answer. we should tell them we can cut every head which would raise in pride of our culture and tradition. wat about babri masjid in 1992 , it is really matter of shame for hindus being a hindu and living in hindustan we cant make a temple for us. wat the fuck is this. i am also hindu only 23 year old. if i ll get weapon right know i ll kill whole hindu society leaders. becoz wt they did for us 1n 1984,1992.2002. only collecting the money from innocent peoples as relief funding. i want to debate on position and condtions of hindus in hindustan. rest i ll discuss later wen i ll get response from any other reader of ths blog. any one can reply me on my email id. jai shankar. only hindu will survive and rule in hindustan

  9. 22
    Sandeep UNITED STATES Says:

    Hindus have been most tolerant but there is limit to it.

    1.Sikhs militant killed 100,000 hindus & drive away 2 million hindus from punjab between 1980 to 1990::::5000 sikhs killed in 1984 is very small reaction for thier ills

    2.Muslims killed 100 thousands of hindhus all over world and drive away all hindhus from Kashmir ::::Godhra is very small lesson for them that Hindhus patience is running out

  10. 21
    Sandeep UNITED STATES Says:

    Respectable sikh cop KPS Gill eliminated sikh terrorist & thier sympathise

    Sikhs started terrorism in Punjab. They killed thousands of Hindhus & drive away millions of Hindhus from Punjab Number of Sikhs killed in Delhi in 1984 riots were peanut compare to lakhs of hindhus killed by sikh terrorist. My friends in this forum should understand if hindhus in India have even 10% barbarism what Sikhs have what would have happen to them. Hindus are most tolerant among all religion but there is limit to this tolerance and innocent sikhs in delhi just payed price of what Sikh terrorist have done to Hindhus in Punjab

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