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The Godhra Carnage

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Several people- unable to understand the sufferings of the Hindu society- have asked- “Why did riots occur only after Godhra? Why was nobody targeted after the Akshardham temple attack- or after the attacks on Mumbai on 26 November 2008?” Well- the answers are many.

The entire happenings in Godhra-How the massacre occurred

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We have seen the bloody communal history of the town. Now let us see the exact horrid, lurid details of the massacre of 27th February 2002 with the background.

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) had organized a ‘Purnahuti Yagya’ in Ayodhya in February- March 2002. People participating in this ‘Yagya’ had simply participated and gone home. They did not stay in Ayodhya until 15th March 2002 for the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya at the undisputed site.

People from all parts of the country went to Ayodhya, participated in this event i.e. the Purnahuti Yagya and returned home from mid-February to 27th February 2002.

A trainload of such people called ‘Karsevaks’ or ‘Ramsevaks’ were returning to Ahmedabad in Gujarat from Ayodhya after participating in the Purnahuti Yagya. Whether they were all members of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad or just ordinary people supporting the VHP’s stance on Ram temple is not known. Teesta Setalvad, who is a massive liar having done many crimes like tutoring witnesses to give fake evidence in false cases, exaggeration and blatant lying, said on that day: “While I condemn today’s gruesome attack, you cannot pick up an incident in isolation. Let us not forget the provocation. These people were not going for a benign assembly. They were indulging in blatant and unlawful mobilization to build a temple and deliberately provoke the Muslims in India.” This was absolutely wrong. The people were not at all doing anything illegal or unlawful. They had every right to visit Ayodhya, take part in the Purnahuti Yagya, and return home. They were not forcibly occupying the disputed land, or forcibly trying to build Ram temple at the disputed land, or for that matter, at the undisputed land. They were not going to Ayodhya, but returning from Ayodhya simply after participating in the Yagna and having done nothing wrong in Ayodhya. Also, the demand for Ram temple construction was at the  undisputed land, not the disputed land where the disputed structure called as Babri Masjid stood. The undisputed land was owned by VHP and affiliates, and they have every right to do whatever they wanted there. The Supreme Court also gave a verdict in 1994 saying that the undisputed land can be returned to the rightful owners.

The train, the Sabarmati Express was supposed to reach Ahmedabad early in the morning. It was running 4 hours late. (Source: India Today weekly, dated 11 March 2002)

Shortly after the train left the Godhra railway station at 7: 47 AM, a mob of 2,000 people stopped it. The mob was armed with petrol bombs, acid bombs and swords. The attackers poured petrol into the compartment and then it afire. Two thousand people were standing on all sides of the compartment to prevent the karsevaks from running away and saving their lives from the fire. The karsevaks were literally caught between devil and the deep sea. There was fire inside and armed Muslims outside.The karsevaks were burnt to death in a most horrifying manner. Many of the charred bodies were beyond recognition. The victims included 14 children, including a couple of siblings and also a couple of old women of above 65. They were all done to death in a most brutal manner.

Some more details are given in the book which are not on this website.

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  1. 30
    Arshia INDIA Says:

    dear brothers & sisters
    As mr. Roy used bad language for our prophet then he must keep this thing in his mind that we muslims never say anything wrong except few like mr. Asif against your religion because it is against principles of our prophet. So it is better to mind your language & now to mr. Asif please don’t forget that your anger is creating false notions about Islam which is already very dominant my dear brother don’t forget that Islam is the religion of ‘TOLERANCE’ but that doesn’t means that other religions are not spreading peace. Don’t forget important roles played by many hindus in favour of muslims during Gujarat riots.

  2. 29
    Julian Cooper PHILIPPINES Says:

    ,-’ I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives great information ,~*

  3. 28
    Carpet Extractor %0B PHILIPPINES Says:

    hinduism is a good religion, my father is hindu and also my mother `*~

  4. 27
    BHARATH Says:

    DEEPAK…we should be thinking of people like you who do not know the greatness of our country.It accepted all thing to notice is that HINDUISM is not a religion it is a dharma..can u tell me who is the founder of hinduism like other religions?.REFER supreme court judgement…hindus are patient…pakistan kicked hindus out..but we welcomed the muslims….ITS time they learn hormony..ITS PITY FOREIGNERS LEARN ABOUT HINDUTVA AND EMBRACE IT BUT GUYS LIKE U LIVING IN INDIA NEVER KNOW ITS GREATNESS..

  5. 26
    Heart Bracelet : PHILIPPINES Says:

    my father likes Hinduism coz he believes that this is a good religion:-,

  6. 25
    Melatonin Side Effects ` PHILIPPINES Says:

    Hinduism is also a religion of peace and it is also full of wisdom just like any other religion-;*

  7. 24
    prasoon sharma Says:

    i dont understand one thing,when there is ram in ramzan and ali in deepawali,how can u guys tell that one is of different religion!!!
    in india where 80% population is hindu and out of which 60% live in village and even then there is cow slaughter in most part which is unbearable and most of hindus are bearling it wid glued lips. simmilar cases is wid to show one’s religion high we r trying to push other low without knowing the sentiment that we r mr.asif u told something abt hinduism that we dont have any thing written abt peace and harmony in our religion. tell me how correct u think in ur part that burning a truck people widout knowing who’s inside it in the name of allah is correct. there was a mob of 2500 people covering that a full can only say that it was bacause of SOME undignified people. we r facing the cow slaughter which we consider as our mother and i see no cause regarding our religion in downstrair.

  8. 23
    asif AUSTRALIA Says:

    deepak whoever ur man ,, i like the way u just reciprocated ur comments in very nice manner ,,,still gud people is out there who speaks about justice ,truth and peace ,,, god bless u man

  9. 22
    asif AUSTRALIA Says:

    i want to put a word to mohit and roy ,, wat quran says is not u people to convert or if not kill ,,, its about seeking peace with the almighty ,, being a muslim is not i am a pakistani muslim,, its submitin will 2 the god,, or if sombody converts it to it doesnt mean that raped women goes to the jail and evildoers has 2 seek some other place ,, quran says submit ur will to the god ,, u wil seek peace forgiveness and peace from the almighty ,,i hope ur hinduism dosnt say this?

  10. 21
    Deepak Says:

    This site might a little more exaggerated than it should be, however it puts light to some harsh realities in India:

    Check it out and show to others.

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