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The Godhra Carnage

Difference between Godhra and other tragic incidents

Several people- unable to understand the sufferings of the Hindu society- have asked- “Why did riots occur only after Godhra? Why was nobody targeted after the Akshardham temple attack- or after the attacks on Mumbai on 26 November 2008?” Well- the answers are many.

The entire happenings in Godhra-How the massacre occurred

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We have seen the bloody communal history of the town. Now let us see the exact horrid, lurid details of the massacre of 27th February 2002 with the background.

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) had organized a ‘Purnahuti Yagya’ in Ayodhya in February- March 2002. People participating in this ‘Yagya’ had simply participated and gone home. They did not stay in Ayodhya until 15th March 2002 for the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya at the undisputed site.

People from all parts of the country went to Ayodhya, participated in this event i.e. the Purnahuti Yagya and returned home from mid-February to 27th February 2002.

A trainload of such people called ‘Karsevaks’ or ‘Ramsevaks’ were returning to Ahmedabad in Gujarat from Ayodhya after participating in the Purnahuti Yagya. Whether they were all members of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad or just ordinary people supporting the VHP’s stance on Ram temple is not known. Teesta Setalvad, who is a massive liar having done many crimes like tutoring witnesses to give fake evidence in false cases, exaggeration and blatant lying, said on that day: “While I condemn today’s gruesome attack, you cannot pick up an incident in isolation. Let us not forget the provocation. These people were not going for a benign assembly. They were indulging in blatant and unlawful mobilization to build a temple and deliberately provoke the Muslims in India.” This was absolutely wrong. The people were not at all doing anything illegal or unlawful. They had every right to visit Ayodhya, take part in the Purnahuti Yagya, and return home. They were not forcibly occupying the disputed land, or forcibly trying to build Ram temple at the disputed land, or for that matter, at the undisputed land. They were not going to Ayodhya, but returning from Ayodhya simply after participating in the Yagna and having done nothing wrong in Ayodhya. Also, the demand for Ram temple construction was at the  undisputed land, not the disputed land where the disputed structure called as Babri Masjid stood. The undisputed land was owned by VHP and affiliates, and they have every right to do whatever they wanted there. The Supreme Court also gave a verdict in 1994 saying that the undisputed land can be returned to the rightful owners.

The train, the Sabarmati Express was supposed to reach Ahmedabad early in the morning. It was running 4 hours late. (Source: India Today weekly, dated 11 March 2002)

Shortly after the train left the Godhra railway station at 7: 47 AM, a mob of 2,000 people stopped it. The mob was armed with petrol bombs, acid bombs and swords. The attackers poured petrol into the compartment and then it afire. Two thousand people were standing on all sides of the compartment to prevent the karsevaks from running away and saving their lives from the fire. The karsevaks were literally caught between devil and the deep sea. There was fire inside and armed Muslims outside.The karsevaks were burnt to death in a most horrifying manner. Many of the charred bodies were beyond recognition. The victims included 14 children, including a couple of siblings and also a couple of old women of above 65. They were all done to death in a most brutal manner.

Some more details are given in the book which are not on this website.

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75 Responses to “The entire happenings in Godhra-How the massacre occurred”

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  1. 40
    golu INDIA Says:

    v al r human b human 1st and live peaceful life

  2. 39
    Arshia INDIA Says:

    Mr. Deep i think u r still sleeping.You all are simply going in wrong directions.Remember the poison you are filling in young minds of your own children can be very harmful for your own nation.
    This is my message to all the Indian brothers n sisters i know that till my last breath i’ll keep on telling you the facts n you’ll keep on praising yorself,you’ll go on saying that muslims are TERRORISTS.
    It’s ok now we should come to the topic of growth of our nation if we all will go on discussing these issues then it’ll be useless for everyone.What do you think that this site isn’t viewed by foes of our nation if you’ll go on fighting like this then nothing would come out. So please stop this nuisance n go in right direction do something constructive.

  3. 38
    DEEP INDIA Says:

    @mominbhai hindus r not afraid f’ muslims…da fact is we want to live peacefully…we did’t start da riots or bombblastsetc etc..ur people did…and ur people are doing it all over da world…u c da consequences???afghanisthan, iraq…everywhere terror was faught with da terror…so stop ur bullshit comments and control ur anger…move out da brain from ur knees and place it in ur head…coz if u don’t , in some near future ur brothers in pakistan will be crushed by da US…and ur muslim brothers from all over da world will face da same consequences…hv a nice day bro…BANDE MATARAM…

  4. 37
    DEEP INDIA Says:

    well the hindus has alwayz tried to maintain the communal harmony in india…there r some exceptions…but our so called muslim bros.never tried to maintain peace and harmony…people of every country including our muslim bros. know da fact…mr asif plz tell us just a single name of a hindu terrorist or jihadi…and da muslim terrorists??lolz…world know dat…this godhra is a single incident and there r several this type of story happening every yr..we respect every religion but u r da people who alwayz trying to do some shit like dis…u live in india earn ur bread frm india and alwayz cheer for pakis…did we hindus evr cheer 4 nepal which is a hindu country??we hindus always proud to be an indian …according to our constitution we live in a secular country so our so called muslim bros.plz maintain dat…BANDE MATARAM..

  5. 36
    Arshia INDIA Says:

    Hi! Miss Saruchi i think you’re fond of speaking but not reading.If you’re interested in guiding us like this then first do read each & every statement properly.Go through the statements posted by mr.Roy,he has used bad language for our prophet,i didn’t say anything because it is against our religion.So go & tell them to stop these things.I’ve written that statement because mr. Rishi sapra is spreading communal hatred.
    SO DO READ MY STATEMENT AGAIN”DON’T WASH WOUNDS WITH BLOOD” if you’re fond of speaking then learn to read between lines & please for heaven’s don’t write without reading.SO “AAP JAAGO”

  6. 35
    Saruchi INDIA Says:

    Hi Arshia and Raj
    just want to say few popular lines “Majhab nahin sikhata apas main ber rakhna” “Religion never tells to fight with each other.”
    In the day end, who is suffering are those people who fight daily for thier livelihood. They are humnas not hindu, muslim, sikh or christ. They want to go home to there family after a daily chore. they are good to neighbor and its fo no concern to them about their neighbor religion he loves them.
    So all the hat redness, massacres, riots jihad are political agendas.

    Both of u give me an answer till date in such killings why a leader, MP is not killed? Why always a poor, humble, honest and God-forbidden person is killed.

    Abhi bhi nahin jagey toh kabhi nahin jagoge.. So open ur eyes and see the fact.
    everyone wants to live in peace.

  7. 34
    Arshia INDIA Says:

    I wanted to reply but couldn’t because of some problem people like you are responsible for division of our country.
    Your comments are full of dirt.Your comments are the filthiest one or i can say that you are following jingoistic patriotism which is a menal disease & it is responsible for the division of our country.
    At each & every point you spread hatred & then you say JAI HIND as if you are the only patriotic person in this country.First of all go through your dirty comments & then dare to comment on any issue.

  8. 33
    Arshia INDIA Says:

    Mr. Raj & many others like you need not worry,one thing is there which we all must keep in our minds that ‘one shouldn’t wash wounds with blood’(quoted by maulana Room) he was a very famous scholar,he followed Islam in true manner. It is shameful for Islam that nowadays it is confronting people like Lashkar-e-taiba.
    There are still many muslims who are tolerating these kinds of carnages & they must tolerate.
    We all know that it is the result of politics.

  9. 32
    Raj INDIA Says:

    The Frazer Town area in Bangalore was once 70% Dominated by Hindus and 20% with Christians and 10% with Muslims some 25 to 30 years back….but the scene is changed….60to70% now are muslims 10to20% are Hindus and the rest christians…i now fear some of our known people living there or it could be the next Godhra type….???

  10. 31
    Arshia INDIA Says:

    after going through your letters i’ve come to the conclusion that you people can do anything in your life,isn’t it better to work hard in the field of research & development instead of discussing these useless issues. Your debate is enddless.It is better to discuss innovative issues.

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