Gujarat Riots: The True Story

The Truth of the 2002 riots

The Godhra Carnage

Difference between Godhra and other tragic incidents

Several people- unable to understand the sufferings of the Hindu society- have asked- “Why did riots occur only after Godhra? Why was nobody targeted after the Akshardham temple attack- or after the attacks on Mumbai on 26 November 2008?” Well- the answers are many.

The entire happenings in Godhra-How the massacre occurred

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We have seen the bloody communal history of the town. Now let us see the exact horrid, lurid details of the massacre of 27th February 2002 with the background.

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) had organized a ‘Purnahuti Yagya’ in Ayodhya in February- March 2002. People participating in this ‘Yagya’ had simply participated and gone home. They did not stay in Ayodhya until 15th March 2002 for the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya at the undisputed site.

People from all parts of the country went to Ayodhya, participated in this event i.e. the Purnahuti Yagya and returned home from mid-February to 27th February 2002.

A trainload of such people called ‘Karsevaks’ or ‘Ramsevaks’ were returning to Ahmedabad in Gujarat from Ayodhya after participating in the Purnahuti Yagya. Whether they were all members of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad or just ordinary people supporting the VHP’s stance on Ram temple is not known. Teesta Setalvad, who is a massive liar having done many crimes like tutoring witnesses to give fake evidence in false cases, exaggeration and blatant lying, said on that day: “While I condemn today’s gruesome attack, you cannot pick up an incident in isolation. Let us not forget the provocation. These people were not going for a benign assembly. They were indulging in blatant and unlawful mobilization to build a temple and deliberately provoke the Muslims in India.” This was absolutely wrong. The people were not at all doing anything illegal or unlawful. They had every right to visit Ayodhya, take part in the Purnahuti Yagya, and return home. They were not forcibly occupying the disputed land, or forcibly trying to build Ram temple at the disputed land, or for that matter, at the undisputed land. They were not going to Ayodhya, but returning from Ayodhya simply after participating in the Yagna and having done nothing wrong in Ayodhya. Also, the demand for Ram temple construction was at the  undisputed land, not the disputed land where the disputed structure called as Babri Masjid stood. The undisputed land was owned by VHP and affiliates, and they have every right to do whatever they wanted there. The Supreme Court also gave a verdict in 1994 saying that the undisputed land can be returned to the rightful owners.

The train, the Sabarmati Express was supposed to reach Ahmedabad early in the morning. It was running 4 hours late. (Source: India Today weekly, dated 11 March 2002)

Shortly after the train left the Godhra railway station at 7: 47 AM, a mob of 2,000 people stopped it. The mob was armed with petrol bombs, acid bombs and swords. The attackers poured petrol into the compartment and then it afire. Two thousand people were standing on all sides of the compartment to prevent the karsevaks from running away and saving their lives from the fire. The karsevaks were literally caught between devil and the deep sea. There was fire inside and armed Muslims outside.The karsevaks were burnt to death in a most horrifying manner. Many of the charred bodies were beyond recognition. The victims included 14 children, including a couple of siblings and also a couple of old women of above 65. They were all done to death in a most brutal manner.

Some more details are given in the book which are not on this website.

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75 Responses to “The entire happenings in Godhra-How the massacre occurred”

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  1. 50
    Arshia INDIA Says:

    Listen dude i’m not at all interested in your conversion,i’ll be punished by God because ur concepts r not clear n it would be a forceful conversion, n i don’t want that.Kindly go on following your ur religion,we shiites have no problem at all n if someone is creating any problem for u then do come to me, i’m there to help u out because in Quran it is written that “there is no forceful conversion u r free to follow any religion of your choice”.
    Now let’s come to your question, i’m student of law n i don’t have time so i would like to discuss solid proofs one by one. Let’s take up first principle of Islam viz.’Equality’ tell me one thing what do you think about this concept? suppose this religion is not of God then why does He say that ‘all human beings are equal’ we people are giving reserevations to SCs etc. this is because in our opinion they are lagging behind this is indeed a good n positive step but why so,why there is such classification.While on other hand God is continuously directing us that all human beings are equal. In other countries(Iran) entries in educational institutions are only on merit basis,because no classification hence no doubts at all.So this is the biggest problem think over it n u r welcome for your questions.

  2. 49
    krishna INDIA Says:

    you mentioned some muslims follow wrong islam… preach those who follow wrong Islam the correct Islam This is for Arshia
    they have looted/killed/raped/forced to convert innocent people.. go back and pickup history books and it stands as proof for cruality and idotic preachings…
    Are these not preaching of islam.

    Islam is all about killing or converting non muslims and apply muslim rule on the world- SHARIAH LAW “Slay the idolators wherever you find them”(Quran 9:5)

  3. 48
    Infidel AUSTRALIA Says:

    @Arshia, I know how how much Muslims love their religion and what they can do for its sake. But you did not answer the simple question- (Lets say everything in Hinduism is bad- (something is bad, not everything) though Hindus now give RESERVATIONS to SCs and STs and all other benefits) WHAT IS THE FOOD FOR PEOPLE IN HELL? IF you prove that Islam is from God, give me ONE SOLID PROOF. And answer the claims that there are many mistakes in the Quran.Let us discuss onmerits- no hard feelings, no wrong criticism, just mutual discussions. I tell you that Hindusim is not from God- it is from man. It has many faults as well, and many priceless things too. Leave it- thats a separate issue. The point is- is the Quran written by God? If so, it should not contain a single error. I am a genuine person wanting to know how I should believe it as a word of God when I see many mistakes, first of it is this seeming error. If you answer it succesfully, I will keep coming back with more doubts and if all my doubts are cleared, and evidence given that Islam is from God, then I will also convert to it.

  4. 47
    Arshia INDIA Says:

    Very good Mr./Miss infidel,you don’t have courage to reveal your name,fine,kindly explain the biggest contradiction in vedas regarding principle of Equality.
    You are very right that your vedas,Ramayana etc. are written by Human beings b’coz only human beings are selfish & they are selfish to this extent that besides accepting this veracity of life that all human beings are equal(somewhere in their hearts)you people love SLAVERY, you all are still not accepting this truth that people who are classified by so called high classes as SHUDRAS are at par(equal) & selfish people can’t deny this truth.
    Why such kind of baseless classification is there. God can’t be biased. Islam is the biggest foe of rich high class people b’coz it talks about Equality which is not accepted by selfish groups. They’ve manipulated their own religious texts.They all are responsible for their deeds.100% sure.

    Because of these selfish groups our Indian constitution is going through amendments. Isn’t strange that in order to achieve their selfish goals they have created problems ,problems & only problems for their own nation.Then YOU ALL SAY ‘BHARAT MATA KI JAI’ Is this the way? are you really saluting your nation or compelling your country to beg before other nations.REMEMBER INDIA IS NOT ONLY YOUR COUNTRY,YOU CAN’T EXPLOIT THIS COUNTRY BY MISGUIDING OTHERS.Muslims involved in terrorist activities shalln’t be forbidden by Almighty,be clear very clear. I’m quoting again & again.
    I want Equality,you can’t compel one class of people to be your slaves. So before thinking about contradictions in Holy Quran try to understand your Holy books. You aren’t intelligent enough to understand Holy Quran you are far away.
    So dear infidel try to achieve other milestones.For proper understanding of Quran a clean & clear mind is required. Very famous quotation used in law”Any person in order to get justice should come with clean hands”

  5. 46
    king INDIA Says:

    Well done Hindus…As in the future again we need to recall this riots because the population of muslim are keep on increasing & Govt is not at all doing anything….Jago Hindu Jago God has given the wake up call in 2002 still if you not wake up then it’s shame on us…

  6. 45
    An infidel AUSTRALIA Says:

    Open your mind to the prospect that YOU could be wrong. If Islam is from God, then the QURAN would not contain a SINGLE ERROR. Let me tell you that all Hindu religious books like Vedas, Ramayana amd mahabharata are all writte by humas- ot by God. JUST TELL me THIS- The food for the people in Hell will be only “Dhari” 88:6, only foul pus from the washing of wounds 69:36, or will they also get to eat from the tree of Zaqqum 37:62-66?
    Faithful believers go to any level to bend all rules of logic to deny the undeniable, defend the indefensible and explain the unexplainable.Why should there be a need to explain contradictions in a ‘clear book’? The best answer to show that the Quran must not be interpreted in any other way than its obvious meaning comes from the Quran itself. The Quran repeatedly claims to be a “clear book” (5:15) “easy to understand” (44:58 , 54:22 , 54:32, 54:40) “explained in detail” (6:114), “conveyed clearly”, (5:16, 10:15) and with “no doubt” in it (2:1).

  7. 44
    Arshia INDIA Says:

    i’m Quite pleased you are a good writer but not a good reader. I’ve written umpteen comments on this site but you misunderstood them or maybe you’re unwilling to understand.You’ve tried your level best, now let me try,let’s start the way you’ve started.
    Let’s take up first para you are accepting this truth that JIHAD is misunderstood by muslims,very true,this is the most disheartening event of my life that JIHAD is misunderstood,it is not easy to understand do you know why? this is because JIHAD means SELF CONTROL which no one is ready to do.

    SECOND PARA this para has acted in the manner you intended it to.Don’t get bewildered,i’m always ready to respond to elements like you,people like you aren’t accepting the true reasons behind this retarded growth among muslims,in fact they are involved in notorious carnage of Gujarat,2002(unforgettable).There are some Hindus who are exposing the truths be it of Gujarat riots,illiteracy(as you said)lack of work etc.I would like to tell you about the latest research published in ‘The Hindu’ which has clearly explained the reasons behind this retarded growth Muslim students are
    tortured by their educated teachers,even my brother is one of the victims,he was the most brilliant student but now he is depressed,because he failed to achieve his goal.Young children in Gujarat are not ready to study because they are very sure about their failure,however they are wrong.As a student i was targetted but thanks to the Almighty i’ve achieved my goal because i realised their intentions i was too rigid to do anything except my studies.

    Dear brother kindly don’t misinterpret me,as you’re my brother i want to tell you something Holy Quran is still not understood properly by many muslims in my opinion they aren’t Muslims.Actually they are those politicians who weren’t willing to accept Humanity,equality,prosperity. There are still many muslims who’re trying to convince Hindus to be muslims,this practice is prohibited in Islam it very clearly quoted that THERE IS NO COMPULSION IN ISLAM,ISLAM WANTS US TO APPLY OUR BRAINS ,IF YOUR BRAIN IS NOT READY TO ACCEPT THIS CONCEPT OF ISLAM THEN YOU ARE FREE TO FOLLOW ANY RELIGION OF YOUR CHOICE. I would like to discuss one more issue that is very commonly misunderstood,most of the hindus are under this veil of darkness that being a hindu they are going to get punishment & their sorries aren’t accepted but this is absolutely false if you feel sorry for your wrong deeds then it is accepted by God. Being a muslim if i’m wrong & not ready to accept my mistake then i’m liable for my acts

    Third paragraph you’re saying ‘THANKS TO YOUR LEADERS’actually you are unaware about our leaders i’m Shia muslim & in our religion there are good leaders because they are on right path.sunni muslims are on wrong path,i’m not against all sunni muslims but more than 80% are involved because they’re very rigid & aren’t allowed to know he veracity of Islam because of their leaders(as you said).

    If you are willing to know what is the true concept of Islam then go through the teachings of Imam Khomeini,Imam Khameinei who are very well aware of the true concept of Islam,because they are twelvermeans followers of 12 Imams our most respected leaders I LOVE THEM, THAT IS WHY I LOVE MY COUNTRY INDIA because we are not accepted by Almighty if we are against our nation.

    So it is better for you to know very well that all muslims aren’t terrorists,all the terrorists aren’t muslims.You are free to talk in the most polished way & i’m here always to stand besides my religion.One thing is clear I’M CAN’T PROTECT ISLAM I’VE NO SUCH AUTHORITY,ONLY ALMIGHTY IS THERE TO PROTECT THIS RELIGION.
    Well i’m working very hard for development of my nation kindly don’t divert my attention.

  8. 43
    Sudhanshu UNITED STATES Says:

    @Arshia & all:- happy to read all your comments and I agree that younger generation is going on wrong directions. I agree to most of the things you said. I have few points of my own you didnt took into account.

    1. 97% parents other than Muslims, are worried about there children going western as they grow up. Muslims are worried as there young generation moves towards “Jihad”. I think Jihad is proven “nuclear Bomb” for entire world as perceived and taught in its present form by Muslim leaders and gurus. Westernization is just a change in way of living and that happens every 10 years throughout the world.

    2. All people throughout the world don’t say all Muslims are terrorist, But All Terrorists are Muslims. This is mainly because of illiteracy and interpretation of Koran. Also Population growth and lack of work plays a major role. If you write to other Muslim forums. Start effective campaigns to work on these. All religions throughout the world are far ahead in these three departments on %age wise than Muslims.

    3. I envy many things which my religion and me has forgotten to do, but Muslims have kept there culture safe in there hearts. But teachings of peace and prosperity has gone out. thanks to your leaders.

    4. I have many great Muslim friends. Believe me, we sitting together you wont be able to strike a difference on religious grounds. But then friends are earned and not fetched. Many do earn them most are still in dark about beauty of friendship.

    I love my India and its people!!

  9. 42
    Arshia INDIA Says:

    I wasn’t ready to comment on this site but now i can say that at least you’ve started towards progress.My main aim isn’t to give any clarification about my religion but only thing which i want to say is that young generation isn’t in right direction.
    So all the commentators on this site please beware about activities of your children as i’m in touch with recent studies posted by many researchers that young childrren are more prone to DRUGS.This problem is more common nowadays DO YOU KNOW WHY? according to my studies & observation i think parents aren’t taking proper care of their children.
    Another important thing which i want to say is DRUGS ARE USED FOR TARGETTING GROWTH OF ANY NATION.
    I’m writing these things just in order to tell you that ,really we all are wasting our precious time in these useless debates including me.
    I didn’t want to post any comment on this site but comments of people like Mr.Roy compelled me to do so.
    he himself is in wrong direction n also misguiding others.


  10. 41
    akshay jain Says:

    lets hate the sin not the person.pointing fingers wont help.what this creates is as arshia is saying that more ppl will develop wrong feelings towards muslims.please stop this..its a request

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