Gujarat Riots: The True Story

The Truth of the 2002 riots

The Godhra Carnage

Difference between Godhra and other tragic incidents

Several people- unable to understand the sufferings of the Hindu society- have asked- “Why did riots occur only after Godhra? Why was nobody targeted after the Akshardham temple attack- or after the attacks on Mumbai on 26 November 2008?” Well- the answers are many.

Attacks on Hindus

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   The post-Godhra riots were projected as anti-Muslim riots by the Indian national English media, akin to the anti-Sikh riots witnessed in 1984 in New Delhi and elsewhere. It was reported as if the riots were nothing but a systematic targeting of the Muslims, in which only Muslims were attacked and killed.  That is to say, the media reported as if the riots were one-sided with only the Muslims suffering. This was deliberate (mind the word deliberate) mischief on the part of the biased section of the English media. In this chapter, let us see the truth of the Gujarat riots, the other side of the coin— attacks on Hindus. As per the police records, some 157 riots in Gujarat after 3rd March, 2002 were started by Muslims. (Source: Article by Francis Gautier on dated 11th  March 2003 ).

   As per figures given by the UPA Government comprising anti- BJP  parties,  anti-Narendra  Modi  people,  inside  Parliament on  11th  May, 2005 and that too in a WRITTEN  REPLY a total of 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus were killed in the riots of 2002 in Gujarat. Naturally, the question arises, who killed these 254 Hindus in Gujarat?

   When this writer talked to some people who call themselves secularists, on the attacks by Muslims on Hindus and Dalits in particular, he got interesting answers. In Muslim-dominated areas of Ahmedabad and other places, the Hindus living in minority (often microscopic minority), many of whom were Dalits, suffered horribly, were thrown out of their homes, attacked and killed by Muslims. Not only that, even in other areas like Sindhi market and Bhanderi Pole areas of Ahmedabad the Muslims attacked the Hindus. The Muslim backlash started on 1 March 2002, one day after 28 February when the Hindus attacked Muslims in Ahmedabad’s Naroda Patiya, Gulbarga Society and other areas. The people calling themselves as secularists, after listening to these facts of Muslim attacks said to me: “It is natural and inevitable. If Hindus attack and kill them in Naroda Patiya, they will obviously attack, kill, render homeless the Hindus living in minority in their dominated areas in the next days”. This response has 2 important implications:

1- When Muslims attack Hindus, they think it is ‘natural’ and ‘inevitable’ because of attacks by Hindus on 28 Feb in Naroda Patiya. But the Naroda Patiya attacks were not ‘inevitable’ and ‘natural’ because of Godhra killings of Hindus!

2- They know and admit that Muslims attacked Hindus even after Godhra, when they say its ‘natural’ and ‘inevitable’. If they know that its ‘inevitable’ that Muslims will attack Hindus in their areas and also other areas if riots last for weeks, then why do they lie that Muslims were massacred in one-sided attacks ignoring attacks on Hindus, in particular, Dalits?  

   Godhra happened on 27th February. On 28th  February was retaliation from the Hindus. On 1st  March, the second day of the riots, the Muslim counterattack began. As we saw in the 3rd chapter, The Hindu reported on 2nd  March, 2002:

But unlike Thursday (i.e. 28th  February) when one community was entirely at the receiving end, the minority backlash (on 1st March, Friday) caused further worsening of the situation.

Police presence had little impact on the two communities pelting stones at each other in Bapunagar, Gomtipur, Dariapur, Shahpur, Naroda (Muslim concentrated areas) and other areas from where incidents of firing had been reported. But there were no reports of casualty.  Pitched battle was continuing between the two communities late in the evening. The official sources said timely arrival of the police foiled a retaliatory attempt to break into a prominent temple in Jamalpur locality in the walled city.”

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The above is the beginning of the Chapter “Attacks on Hindus”. To read the full chapter, read the book “Gujarat Riots: The True Story” 



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3 Responses to “Attacks on Hindus”

  1. 3
    Rakesh Mehta INDIA Says:

    Thanks for giving a true picture of Gujarat Riots.
    National English Media has ignored and avoided mentioning the Karsevaks burnt alive in Sabarmati Express by marauding Muslim Mobs as well as Hindus killed by Muslims in Gujarat Riots.

  2. 2
    intrepid INDIA Says:

    wonderful article!
    though wonderful isn’t appropriate considering the sensitivity of this article. This is an eye opener.

    No doubt English Media is heavily biased against Hindus but the worthier reason is why is it so?

    I mean why such bias against Hindus on the English media. I wish the author could answer this question as well!

  3. 1
    Max AUSTRIA Says:

    ks on Hindus : Gujarat Riots: The True Story thanks for this post!

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