Gujarat Riots: The True Story

The Truth of the 2002 riots

The Godhra Carnage

Difference between Godhra and other tragic incidents

Several people- unable to understand the sufferings of the Hindu society- have asked- “Why did riots occur only after Godhra? Why was nobody targeted after the Akshardham temple attack- or after the attacks on Mumbai on 26 November 2008?” Well- the answers are many.

Myth 14: Sangh Parivar organisations like VHP organized the riots

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Fact: Out of Gujarat’s 18,600 villages, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) had units in 10,000 villages at the time of the riots of 2002. If it had wanted, it could have easily organized retaliatory riots in many of these 10,000 villages. Instead, only 40 out of the state’s 18,600 villages saw riots. The then VHP General Secretary Dr Praveen Togadia is a Patel and hails from Saurashtra region of Gujarat- just like Keshubhai Patel. And yet, no riots happened in Saurashtra at all- even in the first 3 days!

   On the other hand, the scale of the riots on February 28 in Ahmedabad was so large, that no organisation or group of organisations, like the Sangh Parivar could have done it alone. It was a spontaneous mass reaction to the Godhra killings.

   Many people have asked-“On one hand you say nothing happened-hardly 40 villages saw riots. On the other hand you say that the riots were so enormous that they could not have been organized by anyone”.

   Both these things are simultaneously true. On February 28 in Ahmedabad- there were 17,000 people attacking Muslims in Naroda Patiya area- as per the report of the then Police Inspector of the area- K.K. Mysorewala. India Today weekly also reports in its issue dated 18 March 2002 that the Charas had attacked in Naroda Patiya leading 3 mobs of at least 4 to 5 thousand each. At one point of time in Ahmedabad there were at least 25,000 people targeting Muslim localities. The mob outside Ehsan Jafri’s house was 10,000 strong. The police force of 6,000 for Ahmedabad out of which only 1500 were armed and the Rapid Action Force and the CRPF jawans could not control the violence. The Hindu also reported the next day that the situation seemed to slip out of control. Ahmedabad Police received 3,500 calls instead of the normal 200. It was beyond the means of the Sangh Parivar- or anybody to organise mobs on such a large scale in Ahmedabad within 24 hours.

   However, the VHP could have easily organised riots in many of the 10,000 villages in Gujarat where it had units, either on February 28, or days after that.

   On February 27 occurred the Godhra massacre. That same day the RSS gave a statement saying- “RSS condemns the killings and calls for restraint”. The Hindu also reported in its report on Feb 28 that the “RSS appealed to the people to exercise restraint”.

The then RSS Joint General Secretary Madan Das Devi said-“Now is the test of the patience of the Hindu society…These killings are a ploy of the terrorists to create riots…”. This was reported in weekly Organiser, the weekly mouthpiece of the RSS, in its issue dated 10 March 2002, which covered events till 27 February.  In the 10 March 2002 issue itself, two RSS leaders- Madan Das Devi and Mohan Bhagwat gave statement’s asking the Hindu society to maintain peace. The Telegraph reported on 28th February 2002-

The RSS rallied behind the Prime Minister, pleading for restraint. Joint general secretary Madan Das Devi said: “The tolerance of the Hindu society is a litmus test. Instead of taking the law into their hands, people should cooperate with the state government in dealing with the serious situation.”


See the statement by Madan Das Devi in the topic- “Nation faces trial by fire” 9th paragraph from the top.

The scanned copy of the full statements of RSS given by Madan Das Devi, and Mohan Bhagwat, given on 27 Feb 2002, reported in weekly Organiser dated 10 March 2002 (covering events till 27 Feb in totality) is given below:

Organiser weekly dated 10 March 2002, statement given on 27 Feb 2002

This was the then Deputy General Secretary (Sah-sarkaryawah) Madan Das’s statement.

The VHP also appealed for peace. The Times of India reported on 28 February 2002 even before a single major riot had taken place: “VHP international Vice-President Acharya Giriraj Kishore told reporters here at Sola Civil Hospital, where 54 out of the 58 bodies of the train attack victims were brought, that: “Hindus should maintain calm and keep patience. I appeal to Muslim brethren to condemn the attack and ask them not to put Hindus’ patience to test. Hindus are keeping a restraint but if such incidents do not stop, there can be a counter reaction which may be uncontrollable”.” 

On 2nd March 2002- reported quoting Agencies:

“RSS,VHP appeal for peace in Gujarat

In the wake of mounting violence in Gujarat, the RSS and VHP on Saturday appealed to their volunteers to avoid any action that would disturb peace in the country and expressed hope that ‘good sense will prevail’.

“I appeal to all RSS volunteers, sympathisers and friends who have faith in Hindutva to do their utmost in preventing any activity – like sloganeering and stone-pelting – that would disrupt peace, keeping in view the disturbed situation in the country for it would only strengthen the hands of anti-national terrorist elements,” RSS general secretary Mohan Bhagwat said in a statement in Delhi.

He urged followers of other faiths not to fall prey to the instigation of terrorist elements and ‘to conduct themselves as children of India along with their Hindu brethren’.(This statement of Mohan Bhagwat was reported in weekly Organiser in the 10 March 2002 issue. This statement was given on 27 Feb itself).

Meanwhile, the VHP also made an appeal to put an end to the ongoing violence in Gujarat, saying ‘any kind of violence against anyone’ was a matter of concern.

Talking to reporters in Delhi, VHP spokesman Veereshwar Dwivedi said: “The Godhra incident and the violence that followed was tragic. Any kind of violence against anyone is a matter of concern.”

Calling for an end to the ongoing carnage in Gujarat, he said: “Good sense must prevail soon.”

Dwivedi also condoled the deaths and expressed sympathies for those affected by the violence in the state.

He, however, regretted that opposition parties had decided to send a delegation to Gujarat to assess the situation but did not consider it appropriate to do so after the Godhra killings.

Dwivedi said this was being done taking vote bank politics into consideration.


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There is another scanned image given in the book which is not in this website.

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25 Responses to “Myth 14: Sangh Parivar organisations like VHP organized the riots”

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  1. 10

    Hindustan for Hindus!

  2. 9

    Bushcoli, u are truly a fool if you indeed think that Islam is a beautiful religion and that RSS has hijacked Hindusim. wake up son.

  3. 8

    iam sangh iam a mukiyaa sikshak.our determination is aganda bharath
    but it will not happen at now or feature at any cost.bcz now a days v csnnot
    compramise the goverment or islamic & christian will be done aat 1970,s when we missed at that time we cant achieve.instead of closing the sangh just we can run the sangh thats all.bcz now days shaka is decrease and the running shaka also sankya is decrease.what is the people cannot want to give time in current life style.

  4. 7
    Ak INDIA Says:

    bushcoli Is Really Correct !
    one thing i want to remind u is that “akhand bharat” is wrong concept, not possible in secular india, the more u try for that the more u become defamed, , the more u loose people like me , like what happpenned in gujurat.
    work together for the glory of india, unite by the thoughts of proud india…

  5. 6
    Harsh sehgal UNITED STATES Says:

    Ek hi sapna hindurashtra ho apna

  6. 5
    JACK INDIA Says:

    There is a

  7. 4
    Deepak Says:

    VHP, a band of saffronite thugs

    The bloodletting story of the VHP is not new. Don’t talk of the Babri Masjid demolition alone. Its name has surfaced in innumerable cases of targetting different minorities in the country, including Christians and Sikhs. In fact just around this time last year, it were Christians who were the target of this bunch of hoodlums. These thugs don’t hide their intentions. They talk openly about their heinous plans and there is no one to keep a tab on these criminals.

    The latest carnage of Muslims in Gujarat is not a spontaneous reaction of what happened at Godhra railway station, it seems a well thought out plan to eliminate Muslims from the state. The VHP and its offshoot Bajrang Dal had been forming their armies of Kar Sevaks and providing martial arts and firearms training to them in different parts of the country. Gujarat, with their own government at the saddle, was their main target. It has been touted as the laboratory of the Sangh. It was only last year when the VHP had announced to create a band of about 1 million militant cadres with the trishul (trident), committed to build the Ram temple at Ayodhya by this time of the year. The Bajrang Dal chief, Surendra Jain at that time had said the aim of building a cadre-base of about three million didn’t have any political connotation. Their oath would be limited to building the Ram temple at the disputed site. The first batch of about 11,000 was administered the oath and given the trishul in January last year.

    No body seemed to be concerned over these announcements and as to why they were announcing to form their own armies and providing arms training to their cadres. People were amazed over the repeated announcements being made by these people but thought that all this was a publicity stunt. But we have been repeatedly warning the government on what is going to happen if these people are allowed to raise their own armies. The temple construction needed architectural expertise and not firearms training.

    Our warnings seemed to be true. It seems to be a fact that these hoodlums who are now on the prowl in Ahmedabad, Surat, Baroda, Godhra, Rajkot and all other cities and villages in Gujarat are the same people who were provided with arms training by the VHP, Bajrang Dal and other Sangh outfits. It is not far from comprehension that these armies were raised to do what they are doing now. Killing and maiming people. And shamelessly their leaders have been justifying the killings of thousands of men, women and children, and torching of their houses and business establishments.

    And the VHP is not alone in this business. It is doing what the RSS always tried to do. The VHP, the BJP and Bajrang Dal and numerous other organizations are just parts of the RSS and these are out to fulfill its agenda. Though they claim to have separate set-ups, they all are with the RSS, be it the BJP or the VHP or anyone of its offshoots for that reason. Uma Bharati, who is a BJP MP and a cabinet minister in the central government now, was an active member of the VHP till a few years back. The infamous Vinay Katiyar, BJP’s MP from Faizabad was a RSS parcharak during 1980-83. He later, from instructions of the VHP leaders founded the Bajrang Dal, another platform for hoodlums in 1984. Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya, a BJP MP from Gwalior joined RSS in 1973, became secretary of the VHP, Madhya Pradesh in 1983. He was general secretary of Bajrang Dal in 1993 and in 1995 he became its president. The line is blurred. And there is no difference between any of these organizations. These are formed to accomplish the task of the RSS.

    The VHP was launched by the RSS in 1964 and it was the RSS cadres who were handed over to the VHP. Its sole aim has been to arouse majority Hindus’ sentiments against Christian missionaries and Muslims. It has always come to the rescue of the BJP and the RSS when they needed it. It formed its own Dharm Sansad bypassing the traditional Hindu clergy consisting of Shankaracharyas of four peeths. The four shankaracharyas have resented the formation of the Dharm Sansad and have been opposing it ever since. When the four Shankaracharyas of Sringeri, Dwarka and Badri, Kanchi and Govardhan Peeth, Puri met in April 1994 to establish a trust to oversee the construction of Ram temple at Ayodhya, the VHP went all out to get its own shankaracharya, who was not recognized by the four, into the proposed trust. The idea of such a trust had set alarm bells in the VHP which had repeatedly claimed that the right to construct the temple lay only with Nyas, a trust formed by the VHP. This trust has collected unaccounted money from within the country and without for the construction of the Ram temple.

    Nonetheless, the VHP has not budged and it continues to flaunt its Dharm Sansad. Backed by the RSS, the VHP has extended its area of functioning beyond India. This Sangh Parivar outfit now wields considerable influence over home-sick Hindus settled abroad and has built a fortune over the issue of construction of Ram Temple at Ayodhya.

    It always comes to the rescue of the BJP whenever its political graph seems to be plummeting. It is perceived that the dates of starting construction of Ram temple at the Babri Masjid site from 12 March were announced by its Dharm Sansad keeping in mind the elections in UP. But the Election Commission disturbed this apple-cart when it advanced the elections, thus thrashing their plan to reap the fruits of communal frenzy. The BJP has done immensely bad and has been relegated to third spot in the absence of a temple hype at the time of elections. There were news that claimed that the VHP will postpone the Ram temple campaign if a BJP government comes to power in the state and will intensify it if a non-BJP government takes the charge.

    It is the reason as to why the government has not taken a serious stand on the one sided killing of Muslims in Gujarat and why the BJP chief minister, a former RSS pracharak Narendra Modi, instead of trying to control the situation and condemn the killings has time and again tried to justify the dance macabre of these hoodlums. His statements justifying the carnage seem to have bolstered the rampaging VHP mobs and given a clear direction to the police as to what they should do. The already saffronized police force in the state has been given instructions not to act against these thugs. These riots too are going to help the VHP in the assembly elections slated to be held next year.

    There is very thin line if any, differentiating between different Sangh Parivar organizations. And these too get blurred every now and then. The VHP is the most wild of all these. But others too are not far behind.

  8. 3
    Shashank Swami INDIA Says:

    To Bushcoli,

    You have taken the things wrongly…..
    Sangh dosen’t consider Muslims and Christians as their enemies…..

    It is Muslims and Christian’s mindset only which is considering Sangh as enemy!!

    Sangh on other hand dosen’t discriminate people on the basis of the caste…..

    It is their mindset which Sangh wants to purify !!

    Coming to that you said sangh cutting innocent people…


    You are getting wrong view ……


    This secularism will obviously hold your neck one day….

    “AKHAND BHARAT” is the only way to keep INDIA united ….

    Hope you will recover your sensibility

    Secularism seems to have weekend your balanced thinkng….

    Hope you will know that soon !!!!

    JAI SRI RAM !!

    JAI HIND!!

  9. 2
    bushcoli INDIA Says:

    i had attended lots of shaka classes held by sangh.. but now i quit, you know why.. they always talks about unity , but only by showing a target ,point out an enemy, create a big lie , all forced to belive me that islam and christian are our enemies.. made be intolerant and i did great mistakes under sangh cover…but later i realized that they are the real culprits .. i read history of india… and hinduism is far from what sangh taught me.. they tarnish the real hinduism.. tthe best “ismm” in india is secularismm.. islam is a beautiful religion, but their followers may be wrong.. for that reason why should i hate them.. i saw the real face of sangh during gujarat riots. they killed innocent peple including children.thats a fact, bcz i saw that by my raw eyes. being a common man my mind shattered .. muslims also have the right to live there..what gujjus did in 2002 is historical mistake..,
    one thing i want to remind u is that “akhand bharat” is wrong concept, not possible in secular india, the more u try for that the more u become defamed, , the more u loose people like me , like what happpenned in gujurat.
    work together for the glory of india, unite by the thoughts of proud india…

  10. 1
    Vivek UNITED STATES Says:

    Only,I can say

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