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Several people- unable to understand the sufferings of the Hindu society- have asked- “Why did riots occur only after Godhra? Why was nobody targeted after the Akshardham temple attack- or after the attacks on Mumbai on 26 November 2008?” Well- the answers are many.

Myth 15: Narendra Modi gave free hand to rioters for 3 days

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Fact: This much-repeated allegation is wrong. Narendra Modi frantically called the Army units to Ahmedabad on February 28- as per the report of The Hindu the next day. India Today weekly’s report ‘Chronology of a Crisis’ on this topic in its issue dated 18 March 2002 also proves this beyond doubt.

Before seeing this issue, let us remember the following facts. In an interview given by Narendra Modi to Outlook magazine in its issue dated 18 March 2002-

Were you playing the fiddle while Gujarat burned?

No. Contrary to what is now being projected, I brought sanity within 72 hours of the violent outbreak…”

Note Narendra Modi’s sentence “No. Contrary to what is now being projected, I brought sanity within 72 hours of the violent outbreak.” In other words, the projection against Modi started AFTER the riots. We have already seen the reports of the newspapers like The Hindu, The Telegraph to note that there were no allegations against Narendra Modi or the Gujarat Government at the time of the actual riots. They started much later.

   Doordarshan news said on 3rd March 2002 (Sunday) at night in the English bulletin: “Violence has ended in a record time in Ahmedabad…Only 3 days…In the past it would take many weeks… Today (Sunday) curfew was relaxed, people bought items from bazaar…”. No allegation against the state government but praise of controlling violence in just 3 days! All accusations on Narendra Modi and demands for his resignation, dismissal started AFTER the riots. This was because, the media wanted some scapegoat to be made for the riots. It wanted Modi to sack a few police officers, drop a minister or two. But Modi did nothing of the sort. He did not blame anyone, did not make anyone a scapegoat. In an interview to NDTV broadcast in March/April 2004, Narendra Modi said to Shekhar Gupta (Editor of The Indian Express): “You all wanted that someone be made scapegoat. I did not do that. I allowed you to break all pots on my head alone. You have all decided, all these riots happened under this man (Narendra Modi). Until this man is removed from the Chief Minister’s post, we will not rest in peace. My best wishes to you in your mission.” Narendra Modi did not resign, and the BJP did not dismiss him, so the media was livid.

The fact is that the Army staged a flag march in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat and Godhra on 1st March- i.e. the 2nd day. So there was no question of giving anyone a free hand. The blatant lie was repeated many times in the media. The TV channel CNN-IBN on its Hindi channel reported on 26 October 2007 by writing on TV screens: “There was given 3 days time to kill in Gujarat”. The fact is- out of the 3 days the Army was present in 2 days and the extent of violence was far less as compared to the first day. The Hindu itself reported on 3rd March 2002  that the situation improved in Ahmedabad on 2nd March  i.e. the 3rd day of the riots. The Tribune reported on 3rd March 2002 that:

“(On 2nd March) Ahmedabad, the worst hit by the communal flare-up in the wake of Godhra train killings, was virtually back to normal…”   That is, the Gujarat Government managed to control riots in the state in 3 days after Godhra, and in only 2 days in a communally ultra-sensitive place like Ahmedabad!

Moreover-there was already a minority backlash on the 2nd day of the riots- i.e. on 1st March the Muslims started a backlash in Ahmedabad- as reported by The Hindu the next day. The question of the next two days does not arise, even on February 28- when the Army was not present- the police shot dead 10 Hindus in Ahmedabad alone and 16 were injured. 700 were arrested and close to 2,000 tear gas shells were also burst. The police fired more than 1,000 rounds- out of which 600 were fired in Ahmedabad alone-on February 28. Police saved 2500 Muslims from certain death in Sanjeli- a town in North Gujarat on 1st March 2002 i.e. the 2nd day of the riots.

Narendra Modi did not even give 3 minutes, not to talk of 3 days to the rioters. He had ordered 827 preventive arrests on February 27 itself (even the SIT appointed by judges like Aftab Alam, Arijit Pasayat admitted 827 preventive arrests)- and given shoot-at-sight at Godhra on February 27 itself at 9:45 AM- only 2 hours after the Godhra carnage. The entire police force was deployed in Gujarat in view of apprehension that riots might break out on February 27 itself. The Rapid Action Force was deployed in Ahmedabad and other sensitive areas and the Centre sent in CRPF personnel-on February 27 itself! All this was reported by various English newspapers-like The Indian Express, The Times of India, The Tribune, The Hindustan Times etc the next day- i.e. 28 February.

Also- Defence Minister George Fernandes was in Ahmedabad on 1st March at 1:00 AM on Narendra Modi’s request. And the next day- he was bravely on Ahmedabad’s streets at a great risk to personal life. If Modi gave a free hand for 3 days- then why did he call George Fernandes?

On Feb 27 itself- reported- “The situation became tense as news of the incident spread to other parts of the state prompting the state government to initiate precautionary security measures. Security has been tightened in Godhra and other parts of Gujarat.”
The Link for this report is: also reported quoting PTI on Feb 28 evening that-“The army has been asked to stand by and the Rapid Action Force and the Central Industrial Security Force have been deployed in Ahmedabad and other places.”
The link for this report is- reported on Feb 27 itself- after Godhra that- “Two companies of the Rapid Action Force and one company of the State Reserve Police were deployed at Godhra to guard against further outbreak of violence.”
The link for the report:
On Feb 28 curfew was imposed in Baroda at 8 Am in the morning itself as reported by the same day. The report says-

“Indefinite curfew was imposed in the city from 0800 hours following the stabbing incidents, a senior police official said.

Curfew had been imposed in the six police station areas of the walled city (i.e. Ahmedabad) and RAF and CISF companies have been deployed in sensitive areas, Police Commissioner Deen Dayal Tuteja said.

Indefinite curfew has also been imposed in Lunawada town of Panchmahal district after 0200 hours on Wednesday night following incidents of arson and looting, he said.

Meanwhile, indefinite curfew, imposed in Godhra town after the attack on the train on Wednesday, continued on Thursday without any relaxation.

No untoward incident was reported during the curfew so far, police said.

The situation had remained peaceful and under control in other parts of the state during the night, police said.”

The link is-

On the 2nd day of the riots, Shoot-at-sight orders were extended to Ahmedabad as well. The report of on 1st March 2002 was-

Alarmed by the unabated incidents of violence in the city, the Gujarat government on Friday issued shoot-at-sight orders to the police against those indulging in arson and violence.
The announcement was made by Chief Minister Narendra Modi in Ahmedabad, official sources said.
Modi has issued directives to the police to deal ‘strictly with arsonists and if need be shoot-at-sight any person indulging in rioting’, they added.

Meanwhile, the army staged flag marches in the violence-hit areas of Ahmedabad – Daraipur, Shahpur, Shahibaug and Naroda - to instill confidence among the people as unabated violence has claimed 111 lives in the city alone so far.

The army personnel were out in different areas like Daraipur, Shahpur, Shahibaug and Naroda, police said.”


In chapter 2 we have already seen the reports of The Hindu and The Indian Express to know the steps taken by the Gujarat government to curb the violence. The Telegraph-published from Kolkata also reported on 1st March 2002-

“ (On Feb 28) The Vajpayee government, alarmed that law and order were spiralling out of control, ordered deployment of the army in the state. The army has already begun pre-deployment drills in violence-scarred areas and will be out latest by tomorrow morning. Defence minister George Fernandes is travelling to Gujarat tomorrow…Curfew was clamped in 26 towns… “There is a fire inside us. Our blood is boiling,” Mangalben, a woman from Dariapur, said. “What is the fault of those children who died? There is a volcano of anger.”

In other words, there was a volcano of anger among the masses- whose blood was boiling after the Muslims brutally roasted 59 kar sewaks including 15 children in Godhra. On the events of 1st March 2002, The Telegraph reported in its issue dated 2nd March:

“A funeral procession cast away its veil of mourning and exploded into a mob of killers, torching houses inside which the pursued were huddled. Official sources said eight people died in the incident, but unofficial estimates put the toll at above 30.

An agency report suggested vengeance for the death of three persons earlier in the day as the motive for the attack at Pandarwada, 70 km from Godhra….

Despite the presence of the army — some 3,500 soldiers have arrived in the state — in Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara and Rajkot, the rioting has not stopped.”

And they say that Narendra Modi gave 3 days to the rioters to kill! They demand that the BJP and Narendra Modi should ‘apologize’ for the Gujarat riots. They should realize and so also the BJP spokespersons who come on TV and miserably fail to point out the truth- that it is not Narendra Modi who should apologize- but the entire media- for lying and lying, exaggerating, defaming Narendra Modi. The media can be tried under Section 153-A (Creating enmity between two groups)- because of its one-sided reporting- and Section 500 of IPC- (Defaming)- for needlessly defaming BJP, Sangh Parivar and Narendra Modi- and also tarnishing the image of India.

This tale of lies and myths is unending. It can go on and on and on. An enterprising writer would do well to compile an encyclopedia of these media lies on the entire Gujarat scenario. He can start with media lies on Godhra, on concocting imaginary ‘provocations’ for Godhra, the lies concocted on the post-Godhra riots-such as the extent of the riots, the number of people killed, the imaginary tales and stories of unnamed victims, the rapes and murders of innocent people, etc etc. And he can conclude with the media’s malicious reporting during the Gujarat Assembly elections of December 2002 when the media was the Congress’ pillar and tried to defeat the BJP. The BJP, which suffers the maximum damage from these lies, has unwisely allowed the media to escape the courts for one-sided, malicious lies.

For full details of the steps taken by the Gujarat Government see link: 

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  1. 30
    Hindu but not Fanatic UNITED STATES Says:

    and what is this moron Vivek talking about Indian culture…I have seen ramayan shows, mahabharat shows, the women used to dress up so boldly in ancient indian, there tios were sleevless, cut, almost deigner baras, and these were maharanis and daughters of kings, dancers and other women who lived in those eras…

    Because of fanatic people like him, now women can hardly even dress up the way they like, because hungry men (both who follow congress and BJP) start starring at them like they have never seen a woman before.

    And this all fault of people like Bhagawat and co. trying to undermine sexual freedom, opressing ideas and what not!!

    Open your eyes you freak, your time if come and gone, it is our time, the free time!!

  2. 29
    Hindu Terrorists Are Cowards UNITED STATES Says:

    hindu terrorist, those people (muslims or christians or anyone else) who impose anything on us, or try to denounce us are not indians…those people are not the ones I cry for…but genuinley there are muslims and christians who love india and like its values. They cannot be treate dlike other criminals.

    But not all of them are criminals or hate our religion. Just like not all terrorist are muslims, this ideology of RSS is wrong that all muslims are our enemies.

    Not to mention, vivek thinks his organization can stop Valentines day , and other secular things in india?? The fact is these things are increasing in india exponentially everyday!!

    I stil lremember year 2000 when i left India, and look at India today!! It has gone so much ahead, and he is rining songs of Gayatri mantara. Nothing wrong with being religious, but way of life is totally independent chouice, just like idea of of Gay and lesbians…IT IS INDIVIDUAL CHOICE.

    I said full masti, and his response was nange hoke kariye…you can see how extreme his ideology is about everything. Did i say I will do that, full masti means whatever i want to do, as in drink or sing or kiss someone.

    Even you will agree that not all people in CONGRESS ARE BAD, AND NOT ALL PEOPLE IN BJP ARE BAD. But just read his idiotic comments, he so hoplessly belives that CONGRESS IS THE BIGGEST ENEMY OF HINDUISM AND INDIA, but the fact is BJP is also doing same damage to india as congres spoliticians are, and it is not their individual actions, it is the political cultur ein India that is sooo bad.

    But according to him BJP is goog good and good, everything that BJOP will do is goood good and good, that is an obvious bias and makes him just another SLAVE TO HATE IDEOLOGY.

    Go sing and dace all you can Vivek, Indians will be secular, will enjoy western things and will live together. there are 20 crore + minorities, you think you got a strong enough army to kill them all?? Good luck bro, tere grand children bhi lage rahe na marne maarne ko, tab bhi india HINDU RASHTRA NAHI BANGEA…GAURANTEED!!

  3. 28
    Hindu Terrorists Are Cowards UNITED STATES Says:

    and the slave gets aggravated…

  4. 27
    hindu terrorist INDIA Says:

    Kaise kaise matimandh (mentally retarded) logon se paala padta hai? Abe psuedo intellect. You talk of education, westernisation etc? I am a post grad masters degree, westernised to boot. Widely travelled. I WANT my India to be modern liberal secular. Celebrating valentines day, I do too. Spend most of my leisure in discos. My problem with muslims is very simple. They object to my idols (false gods) they also object to my libertine lifestyle. Sharaab is haraam. THATS WHY I hate them and want them wiped out. NO respect for my way of life. Imposing THEIR f***all ideology down my throat. Talking of hindu rashtra, if we wipe out all muslims in India it will be 95% hindu. Add buddhists, jains and sikhs we will be 98% hindu. Even with a 98% hindu population, I still want India to be a liberal secular democracy. I just dont want this ONE trouble making community in my country. Thats all.

  5. 26
    Vivek UNITED STATES Says:

    Valentine day manaoge with full masti? to aap sab girlfriend ke sath rastepe nange hoke ye sab kari ye na! Aap logon ko kya fark padta hain! Ham bhi dekhenge ye sab mazese! Nalayak sale! Apne culture ke bareme kuch nahi malum aur chale valentine day manane!Apne akal ki diwali hame mat dikhao!
    Manmohan sing and chidambaram are true educated?Thats why,Hindustan is facing problem like unemployment,bad roads,problem of internal and external security,conversion of Hindu people,curruption etc,thats why our weakest prime minister,and Home minister required NSG commandos for thiere personal Z+ security.Dr.Pravinji Togdiya has already ignored a security offered by central government though he got many threatened by Muslim organisation.Its required guts.Woh congreji hijadon ka kam nahi.
    Adya Sarsanghchalak Mohanji Bhagwat will never required to lick your dirty jootis.He is well educated and clever person more than you.
    Abe Teesta Setalwad ke chamche,Tumhari Madam itna pura support(NHRC,congress,Muslim league)ho ne ke bavjood hamara kuch nahi ukhad payi to tum kya secular rakhoge HINDUSTAN ko wo bhi US me baithkar! ham dekhenge kaise rahata hain Hindustan secular!
    We are not Darpok.atleast you have no right to say Darpok to us.Kaha aapna kala mooh chupake baithe hain aap Gujarat me badmash secularist! If you have some guts then give so called justice to Muslim people by raising voice against Mr.Narendraji Modi in the Gujarat.go,go and do it immediately.
    With the hopeful lines of great revolutioner Veer V.D.Savarkarji
    ” Sampurn Hindu rastra ye Hinduon ka janmasidh adhikar hain.Yeh Hindu hoga,ek din jaroor,yeh Hindu Rastra banane ka karya main anewale pushtiyon ke hath me chhod raha hoon.Agar ye Hindu Rastra nahi hota hain to main sabse bada pagal hounga lekin ye Hindu Rastra hota hain to main sabse bada hoshiar samaza jayega”
    Read all the books of V.D.Savarkar then you will realise that the Hinduism of Sangh Parivar is much smoother than Hinduism of Savarkar!
    Karma karo!Microwave! Ha ha ha fu fu!
    Jai shree Ram!

  6. 25
    barakatullakhan KUWAIT Says:

    Sisters and brothers of India as being Indian,
    why we have to try to discuss all this with Muslim pepole, how can it is possible that you do everything with muslim and if muslim do something agains your activity is Godhara Burning train, but why you COWARD NON REAL HINDUS never talk that why Godhara Burning train happen.
    Who dream to Burn the Train of GODHARA, no that dreamer were not MUSLIM and even not REAL HINDU. Check the History and come back.

    These kind of policies are from originated from YAHOOD and yahood have no TRRUE religion to follow. Whatever their in their mind is Business and Money. Only so Check the HISTORY again and come back.

    KHAN 1

  7. 24
    Vivek UNITED STATES Says:

    Don’t hide your name.I am totally agreed with ‘Hindu’s terror’.Revenge is revenge.since 2002,except Baroda riot,there are no single riot in the Gujarat.But in Maharastra,under congress rule,over 350 riots were happened since 8 year.
    Khun ka badla khun se hi lenge are worried about godhra burned incident? Chu chu chu ! Ham ko ye malum hi nahi tha!
    Karma karo! Hi Hi Hi!
    Jai shree Ram! Hell secularism!

  8. 23
    Hindu Terrorists Are Cowards UNITED STATES Says:

    Vivek, no one can try to pursuade you or even try to help you think otherwise, because you life is a prewritten book on HATE IDEOLOGY.

    You are living a life that is not your, but is based on Constitution of RSS, when you say Hindu people, who do you mean actually?? who Hindu people?? there are more hindus who dun follow your ideology than those who do, so I guess we re the prominent hindus, not some sick cowards like you.

    Whatever you want to do, whatever your goals, are not made by you, they were sowed into you, since a child, every single day, hate against muslims and christaisn alike. But sad thing, the future for youis very dim, nothing that you want is working.

    1. You want to wipe out muslims: They are growing well in India.

    2. You want to take india back to 17th century: Indian college people re enjoying western music, enjoying western food, clothes and even lifestyle. Everyone watches hollywood movies, shows and concerts and enjoys.

    3. You want to take freedom away from us: Couples ar eopenly falling in love, exploring their oppurtunities, and making independent decisions. Indian youth are interacting to the world more than ever before, you re helpless.

    4. You want to build ram tmeple on a disputed site and create tensions: Since the demolition, no one has allowed you to step in that area, and it will be like that til leternity. I do not want the babri to be build again, but nothing else should be built either, because that place has blood of innocent indians on its soil, THANKS TO YOU.

    So you see, your hu hu , hi hi only works to certain point, Look out the window. Your time came and gone, no mattter how hard you argue, even you know how India is living today, no one cares about a TEMPLE ISSUE, or HINDU RASHTRA issue, we just want to live and enjoy ourselves.

    Hardly we get 70 years to live, people like you waste mor than half of it hating and killing people, but we are a lot ahead of you, we will focus on eating good food, listening to good music and dating some good men and women of our time.


    Long Live Democracy.

  9. 22
    Hindu Terrorists Are Cowards UNITED STATES Says:

    I am worried about innocent people dying, innocents died in godhra and afterwards, But I can never take revenge by KILLING OTHERS. If you can do that, you re doing it on orders of political leaders, I am not sure wht your motivation is, but it revolves between POWER, MONEY AND SEX. You are no more hindu by killing innocnents. A person who differentiates creation of god based on their faith, cannot belong to any faith.

    You are a criminal, anti-god and a pthetic soul . Keep up the good work, because all religions are growing together in india, and when cowards like you do these crimes, it brings the nation even closer.

    As a result, because of your actions, BJP lost faith in people, lost in 2004, brutally lost in 2009, and will loosee assembly eletion in all 3 staates. BECAUSE NO ONE HAS FAITH IN GOODWILL when criminals like you hide in their blanket.

  10. 21
    Vivek UNITED STATES Says:

    To,Hindu terrorist,
    I like the word ‘terrorist’ which you have put after the word ‘Hindu’.after reading many comments of Deepakji,I am comming to a conclusion that Hindu people must be start terrorist organisation like Al-quida,LET etc.the name of that terrorist will be Lashkar-e-Hindu,Hindu Mujahidin etc.Because the way so called secularist and other religion is demolishing Hindu people,I think terrorism is the best way to save Hindu religion.Your last comments is the right answer to Deepakji.
    Deepakji never talk about Karsevaks who were died into Godhra train burned incident,he is only worried about Muslim peoples who were died into mass reaction of Hindu people.He never worried about Kashmiri Hindu People,Hindu people in Papistan,Bangaladeshi Hindu and so on.In past history,many Hindu Rajput women were raped by Muslim kings in Chitod.Now in present,in some areas Muslim people are offered 1.5 lakhs Rs by Masjid if they raped or convert atleast one Hindu girl.It is not fake story.It is a fact.If you want to know about this,go to Kerala and west Bengal where you find that my above information is right.
    The psuedo secularist Deepakji is always justified secularism.But he have nothing to do for secularism.keep prasing congress,keep singing a song of secularism.Ham khun ka badla khun se hi lenge.
    Well,Hindu terrorist,i would like to change your are not Hindu terrorist. you are ‘ Hindu’s terror’.
    Jai shree Ram! Long live Hinduism and Hindustan! Hell to secularism!

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