Gujarat Riots: The True Story

The Truth of the 2002 riots

The Godhra Carnage

Difference between Godhra and other tragic incidents

Several people- unable to understand the sufferings of the Hindu society- have asked- “Why did riots occur only after Godhra? Why was nobody targeted after the Akshardham temple attack- or after the attacks on Mumbai on 26 November 2008?” Well- the answers are many.

Godhra Photos

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Roasted Kar sewak in Godhra

A child roasted in Godhra


Hindu woman roasted in Godhra

Another roasted kar sewak

Charred bodies

Another victim


91 Responses to “Godhra Photos”

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  1. 20
    Satyashrava Says:

    Hindu society will never commit the unpardonable criminal negligence of forgetting the ancient Mesopotamian Assyrian-Akkadian-style unparalled savage butchery of frail women and children by an almost thousand-strong mob of Islamist Muslims, worshippers of the greatest terrorist Aurangzeb(also born in Godhra). This butchery is only a recapitulation of the tyrrany wrought on Hindu society practically every day for 1000 years by Islamist Arabian and Turkic desert conquerors and has become indelibly imprinted in the collective conscience of hindus. Lord Almighty shall indeed punish the perpetrators and their supporters, no matter howsoever numerous. The long arm of nature’s mysterious ways of justice shall get the better of the tribe of barbarians, and 1 billion Hindus shall always pray in unison for that sake.

  2. 19
    vaibhav AUSTRALIA Says:

    today iwas watchng a movi firaaq nd was serchng the fact about it i may not undersatand what ppl feel at that time and what people are feelng knw im realy sad toknw that the the thngs rely happen nd its a hard fact that all the pics. are real i may nt be the bestest of the person nd im no fukng guy to give u ny advise.. as i dnt knw what u rely fell.. bt iwant to ask ever 1 that…. by having such haterd still.. among us…will it lead to peace harmony… nd brathor hood or it will… bring out some new pics which will again destory many lifes.. this what we want to teach our childern this waht we want to our society be this what we want our country be……. i may be completely wrong many would think this person have not been there so how could he knws our…feelngs… yssss its true.. iwas not ther u were there u saw evry yhng u knw the threat.. u knw the pain u knw the sepration…do.. u rely want u ur family ur children to face it agin…..u may won thousands of fight make ur religon dominate on other butbut over what dead bodies .. barren land… nd getng support of atheist im just astupid common man im nt hindu or muslin Christian im just a indian nd i fell bad when brothers our fightng with each other under some influnce of politican

  3. 18
    Pranav INDIA Says:

    nobody is forgetting anything here, this is when came to you then you are barking, why are you forgetting mumbai blasts, the terrorism spreading in heaven kashmir from the years. this is result of only when have irritated to us. from the years and around the world you are the only harassing the all.See the history in Gujarat, gujaraties have never replied in past when you have irritated us. Even when the pakinstan wins the cricket match, you are making celebration and thanks to allah.God knows and even your Allah also knows that you have no ability to understand the thoughts of allah and never will. When you are burning people with their innocent children that is good, but when any body replying for and all dogs are together barking lots.This is natural thing for you and this is allready shown by the pakistan’s impression. Recently pakistan has demanded 40 electric train engines and some defense artillery as a reason that on the time of partition pak is not getting reasonable share. Just like beggar and always remains beggar, with physically and mentally also.

  4. 17
    Illuminati INDIA Says:

    @Khalid, read history first then come for the comments, its the first time tht hindu came for violance in 2002, it was again just a response of wht was done at godhara.

    No one can ignore past muslim invasion and their cruelty in indian subcontinent.

  5. 16
    ehtesham deshmukh INDIA Says:

    Only 2-3 photos will not change the truth. Can any one answer as to the reason of killing of thousands of Muslims with the help of Government. It would be fair if both sides are equally armed and equally numbered some day in secular India and then only the true result would come as to who can teach lesson to whom.

  6. 15
    Punit Says:

    I know,some people out there try to become liberal by comparing valentine day hooligans with klashnikov waving islamic terrorists.this is pure bullcrap.please dont spread your stupidity,mr ‘rss is bad’.

  7. 14
    Max Says:

    Hi Folks,
    Lets get 1 think clear, No religion ever will preach hatred, I mean “NO” religion. Islam, Christianity or Hinduism. If Hindus lived a free life in Mecca at the time of prophet(pbuh), then why blame Islam now ? Change your mindset people. We all are guilty, “ALL” because the devil tempts all. If Hindus were killed, so were the Muslims, if Muslims killed, so does Hindus. There a number of terror outfits including the khalsa tribe, naxal’s, Sangh parivar, Mossad,the US (The father of all), the politicos ( Grandfather of all). As a brother, I request you not to quote the Quran or any other book, if you have not read & understood it. Any work of killing is a Devil’s act & the Devil is an atheist

  8. 13
    Sundasr Says:

    We all should understand this important thing

    Rest you can imagine

  9. 12
    Agarwal INDIA Says:

    @Khaled I am from Hyderabad for all the years living here in the old city area one thing I learned about communal Riots all is started due to RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE, well u can say anything but the whole world know in the whole world who are the most RELIGIOUSLY INTOLERANT people if we dig in history no page would be enough, in the current scenario world over wherever communal riots occur one sect is definitely Muslims, according to Jinnah the cause of partition was “Muslims cannot Co-Exist, Islam doesn’t have Co-existence” this is truth accept it or not, u can deny everything as far as Godhra is concerned yes the predators were Muslims u can check the following link “”, the person who is convicted is some Maulvi. The problem is Muslims lives in denial they deny everything which is truth and accept only the version of Maulvis who have inflammatory venomous speeches, I have seen it in a Masjid after the prayer all Muslims where given a chit for whom to vote, all of them threw that chit at the door of Masjid, all the plans to attack other communities happens in Masjids, if you don’t agree come to Hyderabad there is famous Mecca Masjid and every Friday a lorry full of Stones is unloaded there, anywhere in any part of the world if anything happens after friday prayers thousands of people coming out of the Masjid pelt stones at Hindus without any provocation, incidents like America pinching the butt of Saddam Hussain or Cartoons of Mohammed published in Denmark caused religious tension where in Muslims pelt stones, and the irony is even there forefathers can’t show in a Map where the hell Denmark is, now u tell me are you not dubious u r from some part of the World most probably India and you want the world to know u r from America, which is one of the country u hate the most.

  10. 11
    Ganu UNITED STATES Says:

    @Khalid: Without local muslim support nothing will happen. Even Mumbai terrorist attacks are happened with local support… Will all know that all muslims are not terrorists, but all terrorists are muslims

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