Gujarat Riots: The True Story

The Truth of the 2002 riots

The Godhra Carnage

Difference between Godhra and other tragic incidents

Several people- unable to understand the sufferings of the Hindu society- have asked- “Why did riots occur only after Godhra? Why was nobody targeted after the Akshardham temple attack- or after the attacks on Mumbai on 26 November 2008?” Well- the answers are many.

Godhra Photos

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Roasted Kar sewak in Godhra

A child roasted in Godhra


Hindu woman roasted in Godhra

Another roasted kar sewak

Charred bodies

Another victim


91 Responses to “Godhra Photos”

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  1. 30
    unmai Says:

    If hindus commit any mistake then the same kind of riot should happen in any part of the world and no one should comment on it ok for all hte people who supported the violence through comments??

  2. 29
    himanshu INDIA Says:

    modi ko fansaya ja raha hai……………..he done a gud job

  3. 28
    Alan INDIA Says:

    Modi did excellent job. Why did gujarat riots arise? It is because Muslims did brutal things on Godhara.

  4. 27
    alim khan INDIA Says:

    yeh sab jhoot hai gujrat mein musalmano ko marne ke liye yeh godhra kand karwaya gaya tha gug rati duniyan mein sab se zalim log hote hen agar tum ko kahin sanp or gujrati milen to pehle gujrati ko maro sanp ko nahin 1972 mein kon sa godra kand huwa tha jo 2500 musalmano ko mara gaya tha gurati ram ke bhat nahin ravan ke hen

  5. 26
    Jihad in Myanmar MYANMAR Says:

    Bangladesh is a dangerous threat for both Myanmar Buddhist people and our Hindu brothers in India.

    After all, Islam is the Adharma -ism that destroyed both our Religions in Buddha Gaya and Ayodhya.
    Muslims destroyed not only our Religious Holy Cites in India but also Islamized ( Buddhism & Hindu) countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

    Bangladesh 160 Million Muslims is a biggest Threat to Myanmar while total Muslim population from Pakistan+Bangladesh+ local Muslims in India is about 550 Million Muslim.

    Total Hindu Population is 1000 Million, that is 2:1. There is one Muslim for every 2 Hindus.

    That is also a biggest Threat for our Hindus brothers in India. That is not a coincidence.

    1000 Million Hindus have been surrounded by 550 Million Muslim. India Hinduism is under dangerous Islamization.

    Muslims use the same deception, Muslims bought World Big Media like BBC,VOA.
    Wherever you see, Muslims are the killers, Muslims are rioters, Muslims are butchers all around the world.

    But in the Media news, Muslims are Victim, they didn’t do any violent, Muslims got killed ruthlessly by Non-Muslims.

    The same thing is happening in Arakan,Myanmar. Muslim used BBC,VOA, for Islamic Propaganda.
    In the photos, you can see Arakanese Buddhists people were running for their lives, you can see dead bodies, Buddhist Monasteries burnt down by Muslim mob,

    But in BBC, VOA , These Islamic Propaganda said that Buddhist people were killing Muslims everywhere and Innocent Muslims were running to and fro. So could they show at least one photo? Nope, Just words.

    So far, Over 50 Arakanese Buddhist Villages were burnt down by Islamic Muslim Jihadists.
    Over 100 Buddhist People including Old Man, Old Women and Children, were brutally murdered by Muslim Jihadists.

    Latest updated news said that ” Al-Qaeda Terrorist network and Joined Taliban+RSO Terrorists send more than 2000 Jihad Muslims soldiers with full-armed into Myanmar land, to wage a Jihad war with Buddhist Myanmar people.

    These 2000 Al-Qaeda, Taliban, RSO Muslim Jihadists are going to join with 400,000 Bengali Muslims to murder 20,000 Buddhist people, to the last one.

    So Myanmar is now in very dangerous situation, We need International anti-terrorist support to fight these Muslim Jihadists.

    Please visit the following website to see what is really happening in Arakan /

    Dharma will conquer over Adharma
    Greetings from Myanmar.

  6. 25
    Agarwal INDIA Says:

    @Rony, Muslims are Globally harassing all of the Mankind through their conduct and want to make everyone believe that their Faith is the only Faith which they believe is correct, what I said is what I experienced by living in Communally Sensitive Hyderabad, on the personal front whenever they tried to cross my roads I handled it with Iron Fist, but they harass weak/poor people which for me is equivalent to personal harassment becoz I can’t stand injustice but many a tmes I have to be a mere spectator given the circumstances which are Political and apolitical, this is what makes me feel guilty……

  7. 24
    Satyashrava Says:

    In the post of April 8th 2012, there were some typographical omissions:-Now that some Gujarat policemen have been sentenced to punishment(imprisonment) for alleged INACTION after complete retrial in Maharashtra UNDER highly charged circumstances…….it is about time that justice mete legal punishment TO THE police officers at Godhra who committed unpardonable criminal negligence…..

  8. 23
    Narayan Harne INDIA Says:

    Kya Gunah tha enka Sirf ye ki Hindu Dharm k Desh m Hindu Dharm Nibhane ja rahe the, Kaha hai Bikau Media- Bhand Congressee.NDTV India k Raveesh apne Prime Channel pe R Dikha sakte h.

  9. 22
    Satyashrava Says:

    Now that some Gujarat policemen have been sentenced to punishment (imprisonment) for alleged after complete retrial in Maharashtra highly charged circumstances vitiated by (now exposed) Teesta Seetalvad’s duping of unsuspecting Muslims into giving false testimony, it is about time that justice mete legal punishment police officers at Godhra who committed unpardonable criminal negligence almost amounting to complicity in murder by not opening fire or even taking any seriously worthwhile steps to stop the 1000-strong murderous terrorist Muslim mob which burned the Hindu passengers and stood watching over their bodies to prevent help from reaching them for a very long time. The terrorists who burned the Hindu pilgrims were controlled and managed by Islamist terrorists who had planned the entire carnage in advance after actual physical meetings with international Islamist terrorists from outside India as also very numerous conspiratorial phone calls to handlers in Pakistan. Until and unless the perpetrators, collaborators and blessors of the unparalleled Godhra carnage are punished befittingly by courts, the Hindu masses and Mother India shall remain bearing another unhealed festering wound of unimaginably excruciating pain like the millions heaped on them before by Persian, Turkic and Arab Islamist Mullahist exterminationists. The savagely oppressive Chief Election Commissioner, James Micheal Lyngdoh, who long abused his position and killed the purpose of his holding office by denying Gujarat’s masses their right to have an election, kept alive the wounds of injustice wrought by saintly Portuguese and Italian Catholic priests (who massacred millions of Hindus by the fire for 500 yrs)by DEBARRING ALL ELECTORAL CANDIDATES FROM MENTIONING THE GODHRA CARNAGE in their election speeches. Much like the Portuguese and Italian priests who burned Hindu girls at the stake for cultivating the Tulsi plant wreaked vengeance by skinning and scalding entire families of Hindus or jews who dared to as much as mention (let alone lament) the brutal torture of the millions of Hindu victims of the Inquisition blessed by the holiest Popes.

  10. 21
    Rony Says:

    Agarwal you must have been harassed by Muslims !!!

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