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Several people- unable to understand the sufferings of the Hindu society- have asked- “Why did riots occur only after Godhra? Why was nobody targeted after the Akshardham temple attack- or after the attacks on Mumbai on 26 November 2008?” Well- the answers are many.

Myth 18: Narendra Modi never expressed sadness for the post-Godhra riots

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FACT: It is not astonishing to see the media level absolutely false and wrong charges on the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi. But what is astonishing is the extent to which the media goes in putting unbelievable factual errors and sticking to them, and believing its own lies. These days, the livid media and political parties opposed to Narendra Modi have all made full use of the myths and lies concocted on him. Congress spokesman Abhishek Singhvi has said many times,”BJP  never expressed regret for the Gujarat riots”. The much-repeated claim that Narendra Modi never expressed regret at the Gujarat riots before December 2013 is absolutely wrong.

    Narendra Modi has expressed regret for the riots and termed the riots as ‘unfortunate’ . In an interview to Aaj Tak‘s Prabhu Chawla on its program Seedhi Baat, the excerpts of which were published in India Today weekly dated 4 Nov 2002, Narendra Modi was asked “Prime Minister Vajpayee and Home Minister Advani have said that whatever happened in Gujarat was wrong” to which he said, “I say the same thing. The communal riots in Gujarat were unfortunate and we are sad they took place.”

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  After the 2002 Gujarat riots Narendra Modi made a statement in the State Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) in March 2002. One paragraph from that statement is: “Are we not supposed to soul-search ourselves? Whether it is Godhra incident or post-Godhra it does not enhance the prestige of any decent society. The riots are a stigma on humanity and do not help anyone to hold his head high. Then why is there a difference of opinion”.

When Narendra Modi went on his “Sadbhavana fast” in Gujarat in 2011, some newspapers said ,

“In a statement interpreted as his first sign of regret over the 2002 post-Godhra violence, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi Friday said the pain of anyone in the state is “my pain” and he had a duty to do justice for everyone.”Constitution of India is supreme for us. As a Chief Minister of the state, pain of anybody in the state is my pain. (Delivering) Justice to everyone is the duty of the state,” Modi said on the eve of his three-day fast.”

   It wasn’t merely this paper, almost the entire media said the same thing. What a ridiculous interpretation from the media, and how factually incorrect it reported! The 2011 statement was not the ‘first sign of regret’, he had directly expressed sadness and condemned riots many times before, right from 2002. The BJP’s public relations work truly doesn’t seem to be up to the mark. How it allowed such a massive lie to crop up without ever bothering to try to bring out the truth is beyond comprehension.

   What is correct is that Narendra Modi has not apologized for the Gujarat riots, and rightly so. Apology is given when someone does something wrong, makes a mistake and asks for forgiveness for a mistake. What wrong has Narendra Modi done? He actually has done an excellent work in controlling the 2002 riots, his administration saved more than 24,000 Muslims and many Hindus too, the riots were controlled in 3 days while weeklies like India Today and Outlook predicted weeks of violence on 28 Feb, he frantically called the Army to Ahmedabad on 28 Feb 2002, ordered preventive arrests of 827 people on 27 Feb itself, gave ‘shoot-at-sight’ orders in Godhra on 27 Feb itself (primarily aimed at Hindus who could have retaliated in Godhra). His government spent more than 204 crores rupees on relief and rehabilitation measures, built houses, opened relief camps, etc. Strong action was taken against the rioters, with as many as 35,552 arrests made as of 28 April 2002, including 27,901 Hindus. Already, in just 11 years at least 443 people have been convicted in at least 50 cases for the riots, including 332 Hindus and 111 Muslims (including 31  Muslims for Godhra and 80 for post-Godhra). The media’s argument often is “The Congress has apologized for the 1984 riots. Will the BJP apologize for the 2002 Gujarat riots?” This was asked by Arnab Goswami to BJP leader Nalin Kohli on 16 May 2009 on TV after the BJP’s massive debacle in the 2009 Lok Sabha polls.

   There is absolutely no need to equate the two. Firstly there is not a single parallel between the post-Godhra riots of 2002 and the 1984 riots. We have seen the contrasts between these two riots. Secondly, Congress apologizing for the riots is not an action of credit. Apologizing means accepting culpability in the 1984 riots in which 3,000 Sikhs were killed.  Is the sin of killing 3,000 forgivable by merely issuing an apology? Accepting culpability for the death of 3,000 people means the party deserves severe punishment. 3,000 murders cannot be pardoned and condoned by an apology. The then Congress Government took no action against the rioters, hardly any arrests were made and hardly 30 people in 12 cases have been convicted as claimed by CNN-IBN in 28 years, till August 2012.  For what should the BJP or Narendra Modi apologize? They have done absolutely nothing wrong, controlled violence in Gujarat in record time even after a shocking massacre like Godhra, while it took previous  Congress Governments  several months to stop riots in 1985 and 1969 even without any cause like Godhra.

   It should be remembered that not a single English newspaper actually accused the Chief Minister Narendra Modi of any wrongdoing on the actual days of the riots, i.e. 28 Feb 2002 (Thursday), 1st March 2002 (Friday) and 2nd March 2002. As a matter of fact, not a single newspaper, except for The Indian Express, accused the police of any inaction on the day of the worst violence i.e. 28 February in its report the next day. All English newspapers, like The Hindu, The Tribune etc reported that the violence was out of control, the police were overwhelmingly outnumbered, the fire brigade ran out of water, and still the police did its best, arrested 700 people on 28 Feb, shot dead at least 10 people in police firing, the Chief Minister Narendra Modi frantically called the Army units to Ahmedabad, etc.

See the report of The Hindu and The Telegraph dated 1st March 2002 covering events of 28 Feb.  Do any of them accuse Narendra Modi or the police of any deliberate culpability? After this day, 28 Feb, no one, not even The Indian Express accused the administration or police of any inaction. In fact, The Indian Express reported on 2nd March 2002 that on 1st March 2002 (Friday, the second day of the riots), “The police, its credibility at its lowest, tried to salvage its reputation intervening in some clashes by opening fire. 20 were killed in police firing across the state, 12 in Ahmedabad.” All accusations on Narendra Modi and demands for his resignation, dismissal started AFTER the riots. This was because, the media wanted some scapegoat to be made for the riots. It wanted Modi to sack a few police officers,  drop a minister or two. But Modi did nothing of the sort. He did not blame anyone, did not make anyone a scapegoat. In an interview to NDTV broadcast in March/April 2004, Narendra Modi said to Shekhar Gupta (Editor of The Indian Express), “You all wanted that someone be made scapegoat. I did not do that. I allowed you to break all pots on my head alone. You have all decided, all these riots happened under this man (Narendra Modi). Until this man is removed from the Chief Minister’s post, we will not rest in peace. My best wishes to you in your mission.” Narendra Modi did not resign, and the BJP did not dismiss him, so the media was livid.

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22 Responses to “Myth 18: Narendra Modi never expressed sadness for the post-Godhra riots”

  1. 1
    Deepak Deshpande AUSTRALIA Says:

    Excellent work

  2. 2
    pradip AUSTRALIA Says:

    va va modi ji , ram ho ap ,or koi ho hi nahi sakta ,ram ji ki siva ,

  3. 3


    In April 2002, retired supreme court justices V. R. Krishna Iyer and P. B. Sawant headed a citizen’s panel to investigate the riots.[57] Their report includes testimony of the then Gujarat Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) minister Haren Pandya (since murdered), who testified about an evening meeting convened by Narendra Modi the evening of the Godhra train burning. At this meeting, officials were instructed not to obstruct the Hindu rage following the incident.[58] The report also highlighted a second meeting, held in Lunawada village of Panchmahal district, attended by state ministers Ashok Bhatt, and Prabhatsinh Chauhan, and other BJP and RSS leaders, where “detailed plans were made on the use of kerosene and petrol for arson and other methods of killing.

  4. 4
    Deepali Dhanotia INDIA Says:

    Narendra Modisir,congrats for a huge and remarkable win.hope to see u as pm of india in upcoming lokshabha election.

  5. 5
    zakria Says:

    what a lie!!!!!!!!! if u want the truth leave this page! every one knows what modis election slogan was after the riots…..he was and is a traitor to the country who showed the country that if muslims and minorities are eliminated india would prosper but how can burn, loot, rape and rioting develop the country? many senior police officers have said the tryth about modi and the 2002 riots! and the most hyppocratical was modis sadhbhavna programme! shame on modi and modi supporters!he only wants to play with our emotions and fool us in the name of ram temple at ayodhya…..tell me 6 years of BJP rule in the central govt and yet ram mandir was not made, and they say they will make ram temple at ayodhya so what about the case in supreme court? what about supreme courts decision? if u want to know the actual popularity of modi visit this site of ndtv and watch the video to know the truth about modis popularity and his propaganda machine

  6. 6
    vipin Says:

    Dear Subramanium, If u followed the case closely then u must be knowing that SIT constituted by supreme court of INDIA cleared modi jee of all these charges propagated by congress and other anti BJP parties and their paid media. tHAT POLice officer who tried to wrongly testify against modi jee got benefits from it and his wife was given a elction ticket by congress. that another old lady whose husband wad killed during the riots is also a congress memeber and that bakery case lady is very confused about the whole incident, she keeps on changing her statements…………and u are so idiot to say tht ghodra train incident was planned by modi, i advice you to watch a documentary made by the investigation committee appointed by the supreme court and the same was telecated on DD National. u will be shocked to c tht how some mother f****** burnt tht train and who were the ppl…………….n i soubt tht ur real name is EB SUBRAMANIAM…………………….n remember one thing thing to every action there is a equal and opposite reaction…

  7. 7
    Vendy Soni INDIA Says:

    Baat to sahi hai yaar.. par desh-wasion ko kaise pata chalegi sachhai?

  8. 8
    Amar Prem Says:

    To all you Modi Supporters – I know you have been fed propaganda and want to believe that Modi is innocent. Unfortunately, that is not true. Let’s call a spade a spade.

    Here are a couple of detailed articles with THE REAL TRUTH

  9. 9
    Atmeek Anand Says:

    Narendra Modi – a man of such wise articulation , sincereity and a lifetime of complete dedication to people’s cause is a man centred in his Self. His every action stems from a vision of long term benefit of society , peace and progress. He cannot be a perpetor of violence.
    Regds,Atmeek Anand.

  10. 10
    ashwin Says:

    love u modi………….

  11. 11
    ashwin Says:

    he is admin guy who can run the government with integrity and vision…………………we all r with him””””’nd we assure every community that he will not b partial……..for instant he himself belongs to bacword caste but he never played backward card.

  12. 12
    Rahul INDIA Says:

    It’s near impossible to learn all the facts when riots are in full swing. Obviously it’s only after the riots that you can find out more about what happened within the government’s camp.

    I have read numerous articles about Modi’s innocence and numerous articles about his guilt.

    We cannot know the truth when there are so many conflicting stories presented to the public. Your details about the so called truth have solid grounds, yes. But they are all based on the first reports to have come out during the violence.

    There have been many who have gotten away with this horrible incident because of political maneuvering and please note i am not talking about modi in particular. This is the main reason why this massive cloud of doubt rests over modi in my mind. There have been too many lies and injustices done in the subsequent trials of this catastrophe.

    The tehelka expose’ might not be fully true and it’s completely possible that the interviewers were boasting about modi’s role but it is an undeniable truth that most lies always have a hint of truth in their execution. Plus the twisting of words by the media has not helped the common man’s perception of the truth.

    What can be taken away from the multitude of articles is that the police did not stop the rioters initially and this casts a massive cloud of guilt over the Gujarat government. It was only after the situation got incredibly out of hand we saw action being taken.

    Official have been quoted a number of times but in our country how often have the official records been tainted with lies?

    My final decision would be i give Modi the benefit of doubt but the people who surround him keep questioning by decision to give him the benefit of doubt.

  13. 13
    aamir UNITED STATES Says:

    dude do a google search and you will see pramod mahajan the then BJP Vice president and Uma Bharati standing right in front and above the kar sevakhs demolishing babri masjid what happened to mahajan everyone knows soon you will also here about that Uma bharathi and the day will come when this mass murderer and killer of innocent life’s fekhu modi will die in hell vajpayee,murli joshi,advani they all will die but they will suffer whatever they have done to humanity also i am sure you must have listened about the then PM rao died painfully and even nobody was there in his last riots all this master mind will definitely die but they all will get painful and there involvement will definitely come to public to see one day this killers will get what they did to innocent people and what was this fekhu doing at the time of riots was he sitting on a fast was he writing one more lecture to give we all know what this has done and he will deserve the punishment very soon i am sure you must have heard this UPAARWAAALE KE GHAR DEER HAI ANDHEER NAHI and we are all praying one day will come when this killer will get punished for what he has done to humanity

  14. 14
    Saurabh Says:

    Mr. Amar Prem: In regards to your article which was written by teesta setalvad. please just go to her wiki page and see for yourself what a feku and congress chamcha she really is.

    Also, other evidence for her being a congress paid reporter is the fact that all awards and recognitions she received clearly came during the UPA regime (2004 onwards). This is clear conflict of interest and fake recognition!!

    Kindly view this website as a black and white about what happened in gujarat and not Pro modi!

    Ultimately there is tons of content, evidence out there for everyone to make their best judgement whether Modi is communal or not, please use your best judgement and don’t get influenced by either sides.

  15. 15
    Prakash UNITED STATES Says:

    In politics, perception often matters more than facts. As of now, the perception is that Modi hasnt expressed regret over the failure in administration. One might argue that the administration was in full force, and the 1000-1100 lives lost is a lower number than what it could have been. But expectations are otherwise, in cases of riots, we want administration to be so effective that there is no fatality. So a well publicized regret on administrative failure is missing. Maybe he has regretted, but the coverage is not wide enough, and in that case all modi has to do is ensure better PR. The prevalent perception is either no feeling of regret or poor PR, not neither. Modi needs to work on it to get the fence-sitters on his side.

  16. 16
    anilkumarkasavar Says:

    Narendra Modi is a good administrator. Nobody can stop him.

  17. 17
    Anwar manippady INDIA Says:

    Madhavji, very well compiled article a need of the hour for the nations development.The manipulative reports of the media and the so called NGOs has to be exposed and these articles are very very necessary, otherwise the PAIDMEDIA and the TRAITERS would continue to loot our country BHARAT conniving with Italian Mafia. Iam enroute writing a book of all the happenings between 27th Feb 2002 to this day to expose the truth an lighten the Bharatiyas for the sake our posterity. Sir Madavji , you have made a very good beginning as usual. Thank you Ji

  18. 18
    anil kumar mehta Says:

    The genesis of creating myth about Gujarat roit of 2002 isantihinduism character of nehruism salavery Muslim appeasement vote bank policy of congress since so called independence

  19. 19
    Amit AUSTRALIA Says:

    I have trust in Indian Judiciary system particularly in Supreme Court.
    Congress tried their level best to incriminate Narendra Modiji for his role in Gujrat Riots but they failed.
    Supreme Court has acquitted him so who are we to blame him anymore.

    India is a country filled with bigotry, hatred and anger. Its everywhere – just look around on the streets, in the houses .. Its just everywhere.
    When such anger and hatred resides, riots are an expected result.

    The irony of us is that we don’t put rioters in jails but we give them parlimentary seats ( in cases of Tytler and Sajjan Kumar ) so when rioters know that they can get away from all their crimes, there will many more riots !!

    So, stop blaming Modiji and blame our society and our inability to take actions

  20. 20
    The Economist – Economical with the Truth | ensures UNITED STATES Says:

    [...] Myth: Narendra Modi never expressed sadness for the post-Godhra riots [...]

  21. 21
    Indian democracy needs no lessons from the Economist | India FactsIndia Facts Says:

    [...] Myth: Narendra Modi never expressed sadness for the post-Godhra riots [...]

  22. 22
    16 Years After Godhra; 189 Tweets Which Expose The Whole Reality Behind the Riots UNITED STATES Says:

    [...] Outrageous lies dat CM never expressed sadness for violence till 2013 when he did many times in 02…  [...]

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