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Several people- unable to understand the sufferings of the Hindu society- have asked- “Why did riots occur only after Godhra? Why was nobody targeted after the Akshardham temple attack- or after the attacks on Mumbai on 26 November 2008?” Well- the answers are many.

Myth 13: Narendra Modi said-“Every action has equal and opposite reaction”

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FACT: Balbir Punj writes-“Blatant myths and fiction have lacerated the facts on Gujarat. The Times of India (March 3) reported Modi’s much-publicised misquote of Newton’s third law—”Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. In fact, the CM had never said such a thing and no other paper except for Times of India had carried the misquote in its original reportage. But later on, numerous editorials were penned on the basis of this canard. All his denials were thrown in the dustbin…”

Virendra Kapoor wrote in Cybernoon on 19 March 2002-

  “An angry Modi wrote to the English daily, which had first put the quote in his mouth, protesting that he had never met its correspondent nor had he an occasion to say what he had been quoted as having said and that it was only fair that the paper made amends for its wholly ‘inventive reportage.’ The newspaper editors, however, refused to do so and two weeks later were still sitting on Modi’s letter. Left to himself perhaps the paper’s senior-most editor may well have published Modi’s letter but since his writ does not run and the place is teeming with new-fangled journalists who openly talk of blacking out all news about the Sangh Parivar, and the paper’s management is only obsessed with packing nothing other than revenue-earning advertisement in its columns, Modi’s letter has not been published. Modi, therefore, is not entirely wrong in complaining of the bias of the media and the attempt to tar his image. For, the quote in the said paper was immediately recycled and rehashed by the rest of the print and audio visual media.

Inquiries reveal that no one from the paper had met the Gujarat Chief Minister on the day he is supposed to have quoted Newton’s law to its correspondent to justify the revenge killings of the minority community in Ahmedabad and other places in the state. The paper’s editors too have concluded that the said quote was ‘invented’ by the correspondent to indicate ‘the attitude of the Modi government.’ Indeed, it was all a cooked up job to justify what the paper’s deputy bureau chief in New Delhi said at a gathering of secularist scribes to ‘fight the fascist forces and not to give them any space in ‘our’ papers.’

Time the owners woke up to this little upstart who seeks to usurp the ownership of their paper for his own brand of fascism.

Meanwhile, Modi is contemplating taking his complaint to the Press Council of India.”

Even the Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigating Team (SIT) said in its report submitted to the court that there is no evidence at all of Narendra Modi saying “Every action has equal and opposite reaction” and his statements were quoted out-of-context and twisted.

When anyone makes an allegation, he has to prove it. No one has ever been able to prove that Modi ever uttered these words. And these people- far from apologizing- have not even published Modi’s denials.

Some more details of this issue are given in the book but not in this website.

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19 Responses to “Myth 13: Narendra Modi said-“Every action has equal and opposite reaction””

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  1. 10
    Real Indian INDIA Says:

    Well Saroja. Thanks for enlightening us. What about all the riots orchestrated by the Congress and their partners-in-crime like SP.

  2. 9
    bharat INDIA Says:

    the day modi becomes the prime minister of india , THE COUNTDOWN TO THE DAMAGE OF OUR DEMOCRACY WILL AUTOMATICALLY BEGAN .

  3. 8
    modi360. UNITED STATES Says:

    We have launched a petition to request President Obama to reconsider US Administration’s stand on Mr. Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of the State of Gujarat, India.

    Please visit to review and sign this petition.

  4. 7

    respecting all religions is one thing but
    protecting your religion is other thing
    we din’t start it we just responded to it,
    so that no one dares to do thi again

  5. 6
    aamir UNITED STATES Says:

    he will surely tell what exactly he did one day for sure he had let those chaddi morns and those nangoo kar sevaks to kill innocent people and those innocent people who have got killed will not let say the ultimate truth one day that day will come definitely it will come and this mass murderer will get what he did with those innocent people fekhu we will be waiting for that day eagarly and we are praying for that day to come soon you yourself will tell the truth what you did and why you did

  6. 5
    R. Saroja INDIA Says:

  7. 4

    Un log k sath yahi hoga

  8. 3
    Aditya Kadambi AUSTRALIA Says:

    @R.Saroja: Exactly why do you think the comments attributed to Modi are accurate?
    Yes, Sanghvi(of the deal brokering fame) has an opinion.
    Point out though how his claims(and that is exactly what they are)are accurate?

  9. 2
    R. Saroja INDIA Says:

    You have made a reference to Justice Soni’s letter to the then Chief Justice. If he really had any issue, he should have made a formal petition instead of indulging in mud slinging. Here ia an account of Justice Alam’s speech
    About Raghavan SIT, it started with 3 out of 5 members appointed by Guj Govt, one of who was an accused in Zakia Jafri petition. Here is an account of SIT controversies since its formation

  10. 1
    R. Saroja INDIA Says:

    Here is full story of Modi Action Reaction

    The first use of this morally perverse ‘Newtonian’ logic of action and reaction to justify the killing of Muslims after Godhra was made by Modi in an interview to Zee Television on 1 March, even as the violence was at its peak. And ironically, it wasn’t so much a reference to the burning of the Sabarmati Express as to press reports that former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri—who was lynched by a Sangh Parivar-led mob at his residence in Chamanpura, Ahmedabad on 28 February—had fired at the mob in order to try and disperse them. Modi said that Jafri’s ‘action’ of firing had infuriated the mob and that the massacre which followed was a ‘reaction’. Since his remark generated a huge controversy and led the Gujarat information department to deny that he had said any such thing, it is worth reproducing his exact quote: ‘Kriya pratikriya ki chain chal rahi hai. Hum chahate hain ki na kriya ho aur na pratikriya. (What is happening is a chain of action and reaction. What I want is that there should be no action and no reaction).’ Asked about the violence which erupted throughout Gujarat on the day of the VHP-sponsored bandh, he said:

    Godhra mein jo parson hua, jahan par chalees mahilaon aur bacchon ko zinda jala diya, is mein desh mein aur videsh mein sadma pahunchna swabhavik tha. Godhra ke is ilake ke logon ki criminal tendencies rahi hain. In logon ne pahele mahila teachers ka khoon kiya. Aur ab yeh jaghanya apraadh kiya hai jiski pratikria ho rahi hai. (It is natural that what happened in Godhra day before yesterday, where forty women and children were burnt alive, has shocked the country and the world. The people in that part of Godhra have had criminal tendencies. Earlier, these people had murdered women teachers. And now they have done this terrible crime for which a reaction is going on).

    Apart from being a crude attempt to deflect criticism of his failures as chief minister, Modi’s ‘action-reaction’ theory is also morally repugnant. As Vir Sanghvi has argued, ‘What Mr Modi and his ilk are really saying is this: Because the riots were a response to a horrific and immoral act at Godhra, they are somehow less morally reprehensible . . . But cause-and-effect cannot be a moral philosophy. You cannot whitewash an event, wipe away somebody’s guilt or provide moral justification by pointing to the cause of their behaviour.’

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