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Several people- unable to understand the sufferings of the Hindu society- have asked- “Why did riots occur only after Godhra? Why was nobody targeted after the Akshardham temple attack- or after the attacks on Mumbai on 26 November 2008?” Well- the answers are many.

Myth 6: Gujarat riots were the ‘worst ever massacre’ in India

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Fact: Gujarat riots of 2002 AD were much lesser as compared to Gujarat’s past riots of 1969 and 1985 AD. Gujarat also saw riots of a large scale in 1980, 1982, 1990-91- 92. Some people claim that even the 1987 Ahmedabad riots were worse than the 2002 riots in the state. And the 2002 riots were again almost nothing as compared to pre-Independence riots of the 1940’s in Ahmedabad when the Hindu community took a sound beating. In the 1960s, in 10 years there were 2938 riots, as reported by the Reddy Commission, coming to an average of 3 riots every 4 days. In 1969, curfew was imposed for 65 days in a row. In 1985, violence continued for as long as six months, from February to July.

And there were many more riots far far worse than the 2002 Gujarat riots in India- not to talk of the 1947 Partition riots. Let it be repeated here that we consider even a single killing as one too many. There is no justification for a single death, be it a Hindu or a Muslim, but that doesn’t give anyone the license to lie that “The Gujarat riots were the ‘worst-ever massacre’ in India”.

Much worse riots took place in New Delhi in 1984 under the Congress Party’s rule. Officially 3,000 people were killed. Ranganath Mishra Commission gave the number of 3874 out of which 2307 were in Delhi alone. Riots were also not limited to New Delhi then. They occurred in places like West Bengal, Tripura as well. Killings of more than 40,000 Indians have happened in Jammu and Kashmir state of India. 1000 people were killed in Gujarat in 2002 AD, for the sins of 2000 attackers of Godhra. Out of them, more than 250 are Hindus. Post-Godhra riots were neither ‘pogrom’, nor ‘genocide’, nor ‘massacre’. They were not even ‘massacre’, not to talk of the ‘worst-ever massacre in India.’ Despite this, self-styled secularists like Teesta Setalvad, Harsh Mander, Amulya Ganguly, Prafull Bidwai and some others, like Tehelka, political rivals thriving on Muslim votebank, etc have called the 2002 riots as ‘Gujarat massacre’- and lied that there was “Gujarat massacre of Muslims with the sanction of Narendra Modi”. These people have demanded action against Modi. (An article on some facts about the media can be read here “NDTV is CPM Today. And another article which is worth reading is “The channels strategy of attacks”. Note that these articles are purely the view of the blogger and not of )

There was no “Gujarat massacre of Muslims” in the 2002 riots but plain Hindu-Muslim riots in which hundreds of Hindus were also killed by Muslims even after the gruesome and horrific roasting of 59 Hindus- including 25 women and 15 children in Godhra and 40,000 Hindus were thrown out of their homes by Muslims despite comprising only 10 % of the population and that too in a state ruled by a Hindu party like the BJP with a man like Narendra Modi as Chief Minister.

The worst ever massacre was of the Hindus during the medieval times. Timur massacred some 1 lakh Hindus on a single day in Delhi in 1399. Nadirshah, the invader, massacred three to four lakh people in 1739 in Delhi. The massacres of Hindus in medieval India would have put Hitler’s Nazi death-chambers of the 1930s to shame. These massacres happened under all the medieval rulers of India including Akbar- who ordered killing of 30,000 Hindus in February 1568. Mahmud of Ghazni also massacred many Hindus in between 1001-1027 AD. Mohammad Ghori also did the same between 1192 to 1206. So did all others. The invaders were like a cloud of locusts destroying and devouring everything on their way. In fact, Professor K.S.Lal in his book “Growth of Muslim population in India” has said that according to his calculations, the Hindu population declined by 80 million between AD 1000 and AD 1525- probably the biggest ever holocaust in world history. 8 crore Hindus were slaughtered by foreign Muslims in this period.

For just a brief and cursory (very very brief and very very cursory)history of Islam in India, see this. This doesn’t focus on the mass murders and massacres of Hindus with detail, which have been given in the book (“Gujarat Riots: The True Story”) but not included in this website.

Pakistan and Bangladesh were also parts of India, and the Hindu population in West Pakistan has declined from 20 % in 1947 to around 1% now- the biggest unreported genocide, massacre and holocaust in recent times. The media and the government did nothing to raise this issue with Pakistan. Similarly, the Hindu population in Bangladesh has declined from 34 % in 1901 to 29 % in 1947, and to 10 % in 2001, and its around 8.6% as per the 2011 census. Even in India, the Hindu population has declined from 85 % in 1951 to 80.5 % in 2001- and according to the 2011 census it is already in the 70s at 79.8%, below 80%. The liberals in the Indian media, human rights activists, and Indian government have never ever raised this complete annihilation of Hindus by Pakistan ever in the world at any forum. On the contrary, the biased people in the media have exaggerated and inflated the case of Gujarat riots along with the Indian media and whitewashed Muslims’ guilt in annihilating Hinduism in Pakistan and Bangladesh and also Kashmir.

Pakistan’s TALLEST Hindu leader, Sudham Chand Chawla was killed in broad daylight in Jacobabad on 29 Jan 2002 while returning from his rice mill. The culprits were not nabbed, nor was any compensation given to his family. He had in fact been complaining to the so-called civil society of Pakistan for years about the threat to his life, to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and yet nobody did anything. If this was the case with the BIGGEST Hindu leader, then what must be the story of ordinary Hindus, who have already been reduced from 20 % in 1947 to just 1 % now?

Looking at the modern, independent India, these riots were still very lesser in intensity. The worst ever massacre in independent India was of the Hindus in Kashmir, which continues till date. After that, nothing was worse than the 1984 riots, when the Sikhs were massacred by the ruling Congress Party. In Bhagalpur, Bihar in 1989 under the Congress rule itself more than 1400 people were killed, most of whom were Muslims, after Muslims threw bombs on Hindu localities, and then suffered in retaliation. There were much worse riots in various other places, like in Assam in 1983, Moradabad, Jamshedpur, etc on many other occasions.

More details are given in the book but not included in this website.

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  1. 40
    Difference in outrage over Kathua and Godhra- How the ‘secularists’ defended heinous killers & insulted the dead victims of Godhra UNITED STATES Says:

    [...] violence in Independent India’ while there have been many far worse riots in India post-1947, in Gujarat itself in 1969 and 1985 as examples. It exposes only Darshan Desai, Saba Naqvi and Outlook which published such a third [...]

  2. 39
    The real Saba Naqvi: Here is how the 'neutral journalist' supported killers of Ram Sevaks in Sabarmati Express burning - Opindia News GERMANY Says:

    [...] violence in Independent India’ while there have been many far worse riots in India post-1947, in Gujarat itself in 1969 and 1985 as examples. It exposes only Darshan Desai, Saba Naqvi and Outlook which published such a third [...]

  3. 38
    AltNews as 'Fake News buster'? Pratik Sinha of AltNews is a big liar- lies & fake news exposed UNITED STATES Says:

    [...] UPA Government gave figures of 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus, or that ‘The 2002 riots were the ”worst ever riots” in India or that Narendra Modi said ‘Every action has equal and opposite reaction’. Pratik Sinha [...]

  4. 37
    raf INDIA Says:

    Not true, pls do not quote without knowing. Quran says, “Lakum deenakum waliyadeen” Jiska dharm uske saat, and also says, killing one human is equal to killing of complete human gene on earth and equally punishable by Almighty Allah. Jehad is permissable under self protection or religious protection. Islam never spread by sword but by character. whatever kings u guys took names where not representatives of Islam, those invasions were political motive. Those kings are kuslims as their religion but they are not a religion in themselves, u cannot blame islam with retrospecting past invaders, islam is the religion of peace & hormony. Zakat, fitra, fasting, giving alms to beggars on friday – dont u think it is sharing & caring religion. “was there sati in islam except pre-islamic era of arabs. do non muslim women has right to take parents property, dont u know Azhoka killed lakhs of ppl in india, dont u think Chanakya perished “budham sharnam gajjami & wiped away bhuddhists in chandragupt maurya dynasti. dont u know shudras are being hindus maligned & kept as untouchbles. dont u know low cast ppl are not allowed in temples despite the fact that God is for everyone, do u know that most of famous temples have different lines to pray & one who can pay can darshan in VIP queue. So pls guys do not speak when u dont know. Jai Hind. Bharat Zindabad. Bye

  5. 36
    amit Says:

    Hindus are peace loving socity who believe in live and let live whereas muslim can’t let’s other to perform their believe

  6. 35
    Indian in Australia AUSTRALIA Says:

    DHAKA, Dec 5 (Reuters) – At least six people were injured, with three in a critical condition, after a series of bomb blasts on Saturday at a Hindu religious gathering in northern Bangladesh, a police official said.

    The attack follows the shooting and wounding of an Italian doctor working in the same region last month, and the earlier murders of an Italian and a Japanese citizen in separate attacks claimed by Islamic State.

    The latest incident occurred in Dinajpur district, 415 km (260 miles) north of the capital Dhaka when a series of bombs exploded as hundreds of devotees attended a religious ceremony known as “Rushmela”, Abdul Mazid, the officer in-charge of Kahalur police station, told Reuters.

    The attack came after recent threats to the temple’s priest, urging him not to organise any religious gatherings, Mazid said.

    Five people had been detained for interrogation, he said.

    The country has suffered a rising tide of Islamist violence over the past year. Four online critics of religious militancy have been hacked to death, among them a U.S. citizen of Bangladesh origin.

  7. 34
    A Says:


  8. 33
    peter singhania Says:

    Today Hindus are only enemies of Hindus – I have never seen Hindu journalists or activists raising voice for KAshmiri pandits or Bangladeshi/ Pakistani hindus who live like slaves … I have never seen Hindus raising voice for killing of Hindus on Bangladeshi border …

    These muslims they are no one `s dear except their religion – their religion does not allow them to love and respect other religions . See the documentaries like Islam What west needs to know and Islamic invasion of India …reality is that wherever muslims are in good numbers- there they are causing problems because their religion is poisonous … we need to wipe them out or separate them from us … Hindus are too soft .

  9. 32
    sheriff INDIA Says:

    i can see that this site is only increasing the hate rate….. the owner of this site is seems a politician… i can see many falls statements on parttician of pakistan as well as holy QURAN.only the knowledge of our own history and our religion can clarify these misunderstandings.
    google is the best to search for these answers…search on the followings
    1.origin of aryan
    2.timeline on indian history
    3.muslim contribution to freedom fight
    4.memon abdul habeeb
    5.who killed mahathma gandhi

  10. 31
    JAIDEEP Says:


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