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Several people- unable to understand the sufferings of the Hindu society- have asked- “Why did riots occur only after Godhra? Why was nobody targeted after the Akshardham temple attack- or after the attacks on Mumbai on 26 November 2008?” Well- the answers are many.

Myth 22: A B Vajpayee said Modi is not following Rajdharma

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    FACT: This incident happened on 4th April 2002, when the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee visited Gujarat. When a reporter asked the Prime Minister in his joint press conference with Narendra Modi what message he will like to give the Gujarat Chief Minister, he said: “A ruler should follow Rajdharma. Not differentiate between the subjects on the basis of caste or religion. I always try to do so. I am sure Narendra bhai is also doing so.”

     The latter part of the sentence: “I am sure that Narendra Modi is also following Rajdharma” was completely ignored, not reported and it was made to sound as if Vajpayee had said: “Narendra Modi should follow Rajdharma (Implied that he is not doing so now)”.

    Luckily, the entire video is today on YouTube and can be viewed by anyone.

   The Hindu reported on 5 April 2002, i.e. the next day, in a report titled: “Vajpayee’s advice to Modi” that: “The Prime Minister added, “I believe he is performing his Raj dharma properly.” 

   In the days of the domination of the biased media, and terrible PR work from the Gujarat Government, this lie continued unchallenged for almost 10 years. But now with the social media and YouTube taking away the monopoly of TV channels, the reality came out.

    Some more details of this issue are given in the book but not in this website.

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11 Responses to “Myth 22: A B Vajpayee said Modi is not following Rajdharma”

  1. 1
    shyam lal jat Says:

    First 59 hindus are live burned by muslim,what the answer for that….

  2. 2
    arjun INDIA Says:

    i’m a hindu
    if i commit a crime you dont have rights to punish my whole family and friends
    what was the fault of those innocent childrens and women in that ?
    whey are they raped and burnt alive ??
    if muslims of godhra killed them , so why they kill muslims all over the state

  3. 3
    Alex QATAR Says:

    Mr.shyam lal , if your brother murder some one , is it right to kill all your family ??? Those who burned the train and killed 59 people should be arrested and hanged , but how do you justify the killing of entire community and in hundreds

  4. 4
    Mister India Says:

    Are you trying to fool Indians and the world??

    I saw the video and it shows Vajpayee talking about how Modi should follow Raj Dharm and goes at length about it, when Modi who was sitting right next to Vajpayee interrupted Vajapayee sheepishly at the end and said “I too am doing the same sir”, to which Vajapayee being polite just said “I’m sure Modi does it too” – it was more throw away line than said with any conviction by Vajpayee.

    Vajpayee said it out of compulsion cause Modi interrupted him and put him on the spot and Vajpayee did not want to escalate the matter and completely disrespectand expose modi in front of the world on camera.

    Smart people can connect the dots.

  5. 5
    yashwant Says:

    @mister india is prejudiced in his observations. i do not see shri modiji acting sheepishly or shri atalji chastising him. both shri atalji and shri modiji look dam confident in the video.

  6. 6
    Raghuram UNITED STATES Says:

    Communal violences should not be and can not be equated to simple domestic or petty quarrels. Communal violences have a very complex, deep and pent-up anger and mistrust, built over several generations. “Intellectual” people asking if “I do the mistake should my whole family be punished?” are so naive that they do not understand the demographic and cultural equations in a complex society. Fifty nine innocent Hindus were killed and it is not a family fuse, it was hat redness towards the whole Hindu Dharmic people. “Intellectuals” are also suggesting “find the culprits who killed the innocent Hindus and punish only them”, again how foolish can these “intellects” be?!!! This again shows how ignorant these “intellects” are. The simple and glaring truth is the muslim community will never ever expose their own kind, take the recent example of the thousands of people who cam to the procession of a known terrorist yakub memon. What Hindus did was correct and this how Hindus should react each time Hindus are attacked by the marauding muslims and christians. PERIOD.

  7. 7
    omar UNITED STATES Says:

    I want modi should be shoot infront of whole nation he has killed so many innocent muslims. Agar aise nhi hua toh koi nai khuda sab dekh rha h uske laathi me aawaz nhi hoti . Wo saza dega modi ko

  8. 8
    Rahul UNITED STATES Says:

    Omar every action has equall and opposite reaction, you must have heard about this …. to pehle galti karo hi mat….instead of going to madarsa if you had went to skul then you would have fealt tha pain of those innocent children.. . Or ha jitne izat is desh mai paate ho uska aadha bhe kisi muslim country mai le k dekhao phir modi ko hang karne ki baat karna.. Jub kabhi desh pe terriost attack hota hai tub kya koi hindu tumhe marne aata hai socho is baare mai or ha hafte mai ek din ki wajae roj nahate to sayad tumhe a baat samza aa jaate…everybody wants peace do you? Agar hota to pehle aage tum log na aate.. .

  9. 9
    Tibs Says:

    Yes, Atal sahib mentioned that “Mujhe vishwas hai ki Narendrabhai bhi kar rahe hai” but it was only after Narendrabhai prompted Atalji “Hum bhi kar rahe hain sahib”…

  10. 10
    Myths of Gujarat Riots – Site Title UNITED STATES Says:

    [...] Narendra Modi is a genuine one Myth 21:No one was brought to justice for the riots Myth 22: A B Vajpayee said Modi is not following Rajdharma Myth 23: Ehsan Jafri called Narendra Modi during the riots Myth 24: The bodies of Godhra victims [...]

  11. 11
    Raj INDIA Says:

    If Modi had followed what Atalji mentioned, Atalji would not have instructed him to do so. And Modi was embarrassed when Atalji was saying it, one can read his face….. Only to avoid further embarrassment he interuppted Atalji then only Atalji very passively give the statement that he is following Rajdharm…Atalji was man of conscience so first truth came out spontaneously ….. Later part was only diplomacy on his part.

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