Gujarat Riots: The True Story

The Truth of the 2002 riots

The Godhra Carnage

Difference between Godhra and other tragic incidents

Several people- unable to understand the sufferings of the Hindu society- have asked- “Why did riots occur only after Godhra? Why was nobody targeted after the Akshardham temple attack- or after the attacks on Mumbai on 26 November 2008?” Well- the answers are many.

About Us


We are the well-wishers of humanity. And our only aim is to bring out the TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH-however disagreeable it may be. Learn the TRUTH of the Gujarat riots of 2002 by reading this site.

After persistent demands from readers, we have finally given in to their wishes and opened a twitter account in March 2012. You can follow us on twitter at!/Gujaratriotscom

After numerous requests from readers, we have opened a Facebook page as well, on 17 Feb 2014. You can ‘like’ our Facebook page here:

The author is a man who ran the site single-handedly from 2008 to 2011 with the help of someone in US who got the domain registered for him. He wrote the book first in 2007 and for 1 year tried to convince anyone who would listen that a website is needed to bring out the truth of the 2002 riots. It all went on deaf ears, and it is only by the efforts of an individual volunteer that they got the site registered in May 2008.

In Aug 2011 he got the help of a social media activist who was a not-too-old youngster. In 2012 they revamped it with help of some individuals- the design was changed and hence the site was down for a few months. But the only thing changed was the design-the content was absolutely the same before and after the revamp.

But even today the entire site is run by the author almost single-handedly. It has absolutely nothing to do with any other individual, group, or organisation. The author is keen to have the website and the book available in Hindi, along with English. We welcome all those willing to translate the website and / or the whole book in Hindi or any regional Indian language. The book was written in May 2007 but was not published till December 2014.

Some opponents have lied about our website. Our answers to those lies are here   We have made it clear that we are open for correction if proven wrong. Since some opponents could not do that, could not refute the solid arguments on merit, they tried to reduce the credibility of the website by claiming that it was a part of PR work of some politicians. Far from it, the author got no support from anyone for 1 whole year in even registering the site. The book written in May 2007 was unpublished for 7 and a half years and has still not been translated in Hindi or any other language including Gujarati. If the site had anything to do with a politician of a level of Chief Minister, the least he would have done is ensure the book is published and translated in Hindi, to reach a far wider audience. We in fact accuse the Gujarat Government, and the Sangh Parivar of having the biggest-ever public relations disaster in human history (without exaggeration) as they did absolutely nothing from 2003 onwards to bring out the truth of the riots. At the risk of sounding boastful, we wonder what would have been the situation at least on the internet, had it not been for our site, and the efforts of the author to bring out the truth.

For argument’s sake, even if the website was ‘propaganda work’, how is that a refutation of the website’s arguments? Arguments have to be refuted on merit, not by saying they are work of Mr XYZ. We are open for correction if proven wrong. Till now, no opponent has ever refuted the arguments on merit.


    In 2007 the author finished the book, and urged many people to make a site on the issue of the 2002 riots. All his suggestions did not meet with any concrete action for more than 1 year. Then, just as he was about to give up, in May 2008 he read a report on the creation of a new website in some paper. He visited that website, and out of curiosity thought of contacting the people with a suggestion to make a site on the 2002 Gujarat riots. His first mail with a mere suggestion was quickly responded to, and in full agreement. The respondents and the author were in different continents, had no personal acquaintance at all, and yet gave a positive response. The author then sent them his book on email, which they liked and got the site registered in May 2008. From 22 May 2008, it is on. Since then, it was once revamped in 2012 with the help of some volunteers. It has been growing strong and hopes to one day bring out the truth in front of the whole world.


163 Responses to “About Us”

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  1. 160
    Alex INDIA Says:

    Come on people cant we forget the past and move on. Loses were on both the sides but we need to stop blaming each other for the events that no one of us actually did. The people who do these things aint hindu or muslim. These people have no name no religion. They are just the killing machine. We need to move on and try forget the past. I know there will be some people who will make a hulabula about my comment but if we don’t stop this hindu and muslim thing an INDIAN will be lost in these brawls. So lets just try and forget and unite.
    Also if my comment caused discomfort or disturbed you I apologise for the same and secondly we all live in a free nation and I have my own opinions

  2. 159
    salman Says:

    sale hindu woh kya jaane ki musalman kaun hai. aur agar jan na hai ya hota toh dango mein 15 minute ke liye in khaki kutton ko hata lete toh jaan jate ki musalman kaun hai.

  3. 158
    shaikh irfan AUSTRALIA Says:

    मुल्लो को उनका “अरबी मजहब” “इस्लाम” में क्या स्थान है ये दिखा दे! ये सुनो………

    जो खाए सर पर जूता अरब का फिर भी झुकाए ५ बार सर (अरब भुमी) के आगे एसा करे जो ये अजब वो हर शख्स मुसलमान है!

    जो झेले अपने मुख पर थूक!!-ए-अरब फिरभी जो उस अरबी इस्लाम को चाटे वो हर शख्स मुसलमान है!

    जन्नत के लालच में जिसने भेजी अपनी जवान बहन बेटी बूढ़े अरब की हुजूरी में वो हर शख्स मुसलमान है!

    जो खाए अरब देश से लात घुसा और गालिया फिर भी बाटे इन्हें इस्लाम के नाम पर जलेबिया वो हर शख्स मुसलमान है!

    जो पहने टोपी ओर बूरखा, जेसे हो गले मेँ पट्टा कुत्ते का, करे गुलामी अरब की वह हर शख्स मुसलमान हे !

    जो अल्लाह से भी बडा पागल मोहम्मद को माने ओर जन्नत के लिए अपना जीवन गुलामी में बिगाडे वह हर शख्स मुसलमान हे !

    जो बात करेँ शांति की, पर सुबह सुबह उठकर साबित करे अल्लाह को बहरा वो हर शख्स मुसलमान हे !

    जो अपनी बुजदिली के कारण, किसी दिन झुक गया जिहादी की तलवार की धार से,आज अपने ही शुरवीर बाप दादा ओर उनके महजब को दे गालियाँ वो हर शख्स मुसलमान हे !

  4. 157
    admin Says:

    Cheap PR campaign by Narendra Modi, the blood thirty massacrer of humanity

    What a convincing, point-by-point refutation of this site’s solid arguments on merit! :D Refute on merit if you can, we are open for correction if proven wrong.

  5. 156
    Newbin Says:

    Cheap PR campaign by Narendra Modi, the blood thirty massacrer of humanity

  6. 155
    anonymus INDIA Says:

    wtf is wrong with u does it matter who started what..and how many of each community was killed…the fact is people where killed, small kids, elders, women, men all alike…and all this just to fulfil some political motives..its high time we forget abt the communities and fight the inner devil which gets influenced by such politicians….GROW UP!!

  7. 154
    admin Says:

    The first thing which i am seeing lie in this website is owner is just invisible (Mr: India :P ) and he is talking about TRUTH.

    Dude wake up and see people are not blind over here and you can not make fool to all of them.

    My dear Ehte, how is this a refutation of this website’s arguments on merit? What difference does it make if Mr. A, B, or C is the owner of the website? We are open for correction if proven wrong. Read this website from top to bottom and pin-point where factual errors are given and we will correct.
    Since May 2008, all opponents have talked only this- alleging falsely that the site ‘justifies’ riots or that its owners are unknown. Is that a refutation on merit? Is that all our opponents can say?

  8. 153
    Ehte Says:

    The first thing which i am seeing lie in this website is owner is just invisible (Mr: India :P ) and he is talking about TRUTH.

    Dude wake up and see people are not blind over here and you can not make fool to all of them.

  9. 152
    Kailas P Says:

    As author is doing partiality as he is Muslim. Why he forget the percentage of no.of killed. Also he should study about starting of riot verses no. Of killed of each community.

  10. 151
    Zeeko INDIA Says:

    Modi’s advertisement to fool Indians…see all the details and changes made on the site from 2008. Admin, u will rot and will die unhappy, sad and lonely !

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