Gujarat Riots: The True Story

The Truth of the 2002 riots

The Godhra Carnage

Difference between Godhra and other tragic incidents

Several people- unable to understand the sufferings of the Hindu society- have asked- “Why did riots occur only after Godhra? Why was nobody targeted after the Akshardham temple attack- or after the attacks on Mumbai on 26 November 2008?” Well- the answers are many.

About Us


We are the well-wishers of humanity. And our only aim is to bring out the TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH-however disagreeable it may be. Learn the TRUTH of the Gujarat riots of 2002 by reading this site and the full book.

After persistent demands from readers, we have finally given in to their wishes and opened a Twitter account in March 2012. You can follow us on twitter at!/Gujaratriotscom

After numerous requests from readers, we have opened a Facebook page as well, on 17 Feb 2014. You can ‘like’ our Facebook page here:

The author is a man who ran the site single-handedly from 2008 to 2011 with the help of someone in US who got the domain registered for him. He wrote the book first in 2007 and for 1 year tried to convince anyone who would listen that a website is needed to bring out the truth of the 2002 riots. It all went on deaf ears, and it is only by the efforts of an individual volunteer that they got the site registered in May 2008.

In August 2011 he got the help of a social media activist who was a not-too-old youngster. In 2012 they revamped it with help of some individuals- the design was changed and hence the site was down for a few months. But the only thing changed was the design-the content was absolutely the same before and after the revamp.

But even today the entire site is run by the author almost single-handedly. It has absolutely nothing to do with any other individual, group, or organisation. The author is keen to have the website and the book available in Hindi, along with English. We welcome all those willing to translate the website and / or the whole book in Hindi or any regional Indian language. The book was written in May 2007 but was not published till December 2014. The only Indian language in which the book is available as of now is Marathi.

Some opponents have lied about our website. Our answers to those lies are here   We have made it clear that we are open for correction if proven wrong. Since some opponents could not do that, could not refute the solid arguments on merit, they tried to reduce the credibility of the website by claiming that it was a part of PR work of some politicians. Far from it, the author got no support from anyone for 1 whole year in even registering the site. The book written in May 2007 was unpublished for 7 and a half years and has still not been translated in Hindi or any other language except Marathi. If the site had anything to do with a politician of a level of Chief Minister, the least he would have done is ensure the book is published and translated in Hindi, to reach a far wider audience. We in fact accuse the Gujarat Government, and the Sangh Parivar of having the biggest-ever public relations disaster in human history (without exaggeration) as they did absolutely nothing from 2003 onwards to bring out the truth of the riots. At the risk of sounding boastful, we wonder what would have been the situation at least on the Internet, had it not been for our site, and the efforts of the author to bring out the truth.

For argument’s sake, even if the website was ‘propaganda work’, how is that a refutation of the website’s arguments? Arguments have to be refuted on merit, not by saying they are work of Mr XYZ. We are open for correction if proven wrong. Till now, no opponent has ever refuted the arguments on merit.


    In 2007 the author finished the book, and urged many people to make a site on the issue of the 2002 riots. All his suggestions did not meet with any concrete action for more than 1 year. Then, just as he was about to give up, in May 2008 he read a report on the creation of a new website in some paper. He visited that website, and out of curiosity thought of contacting the people with a suggestion to make a site on the 2002 Gujarat riots. His first mail with a mere suggestion was quickly responded to, and in full agreement. The respondents and the author were in different continents, had no personal acquaintance at all, and yet gave a positive response. The author then sent them his book on email, which they liked and got the site registered in May 2008. From 22 May 2008, it is on. Since then, it was once revamped in 2012 with the help of some volunteers. It has been growing strong and hopes to one day bring out the truth in front of the whole world.


162 Responses to “About Us”

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  1. 20
    doesitmatter INDIA Says:

    I was keen to know what this web site has, but it took no time for me to infer that this website is defnitely promoted by one of the Hindutva brigade. The long history of the sang parivar in spreading rumours and mis leading people needs no introduction.

    No matter how well you engineer/craft evidence the truth is Modi has blood on his hands.

    Though the muslims (fringe elements)who burnt the train are no lesser evils, Modi had no right in presiding over the massacre of innocent muslims. I am a hindu and it pains me to see that such heinous crime were committed by people calling themselves ‘Hindus’. These so called protectors of Hinduism are in fact doing the contrary, making this country more insecure and misrepresenting what this country stands for. Rather than leaving behind the pains of partition and progressing ahead united, these people are deepening the divide in the country, all in the name of protecting Hindus.

    Atlast looks like the judicila system in this country has some spine left. The arrest of the Gujrath education minister is a welcome move. Hope truth prevails eventually.

  2. 19
    Pratik Sinha UNITED STATES Says:

    Please find Jan Sangharsh Manch’s comments on the Nanavati Commission and the Report prepared by Jan Sangharsh Manch throwing light on what happened in Godhra.

  3. 18
    Comman Man INDIA Says:

    @Pratik Sinha

    Before I could open this site again and see the questions you have asked me, 2 persons Mr. Rajesh Nayak and the Nationalist, had already replied to your queries. So please be aware that the new Indians and specially the Hindus wear their faith and nationalism on their sleeves.

    And about your query to keep the ‘discussion relevant’, I am just informing you about what’s going on in Bengal, so be ready to face the music if any misgivings continue to happen as shown in the link below

    And if you say that

    “I do not believe in religion. Am neither Hindu, nor Muslim.”

    better keep out of it, rather than patronising a psuedo-secular organisation like nsm.

    When you are coming to India, be sure to write down a mail, I shall arrange for your stay here and be there to welcome you, afterall we are known for our hospitality, and have welcomed Parsis, Sindhis, Kasmiri Pandits, and many more


  4. 17
    Rajesh Nayak INDIA Says:

    Read this article-of India Today weekly-dated 22 July 2002.

  5. 16
    Nationalist INDIA Says:

    Ha ha ha…Mr Sinha, this report is rubbish. What are you saying? The stone-pelting was done by Muslims-and the train was burnt with PETROL which had been brought a day before. Read India Today dated 22 July 2002 to know the full details. Many of the accused of the Godhra massacre-like Haji Bilal, Mohammad Kalota etc have confessed to commiting the horrific massacre. Godhra is well-known for Muslim fundamentalism right since 1927.

  6. 15
    Pratik Sinha UNITED STATES Says:

    Some more info.

  7. 14
    Rajesh Nayak INDIA Says:

    Mr Pratik Sinha,
    Your report on post-Godhra is absolute rubbish. It does not mention the fact that the Gujarat police saved 2,500 Muslims in Sanjeli, on 1st March 2002,and thousands in Bodeli, and Viramgam. It does not bother to report that in the first 3 days-98 people were shot dead by the police. The police shot dead 5 Hindus outside Ehsan Jafri’s house on Feb 28. On Feb 28, the police shot dead 10 Hindus in Ahmedabad alone by evening-as reported by The Hindu the next day.
    The post-Godhra report ignored the killings of HUNDREDS of HINDUS. This article brings out the truth of the Gujarat riots.

  8. 13
    Rajesh Nayak INDIA Says:

    Mr Pratik Sinha,
    India Today weekly dated 22nd July 2002 -gives in detail the names of the witnesses-who testified these statements. The Railway Security officers have given signed statements to the police to these effects-as reported by India Today.
    The Muslims cut the coach with swords-again mentioned by weekly India Today dated 22 July 2002.
    Your defence that-many passengers did indeed run away-made me laugh. What prevented the remaining 59-who were burnt to death-from running away?
    Gayatri Panchal-a 16 year old survivor-and many others who survived the attack-have clearly testified that the attack was planned, the mob was ready and waiting -and unprovoked-and Muslims brutually murdered the unarmed 59 karsewaks-including 14 children and 26 women.
    You are DEFENDING Muslims’ stone pelting-and blaming the innocent dead 59 karsewaks for ‘ill-treatment’ to them. What evidence do you have to prove that there was any ill-treatment meted out to Muslims in the first place? And in any-case, does mere ill-treatment mean stone pelting on them is justified?

  9. 12
    Pratik Sinha UNITED STATES Says:

    @Common Man

    The question here is what happened in Godhra. This is a blog talking about Gujarat Riots and hence my submission to this blog. Hence please keep the discussion relevant.

    I do not believe in religion. Am neither Hindu, nor Muslim.

  10. 11
    Pratik Sinha UNITED STATES Says:

    @Rajesh Nayak
    1-If it was an accident, and not a murder done by Muslims-then why did the karsewaks not run away from the train when it caught fire?

    [PRATIK] Good Question – According to the confessions of several Karsevaks themselves (under oath) in Nanavati Commission, they fled from the backdoor and there was no Mob there.

    [PRATIK] Next question, Why didn’t all of them escape then? Thats because there wasn’t enough time because of the flash fire.

    Please see Slide 67 onwards on following presentation:

    2- There was heavy stone-pelting done on the train and stones were recovered from the site. Who did that?

    [PRATIK] Muslims did that, and they were obviously retaliating to the ill treatment meted out to them by the Karsevaks.

    3- Muslims forcibly entered the train by cutting some parts with swords-which is well-documented.

    [PRATIK] Where is it documented? Is there a single submission like that there under oath in a judicial court with evidence?

    4-A senior Railway security official has said that he heard cries of ‘Islam Khatre mein hein-kafro ko kaat dalo’ (Islam is in danger, butcher the infidels) from the loudspeaker of a mosque close to where the coach was burnt.

    [PRATIK] Again, where’s the documentation? where did this office confess this under oath?

    This nonsense report given is nowhere near the truth of the Gujarat riots or Godhra. The bitter truth that Muslims can commit murder cannot be accepted by some people.

    [PRATIK] Please read the report from a scientific point of view and try to understand whats written.

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