Gujarat Riots: The True Story

The Truth of the 2002 riots

The Godhra Carnage

Difference between Godhra and other tragic incidents

Several people- unable to understand the sufferings of the Hindu society- have asked- “Why did riots occur only after Godhra? Why was nobody targeted after the Akshardham temple attack- or after the attacks on Mumbai on 26 November 2008?” Well- the answers are many.

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This website is a supplement to a book, revealing the complete truth surrounding the infamous Gujarat Riots. The book is available for sale in English worldwide and now also in Marathi.

Additionally, this book is available for sale in E-book format as well.

Meanwhile, go ahead and read the excerpts from this book. Please spread the word about this book and let many more people know the truth behind Gujarat riots.


The English book is available for purchase in Indian Rupees in Paperback and Hardcover Format on Amazon and Flipkart.


It is also available in the E-book format (much cheaper than print book)


To contact the publishers email at

Book is now available for Purchase in UK in print. To purchase, open the link:

It is also available for purchase in USA in print, and anywhere else for those paying in US dollars. To purchase, open the link:

E-book is now available too. It is available worldwide, in Dollars, Rupees and in all formats! The E-book is much cheaper.


       The Marathi edition of book “Gujarat Riots: The True Story” has been published in May 2018. Price Rs 450/-  It is available on Amazon.

  It can be ordered online (in Marathi) at Rs 450/- from by opening this link:

   It can also be ordered from “Sahitya Prasar Kendra, Opposite Patwardhan School, Sitabuldi,Nagpur-440012.” Phone: 0712-2523702 Email:

It can also be ordered online from by opening this link:


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70 Responses to “Buy the Book”

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  1. 40
    Tufayl Says:

    400 hindu’s murdered , 200 more which are gujarat police but idk how the other 15 died, help me

  2. 39
    Tufayl Says:

    the total dead was 1260, 645 muslims and 615 hindu’s.

  3. 38
    Ambarish Singh Pawar AUSTRALIA Says:

    I think that our congress politicians have no other manifesto rather than gujarat riots……………….. No one speaks on development………………. I feel that I need the book……………………

  4. 37
    Sriram Says:

    plz send this book to above given mail id

  5. 36
    rakeshh UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    I was witnessed to what happened, I am proud hindu but doesn’t supports any riots and know for sure most of the HIndus don’t.
    Burnt Sabarmati Express was being the train I was travelling in ( Howrah Ahmedabad Express)and have seen the faces and reactions of the families whose members were burnt/killed.
    Today everyone talks about Muslims killed no one talks about why it happened & why Hindus were killed of no reasons…same why Muslims were killed for no reasons.
    Wish Modi would have left the mob to do what they did( which was wrong)but he was prompt to act which I have seen myself in Ahmedabad.
    We should not be selective to chose one act over the another….both the community suffered but yes why those hindus were burnt and killed at the first place no one knows as every leader or political party is keen blaming one person for minority killings.
    I would like to buy this book to understand it better for myself and politicians and other overseas funding people/agencies to keep this issue alive though the NGOs.

  6. 35
    Mohit Saxena Says:

    Want to purchase the book as soon as it is released
    Mail me when it is ready

  7. 34
    Anupam Says:

    Please let me know whenever book available in Store !!

  8. 33
    a r panigrahi INDIA Says:

    plz let me know when ur book is out,i need to read it

  9. 32
    admin Says:

    No- not yet in Hindi. Only English and will soon be out.

  10. 31

    Plz let me know if this book is in hindi. and how many pages does it have. I want to have one so that the truths come to everybodys knowledge

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