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Several people- unable to understand the sufferings of the Hindu society- have asked- “Why did riots occur only after Godhra? Why was nobody targeted after the Akshardham temple attack- or after the attacks on Mumbai on 26 November 2008?” Well- the answers are many.

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60 Responses to “Donate Money”

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  1. 20
    Deepak Says:

    Ask these slaves of MODI, did muslims kill HARAIN PANDYA who testified that MODI held a meeting on the night of godhra accident to order senior police officials not to interfere in backslash??

    Who killed HARAIN PANDYA?? Why did no one kill TAGODIA aur others like him??

    Muslims have fanatics among them and so do we hindus… tell me something you slaves.. you back bjp GOVT for not being involved in rights… it is actually not just about BJP or congress.

    When you say CONGRESS WAS RESPONSIBLE for 1984, tell me were the congress men HINDU OR MUSLIM???

    Jagdish tytler, sajjan kumar, lalit maken, arjan daas… are these killers of 84 hindus or not??

    Hindus are such a patient religion, then what happened in 84??? 92?? 2002?? 2006?? NO MATTER WHAT GOVERNMENT YOU NAME, criminals and killers were hindus in all these cases and accept this fact that VHP AND RSS AND BAJRANG DAL are same low life criminals as are JEM, LET and so on…

    you guys should just die of shame for even putting up a face to have so called “debate” on the “challenge” of this website…

    There is no challenge presented when these hindu fanatics raped and killed humanity in name of revenge or anger..

  2. 19
    Abdul SAUDI ARABIA Says:

    @Ramesh and Ajinkya: Both of you have a serious problem of associating a religion with terrorism. Mr Ramesh quoted three verses, but he quoted half of the verse by distorting its real context. This is not the first time someone quoted the Quran out of context, it is happening since centuries. You can play those childish games with any religion in the world. It is very easy to quote the statements of any religious scripture out of context or to distort the meanings.

    Listen to all the 13 parts of this lecture; Jihad and Terrorism – An Islamic perspective in this link:

    You dont have the guts to approach any islamic scholar for a LIVE debate infront of the audience. As obviously, you are afraid that your lack of knowledge will be exposed. Shame on your misinterpretations of Quran.

    I repeat it again – Killing the innocents is very big SIN in Islam. Even if fighting is commanded in SELF DEFENSE, there are clear instructions not the harm the women and children. If someone does not follow Islam its the problem of the person, NOT the religion. There are blacksheeps in every community. We have the bad people in every religion in the world.

    And for the sake of argument if we agree that a muslim mob attacked and burned the train to kill innocents, does that give you the license to commit gang rapes and brutal genocide. If you want justice, then Catch the culprits, dont let the innocents pay for the price of others.

    @Ajinkya: Lets say tomorrow, someone kidnapped your sister, or daughter or wife, took her to a room and locked the doors and windows infront of you. What will be your REACTION? It is but natural to take immediate action and call everybody near the vicinity to help you take suitable action asap. The same thing happened in the godhra train incident. What else could the villagers do besides throwing stones on that compartment where the muslim girl was abducted and doors/windows were closed.

    Moreover, the train was scheduled to arrive @ 2:55am and we know that it was delayed. If you claim that it was a pre-planned attack, did the pre-planned attackers hatch the conspiracy days in advance or only after they came to know that the train was late? In addition to that, why didnt they attack the other trains that were arriving from ayodhya, why only one train? Why only on the compartment where the muslim girl was locked?

  3. 18
    Ajinkya AUSTRALIA Says:

    Good to see this Ramesh taking over.
    Only one answer from me- 2,000 is the number of Muslims as given by Vir Sanghvi- an extremely anti-BJP man in his article “One way ticket” in Hindustan Times. It is also the number given by the Justice Tewatia Committee headed by former Punjab and Haryana High Court Chief Justice D S Tewatia- so it is certainly not a number invented by me. The Tewatia Committe says that the number of Muslims initially was around 1,000 and then it swelled to 2,000. Also- I remember the report of Aaj Tak TV channel on 27 Feb 2002 saying- “Looking at the number of stones thrown- they must have been 1500-2000 people”.
    Bye from me now.

  4. 17
    Ramesh Mantri AUSTRALIA Says:

    Well Mr Abdul- if you read this chapter “Tehelka Lies” of this site you will know that TEHELKA has no aim to BRING OUT THE TRUTH- its only aim is to TARGET MODI, BJP and SANGH PARIVAR, HINDUS and defend the indefensible act of Godhra. Shall I list Tehelka’s crimes?
    1- Babu Bajrangi said- “FIR says I cut open womb of a pregnant woman. I did not do so.”
    When he was saying so- TEHELKA LIED THAT “BAJRANGI CONFESSES TO DOING SO- AND BOASTS DOING IT”. This is a serious crime for which Tehelka can be prosecuted.
    Also- the post-mortem report of Dr Kanoria has said that the womb was intact. Even if Bajrangi had boasted that he actually cut it open- Tehelka should have cross checked the facts- instead of claiming “Irrefutable proof” and making such a serious charge against Bajrangi.
    2- Bajrangi and Suresh Richard claimed that Modi visited Naroda Patiya on 28 Feb. The official record show that he DID NOT VISIT that day. Instead of cross checking- TEHELKA LIED AND ACCUSED MODI OF VISITING PATIYA AND PATTING THE BACK OF RIOTERS. Another serious charge.
    These are only 2 of many guilts of Tehelka. What credibility does a report by such a weekly have?

    Now on Godhra. Tehelka claimed that Modi labelled as a “Pre planned act of terrorism by one community against another”. This is also false. Modi never named any community. See the actual report: He did not even say it was a pre-planned act. He simply said- “Seems to be a pre-planned act” and NEVER SAID BY A COMMUNITY. Tehelka lies exposed.

    Noel Parmar is a CHRISTIAN. He was accused of being anti-Sangh Parivar- and yet he has been labelled anti-Muslim by Tehelka.

    TEHELKA LABELS KARSEWAKS TESTIMONIES AS “UNRELIABLE” and karsewaks as “Biased”. 16 year old Gayatri Panchal’s testimony has been COMPLETELY IGNORED BY TEHELKA.

    The investigation into the case was led by DIG Rakesh Asthana, now IG and Vadodara Police Commissioner, and conducted by Dy SP Noel Parmar, a Christian officer known for his efficiency.

    In fact when Parmar was appointed as investigation officer of the case, many in the Sangh Parivar complained to the government saying that he was a Christian and could play mischief under pressure of the minority lobby. However, the government didn’t change him inspite of such towering pressure.

    Both Asthana and Parmar are known as upright and efficient officers and unlikely to toe a purely political line.

    As for bribes being paid to petrol pump wallas of Rs 50,000 – this has NO VALUE at all, because the sting operation was held from point of view of a man writing a book on the Hindutva point of view- and recording was done secretly- so these people may have said lies. What is more likely- TEHELKA ITSELF MAY HAVE PAID rs 50,000 to them to falsely claim that they were paid 50,000/-

    Another Tehelka lie- no non-karsewak witness saw petrol or kerosene thrown. What rubbish. This is a must read report.
    Vijay Sharma, one of the firemen, says haji Bilal had called the fire brigade on the night of February 26 and asked for the names of the firemen who would be on duty the next morning. Coincidentally, that same evening a water tanker attached to the fire station and a fire tender both developed serious engine snags. It would, of course, be naive to think that conspirators depend on coincidences to accomplish their deadly missions. Was this fireman also a VHP man?
    TEHeLKA HAS NO CREdIBILITY. Mr Abdul- I will also tell you why Muslims will kill without girl abduction. Because that is what they have done from AD 636 in India when Arabs attacked Thane- and in Godhra they have attacked Hindus since 1927- in 1927, 1946, 1948, 1965, 1980, 1990, and 1992. 4 Hindu teachers including 2 women teachers were cut into pieces in front of kids in November 1990 in Godhra. They did so because they follow the following teachings of the Quran:
    1- “Slay them wherever ye find them” (Quran 2:191)
    2- When the sacred months are passed- slay the idolators wherever ye find the, take them captive, beseige them, seize them, ambush them.”(Quran 9:5)
    3- We will strike terror in the hearts of the disbelievers (3:151)
    and hundreds of such passages which promote violence- not for self-defence- but for offence.

  5. 16
    Abdul Says:

    @Ajinkya: You have grave misconceptions about the Godhra train incident. And you are falsely alleging that the number of muslims who assembled outside the train was 2000. Someone says 1000, someone says 1500, someone says 500. In fact, these numbers were being reported by the passengers of the train. They were speaking metaphorically as obviously nobody can count the number of people attacking from outside. They just wanted to say that there was a huge crowd. Your Modi govt bribed false witness because they wanted to prove that it was a pre-planned attack by hook or by crook.

    Read the Tehelka Report about the Nanavati commission:

    The Nanavati Commission has relied heavily on the statements made by Ranjitsinh Patel and Prabhatsinh Patel before the Investigating Officer, Deputy SP Noel Parmar, to reach the conclusion that the train fire was the result of premeditated criminal conspiracy. While considering their statements, the commission has also bought the explanation the two offered for why they did not reveal the sale of the petrol in their first statements recorded on April 10, 2002, in which they denied having sold loose petrol between 6 pm of February 26, 2002, and 10 am on February 27, 2002, the time of the shift they were on at the pump. Six months later, before Parmar, the two attendants not only made the sensational claim of having sold 140 liters of loose petrol to the accused, they also claimed that the reason they had said nothing about it before was that they had never been asked about the night of February 26. Now that that evening had been brought into question, they had found it possible to be more forthcoming. This explanation the commission buys, saying in its report, ‘Both these witnesses have explained in their statements why they had earlier told the police that they had not given loose petrol to anyone in a carboy on 26.2.2002.

    The same commission refused to accept Sophia Bano Shaikh’s statement about the abduction attempt made on her, despite the fact that she and her family have been consistent in their statements, unlike the two Patels. Worse, one of them is on camera confessing to having been bribed to support the police case.

    The commission, though, was quick to requisition the TEHELKA tape on which Ranjitsingh Patel was recorded talking about being paid Rs 50,000 by Parmar for identifying the people he had not sold petrol to, as the accused. Justice Nanavati took no action and made no effort to ascertain the veracity of the tapes and the revelations therein, the revelations which demolished the premise on which the police case rests and on which the commission has based its conclusion that Maulvi Umarji and others hatched a conspiracy to burn the train.

    Shame on the LIARS of the so-called Indian democracy system of govt.

    This is not something new, the Indian politicians have a big history of such crimes. They use the name of religion for their personal gains and selfish motives, whether women are being raped or children are cut into pieces. The ultimate loosers are the common masses whether hindus or muslims.

    Dear Fellow Indians,

    When will you realize who is the real enemy of India? How much bloodshed do you want to see? Why are you still sleeping?

    Wake up dear Indians! Wake up!!!

  6. 15
    Ajinkya AUSTRALIA Says:

    well- I am not going to argue any further. Only one point I will say is that Nanavati Commission was appointed by the Supreme Court’s choice of judges- not Narendra Modi’s. As for Tehelka sting operation- this site has a great report on it.
    If you trust statements of Congress leaders like Vaghela- (if VHP torched the train in Godhra- then wheres the question of Muslims being infuriated due to kidnapping of girl? And if girl was kidnapped which resulted in Muslims roasting to death 25 women and 15 children and 19 men- then how can VHP torch the train as alleged by Vaghela?)
    then I can say nothing.
    Only one thing- also look at the testimony of a 16 year old girl Gayatri Panchal who saw her parents being roasted in front of her eyes- even 13 year old Gyanprakash. And if Muslims were enraged due to kidnapping of a girl- I wonder how 2,000 of them can assemble at 8 AM in the morning in 5 minutes having already managed to secure petrol bombs and acid bombs. The train stopped at Godhra at 7:42 and left at 7:47. I wonder how 2,000 can gather and surround the train FROM BOTH SIDES to prevent karsewaks from running away. If at all there was any such provocation and confrantation and crowd assembling- the Karsewaks would have ran away from the other side of the train at the slightest thought of an attack.
    Anyways- I cannot force you to change your beliefs. If you still believe that a girl was kidnapped by the karsewaks (25 women and 15 children kidnapped a girl)I cannot say anything.

  7. 14
    Abdul Says:

    @Ajinkya: dear brother – If you are asking me to believe in Modi and his government, then sorry I cannot trust those LIARS. They have buried the truth under layers of lies, obfuscation and fabricated evidence, layers almost too dense to penetrate. The Gujarat police prepared 18 chargesheets — one main and 17 supplementary — on the Godhra incident and thousands of pages of fictionalised narration, a deadly concoction of fake eyewitness accounts and coerced and bribed testimonies. Yes, all of this was done to hide the truth of what really happened. I know how muslims of villages react. If you kidnap a muslim girl, infront of his father near the station you will definitely face retaliation from the villagers. No newspaper reported the fact why the train was stopped. Muslims don’t just go around attacking trains with stones. There is a very strong reason why it happened. Don’t think that you can fool everyone in the world.

    The Nanavati Commission Report is based on untenable theories and statements of bribed witnesses. In a painstaking investigation, Tehelka rebuts the report and uncovers the deliberate and malicious subversion of the truth by the govt.

    After the new forensic evidence was made public, state Congress Party leaders alleged that the incident “could have been motivated by the ruling BJP and the VHP to raise communal passions.”

    “These people (BJP-VHP) are capable of burning their own innocent Hindus and getting votes in the name of religion. This is not a new thing and the coming days could prove that the BJP and VHP masterminded the Godhra massacre,” said Shankarsinh Vaghela, senior Congress leader and former Chief Minister.

  8. 13
    Ajinkya AUSTRALIA Says:

    @Abdul- dear brother- all that you mentioned is UTTER FABRICATION. There is NOT AN IOTA of evidence for all this. The so-called ‘fact finding mission’ that you have quoted consisted of anti-Hindu fanatics who have no credibility. You are insulting the dead karsewaks by making such false on the dead- who are not even alive to refute those character assassinating charges.
    This was all fabricated in a FAKE eMAIL falsely attributed to a PTI journalist- who denied ever having written anything like this- and said that he had infact written EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what the fake mail claims.
    The Karsewaks consisted of 25 women and 15 children- these people will never do anything like this. There was a girl named Sophia who they accused of being abducted- but when Justice Nanavati questioned her- it became crystal clear that there was no abduction, she was tutored by some people to falsely claim so.
    You have not stated how in 5 minutes 2000 Muslims could have gathered at Godhra in Signal Falia having got petrol bombs and acid bombs. The karsewaks DID NOTHING OBJECTIONABLE AT ALL IN THE JOURNEY- INSULTING THE DEAD MARTYRED KARSEWAKS will result in more sins.
    By the way- an article which is a must read is given below:
    Anyways- I am appaled that people can believe such nonsense spread against dead people. The truth is- Ehsan Jafri signed his own death warrant by firing on the Hindu crowd- (which was an indication of his communalism-though he fired in self-defence- his act drove the crowd mad) but we never blame Jafri for signing his death warrant as it insults the dead.

  9. 12
    Abdul SAUDI ARABIA Says:

    @Ajinkya: If you check what is presented about the godhra train incident, it is very clear that this website is hiding the truth in this link:

    Why didn’t this website mention about the crimes committed by the Hindu Ramsevaks all thoughout the Journey? Why didn’t they mention that a Muslim girl was abducted by those Hindu Terrorists? This is the main reason why the train was stopped. Below are few of the evidences.

    Dr. Amar Singh, a member of parliament from Samajwadi Party, spoke with two of the Hindu victims of the train-burning incident in Godhra. They revealed that, “all along the journey these Ramsevaks (the Hindu militants) were behaving like Gundas (thugs). They wouldn’t pay for what they had bought from the vendors. On stations they would chant anti-Muslim rhymes and slogans, insulting Muslim Holy places. There was teasing as well of both fellow passengers and women on the platforms.” This fact-finding delegation, comprised of Rajbabbar (M.P. Samajwadi), Shabana Azmi (M.P.) and Aziz Burni (Editor of a leading Urdu news paper, Rashtriya Sahara), was one of the first groups to arrive in the strife-torn area. They visited the hospital and there they found these two victims (from a Hindu family) of the Godhra incident.

    Muslims in the area add another point to this sad story. They say things got out of hand when the daughter of an old Muslim man with a small tea stall at the train station was kidnapped. The Hindu militants argued with this old man, beat him up and pulled his beard. The 16-year-old daughter who was also present at the station came forward as her father was being beaten and tried to save him from the Hindu militants. She kept pleading and begging to them to stop beating her father and leave him alone. But instead of listening to her woes, the Hindu militants lifted the young girl, took her inside their compartment and closed its door.

    When the train started to move out of the platform of Godhra’s railway station while the old man was banging on the compartment doors, pleading for his daughter to be left alone, two other vendors jumped into the last bogey and pulled the emergency break to stop the train. By the time the train halted completely, it was about one kilometer away from the railway station.

    These two men then came to the bogey in which the girl was and started to bang at the door asking the militants to release the girl. Hearing the chaos, people in the vicinity near the tracks started to gather near the train. The boys and the mob (which included women) that had now gathered near the compartment requested the Hindu militants to return the girl. But instead of doing this, they started closing their windows. This infuriated the mob and they retaliated by pelting stones at the compartment.

  10. 11
    Ajinkya AUSTRALIA Says:

    And by the way- if this site was biased it would not included this part:

    See for yourself- a special category devoted exclusively to Muslim sufferings.

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