Gujarat Riots: The True Story

The Truth of the 2002 riots

The Godhra Carnage

Difference between Godhra and other tragic incidents

Several people- unable to understand the sufferings of the Hindu society- have asked- “Why did riots occur only after Godhra? Why was nobody targeted after the Akshardham temple attack- or after the attacks on Mumbai on 26 November 2008?” Well- the answers are many.

Our Challenge


(Before reading the challenge- A REQUEST:  Please circulate this challenge.  Every opponent must see this. Innocent well-meaning people have fallen prey to the lies. Innocent Muslims have been made fanatics by the lies of self-styled secularists who have not stopped to think what the impact of their lies has been on the nation. Narendra Modi himself  has done little or nothing to bring out the truth after 2002. He did give all answers in 2002, but not after that. The BJP and Sangh Parivar people of course have neither the desire nor the capacity to counter the media lies, nor the self-confidence. Every truth-seeker and well-meaning person is requested to circulate this. Nothing will dampen the enthusiasm of the liars more than the realization that in the whole world of 700 crore people, there is not a single person who can prove that the state government was culpable, nor prove that the riots were a genocide or a massacre. They will realize that anti-Narendra Modi people like Vir Sanghvi, Vinod Dua, Rajdeep Sardesai etc can only lie in their own newspapers and TV channels, but when challenged to debate with us, they refuse to come out. Please do not undermine the impact of this challenge).

We declare an open challenge to all our opponents to prove us wrong. Our opponents can search everything written in this site- and prove us wrong on any part. Any place where we are wrong- we will accept our mistake and make the changes accordingly. Also- if anyone succeeds in proving 2 things viz:

1- The riots were a pogrom or genocide or massacre and not riots and

2- The state government was culpable

we will declare that we have been defeated.

All Indian English dailies- and others who are vociferous against Narendra Modi and call these riots as a ‘genocide’, ‘pogrom’, or ‘massacre’- and accuse the state government of being a party to the violence- are given this challenge.

People who we challenge to prove us wrong:

1- Vir Sanghvi

2- Pamela Philipose

3- Rajdeep Sardesai

4- Prannoy Roy

5- Javed Anand

6- Burkha Dutt

7- Teesta Setalvad or

8- Tarun Tejpal

9- Amulya Ganguli

10- Prafull Bidwai

and many others.

Please inform about this challenge to others.

Written debates should be sent to-

The email address will not be published. Those who want to debate anonymously can also do so.

People who were sent this mail but did not respond:

1- Pamela Philipose

From:  <>
Subject: Invitation to debate on Gujarat riots
Date: Wednesday, April 7, 2010, 7:37 PM

Dear Ms. Pamela Philipose,
You have called the Gujarat riots as a ‘pogrom’ many times in your articles. We invite you for a debate on this issue-
We will publish this mail on our website. We await your response.
No response has been received from her until now.
2- Rajdeep Sardesai
Wednesday, April 7, 2010 7:46 PM

Dear Mr Rajdeep Sardesai,
You have called the Gujarat riots as a ‘pogrom’ many times in your articles. We invite you for a debate on this issue-
We will publish this mail on our website. We await your response.

No response has been received from him until now.

3- Tarun Tejpal

Friday, April 9, 2010 1:45 AM

Dear Mr Tarun Tejpal,
You have called the Gujarat riots as a ‘pogrom’ many times in your articles. We invite you for a debate on this issue-
We will publish this mail on our website. We await your response.

No response has been received from him until now.

Also mails have been sent to Teesta Setalvad, Prannoy Roy, Javed Anand, Amulya Ganguli, Prafull Bidwai and Ram Punyani- and not one of them has yet responded. Of course they will not respond. Because if they do, they will be exposed as liars- since they cannot defeat us in this challenge. These ‘rationalists’ who claim to believe in reason rather than emotion, cannot logically and factually counter our arguments, and go on emotion of hatred.

Here are the debates we have had until now.

1- Debate with Jaffer Mohammad

2- Debate with Shoaib

3-Debate with Abhishek

4-Debate with Mayank


You can follow us on twitter at

After numerous requests from readers, we have opened a Facebook page as well, on 17 Feb 2014. You can ‘like’ our Facebook page here:


65 Responses to “Our Challenge”

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  1. 60
    salmaan Says:

    modi often gives example that in 1969,ahmedabad,5000 muslims were massacred under congress rule,we dont bother who ruled at that time,we only cares who were responsible for that massacre and killed 5000 muslims and how many were sentenced top death?
    in 1992,why was trishul given in the hands of hindus? who chants india is a hindu country and bolongs to hindu religions only?

  2. 59
    salmaan Says:

    when any political leaders follow different culture of india,no one raises questions,if any political party leaders follow islam culture we feel,this man remmebers we are indian. at this time,bjp says,vote bank politics irrespective of timing.why? do bjp ever follows little culture public at any time of course….?

  3. 58
    salmaan Says:

    till now,we muslims are called pakistanis,because of this saffronists.we lived in this soil,we will die in this soil onyl,whatever attempts saffronists makes…..

  4. 57
    salmaan Says:

    1.When NARENDRA MODI said in jan/feb 2013 maya kodnani will be asked for hang in supreme court,udbhav thakre told thats an attack on hindus,what does that mean?
    2. in patna bomb blast near rally recently,modi visited death ones within a week,how many times narendra modi visited genocide victims in last 11 years?
    3.what do you mean by terrorism? is this terrorism word implies to all?
    4. who said this famous line ” every muslim is not a terrorist but every terrorist is a muslims”?
    5. how many hindu convicteds are hanged for Gujarat genocide? many hindus are hanged to death for mass killings of muslims since 1947?
    7. rss gas been banned for 4 times and vhp for 3 times,why they can openly throw venom on muslims and not simi which was banned for once?
    8. narendra modi said,for every action there is equal and opposite reaction,don’t you think government should have taken neutral support than being HINDU NATIONALIST?
    9.when sohrabbuddin and others were exposing modi’s role in genocide,modi encounter then fakely, as said by cbi,what was the need for modi of doing this?
    10. why modi should not be killed?
    11. when everyone is waiting for supreme court’s decision on babri masjid demolition,bjp says it will build ram mandir there,bjp respects our judiciary? if yes,then demolition of babri masjid was also illegal whose convicts are iron,steel mens now are roaming like local dogs……if bjp don’t respect our judiciary then do they have any moral rights of staying in india?
    12. modi is a rss agent,rss don’t say that india to be made hindu rashtra in which other religion peoples are secondary?
    13. do modi allow constrution of any new mosqeu in moti nagar now? if yes,i will statrt propagating for building of new mosque,if no,why?
    14. till supreme court’s order,modi did nt gived scholarships for minorities,which they deserved,if this is unconstituional,then sc/st students are getting such benefits?
    15.why modi never said what he did during genocide?
    16.why modi did not expressed regrets officially? when others say,he regrets?. He is owning 4000 fb pages,he can do that atleast with his owned media,otherwise.
    17. why vajpayee said,modi was not following raj dharma and till now he sticks to his view,he did not folloew raj dharma.
    18. why vajpayees niece also has the same thought abt modi?
    19. shivraj singh chauhan had wored skull cap,why did nt modi anywhere,any time till now?
    20. why modi never said,muslims are also indians,they also have equal right on this land till now?
    21. why modi never said,what he will do for muslims if he comes to power?
    22.why modi never visited any muslim holy places,while he visited many hindus…..?
    23. if bjp loses out in mp,delhi,chattisgarh,rajasthan,mizoram,then how long maya kodnani and babu bajrangi will live?

  5. 56
    Dog ate Dog INDIA Says:

    I think you missed someone to challenge – R B Sreekumar.

  6. 55
    Ibr CANADA Says:

    The real truth has been exposed. Read at

  7. 54
    charumathi INDIA Says:

    The then state govt could be guilty or innocent of the riots. But could you tell me why the state government gave the thumbs up to the VHP for the “Bandh” in the first place, while there was no evidence that the sabarmati express was set on fire by muslims? Why was there no investigation done prior to the bandh to ascertain that muslims indeed had conspired the burning of the train?

  8. 53
    Sabyasachi Says:

    You support CON-GRACE
    then your soldiers are butchered and beheaded in borders
    first hang that
    bloody traitors who allowed our soldiers to be butchered
    Imprison that minister who gave clean chit to pakistan
    traitors plundered wealth
    Disrespected our Ex-General

    speak about Anti-Sikh 1984 Neile 1983
    paid media you will never do that
    but they would fabricate facts about Godhra

    Swamy -Finance

    Super Power of 2020

    all support to Namo

  9. 52
    kiran patil INDIA Says:

    Good work . . . keep it up . . .

  10. 51
    admin AUSTRALIA Says:

    No need of this debate now.As the then Prime minister Atal behari Bajpayee was too much upset and hurt in the role of CM Modi,that he advised him TO PERFORM RAJDHARM in public.It means to perform his duty to save all citizens they may be Muslims or Hindus.So was he also joined anti Modi and Anti Sangh Parivar people?????

    Just telling for the fact that Atal Bihari Vajpayee infact said that Modi is following Rajdharma only. See this full video.

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